Today I Am Mad

Today I Am Mad by Michael Gordon Book Summary

Kids feel emotions in big ways! Here's a great story for helping kids manage their feelings.
* Help children learn to identify and regulate their emotions  
* Anger is a normal, healthy emotion.
* Behaving badly doesn't make you bad 
* Teaching your kids to deal with disappointment 
* Learn to tame your temper 
* Teaching kids about empathy, kindness, and compassion 

It has a great message:
"This is a sweet little book. My 4 year old quotes it now when he starts getting cranky. " - Julia
"We like this book! IT's fun, and my girls like me to read it to them every night before bed" - Liz

Explains empathy & kindness:
"I got this book for my grandson. The pictures are colorful and the story teaches about patience. Book is perfect for the 3-5 -year old." - Kathy
"Cute story, emphasizes empathy & kindness. My kids loved it!" - Carol
* Cute illustrations with nice rhyming story
 * Not too long, grabs kid's attention

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Today I Am Mad by Michael Gordon Book Reviews

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I like the book because it tells you how to control yourself

Kind of good

It’s fast read and easy to follow. It did end abruptly and my 6 year old asked a lot of questions on the ending.

So much fun to read should definitely buy it it's free

The book is a great one and just right for the young ones over all just a great book

GO Flowerbloom486 lol 😂 bro what am i so mean 😭



My sister is in to the books she says she has to get all the books

The book was interesting

My 3 siblings loved this book, this book is good for little kids not so much for older kids I’m also a teacher so I will definitely read this book and I recommend it for younger children and I love it because it helps clam down my children and students it’s a very good book I RECOMMEND

This book is boring!🥱🥱🥱😶😐😑

I enjoy it.

Go in details

My daughter and I really enjoyed this book

Great book for kids of all ages!

This book is so boring it doesn’t teach me how to lessen so ya don’t get it. I MEAN IT! That’s it from me. Bye now

I love it so much and no forget you love it and I love this book is on YouTube I love you and don’t forget I love this one Bluetooth but I love this what about you I wanna see you let’s see if I can do this by myself I am a second grader

My 4yr old loves this book

I think is simple and a good lesson about emotions. My son and I read the book and he understood the meaning.

I chose that word because I didn’t really get to read the book. I’m 15 years old and have anger issues. I came across this book and went to get the book and realized that I need to request approval. I was upset of this because I feel that I would be embarrassed getting a book for toddlers. I’m not trying to put anyone down and I’m sure it was a wonderful book. ❤️

I love it cuz it’s short

My kindergartner liked this book. She liked how Josh learned to control his emotions by counting and playing. She also liked how Josh made a friend feel better about being upset.

The kid is rude that’s a bad influence

i love, enjoyed this book and it was so cute


same dude

I love it

This book was so good! Easy to read and I loved how the author tied in ways to calm down. Highly recommend for young children :)

This book started a conversation between myself and my 7yr old about emotions. That’s always good.

I liked it. It.was nice

I’m a kid and I love it

This books are great for kids and parents to read together, my daughter loves the illustrations and gets great advice on how to handle her emotions.

I’m sorry .It didn’t make sense.❔

My son luved it in I did too ☺️

I love this book but the fact that he’s mad makes me mad and kinda sad🤣😡

I love this book so much when you are mad it lets you control your Emo

Read this for my man and he loved it

It was a good book.

Good book but don’t show pictures of meditation.

It’s a great book to reach to my son because it express how sharing is caring, being mean will make you feel bad and hugs can brighten your day especially coming from a friend or family member!

I wanted to read this book but I have to ask for stupid permission at 9yrs old! And not only that my stepmom set up my phone and not my biological mom and if my biological mom set up my phone then I wouldn’t have to ask for permission

It's probably a good story but I have to ask dumb permission for it when I'm 9 years old!!

Love this book

The reason i gave this a five stars is because it is really inspirational to me and others. Another reason I gave this a FIVE STAR is because if I'm ever feeling down,I can just read this on my iPad and see it's okay to be angry and you just have to accept that.😀😀

Es bastante bueno

Poop and poop on the floor and I was just laying in the chair for a little bit too much

I just like it.

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Not as good as I thought

I like the way that the book told us the message of not getting mad at someone. I also liked that way that it told us to always share things with other people.

The book has some good tricks on how to stop/change the flow/direction of the anger!

someone wrote that this is a “stupid baby book”. it is not stupid but it might be for young children not for babies. it’s not rlly for my age but it’s still a nice book for younger ones ♥️♥️xx

Omg these people leaving 1 star reviews are king of mean because this book really helped me and my friend with our anxiety Thanks for making this book From Schoo Kid Rat

Just a stupid baby book

This book really isn’t good i did do 1 star but i’d rather do 0

It’s good information you could use it for when you are sad. I have a lot of problems becoming happy when I am sad or stressed. Happiness and joy heals the heart!

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I like that when he was mad he sat and meditated to help him calm down.

Such a great book for children to help them understand how to handle being angry.

I have a twelve year old with anger issues and they need putty and fidgets to help. This is basically a free fidget because they can relate to it.

Very kid interactive. My child loved this book.

It’s a good book my brother loves it 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

My daughter loves the story. She is in preschool and was able to easily relate to the story.

It was so good to read to my little guy

Good book for little kids

Teaches children how to control and deal with their emotions. Simple and to the point.

When I am ready to sleep 💤 I read and this was a good book and a relaxing one to. It helped me sleep that night. The book can be teaching in a way. The book also is a good resource for anger issues and ways to help the anger issues stop and make you calm down.

It was good and I liked it

Cute little book for my child

I’m 7 and I HAtE The Darn BOOK it’s for baby’s not kids! Boo 😒 I’m smart and not dumb if this costed money I’d rather die than buy it!

Amazing (gurl u a 🦍)

Our daughter loved this book such a cute story!

Good book

Enjoyed the meaning behind it. It was a great read for him to understand

Bad bad

My daughter found this interesting and relatable

Great book my boy loved it. Her had been breathing and doing 1-10 to calm down.

The rhyming felt forced in certain stanzas. I liked the subject, the way it was handled, and how the main character took what he learned in one area and was able to apply those lessons to another area.

I like the book

Great message and taught me that I can control my emotions more! ❤️

I loved it

This book helps you when you’re mad you can read it to help you feel better. When I read this book I was mad but as soon as I started reading it I felt better. You would love this book!

My second grader really loved to read this book. He took a lot away from it!

My daughter liked the story.

Great book!


Such a great book for children struggling with understanding their emotions. Highly recommended.

Super sweet and cute story!

Quick and simple. Daughter liked the drawings. 😃

I love the book because it’s what I do sometimes so its a good book about Learning to take countrol of your actions

My little loved it!

It can warm your heart and make you feel peaceful like a kid.

It has help me maneg my anger and it’s a great story to go sleep well


My kids love this book. It also helps to show kids it’s ok to be upset,but understand that feeling will not last forever.

I love this sooooo much and its amazing

My children really liked this as they learn how to control themselves when things doesn’t go their way.

What a great book! I read it to my 10 month for story time and then realized what a great story it was for my 4 year old. He heard me reading and it caught his interest. I’m looking forward to getting all the books! Self-regulating is such an important skills for children learn early on. We all know what teens and adults who haven’t learned how to self-regulate act like.

That boy did not act nice I wish you had acted nice boy

This book was the best because well I don’t know I’m only a kid BY Rileigh

Cute illustrations and easily understood, this book is perfect! We read this to our toddler grandchild and he grasped the concept well. When his mom & dad were upset with one another, he brought the tablet for them to read it. I absolutely recommend.

I don’t like mad people first of all,second,this story made me sad and mad!

It was so good I love it I’m probably going to read that all after noon that when I’m in school so I will read it after school so yeah I love it so much it’s a great book

It was so good it makes me wanna hug somebody my sister read the story to know she’s a good person she helps people and she listen to the story every day 👧🏽Gloria 5847

One of the greatest books! Helps a lot!

Very relatable for kids. Great book.

Thank you for writing and illustrating such a great book. Even though the lessons in this book are about sharing and forgiveness is for children to learn and master, I am more than sure some adults can learn a lesson or two! The illustrations are wonderful. The illustrator is very skilled in character design, coordinating the colors and the character facial and body expressions. On each page the writings and illustrations compliment the entire story. Thank you for a wonderful children’s book!

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