Apple Watch User Guide

Apple Watch User Guide by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Watch and the Apple Watch app on iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using Apple Watch with watchOS 7 and discover all the amazing things it can do.

Apple Watch User Guide by Apple Inc. Book Reviews

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- Delaino5 star

It was awesome

- Order5 star

Can we order this book to keep on my table

- This cost $22.00!! Beware1 star

I had NO idea this user manual was $22!!! Do not order unless you want to pay that. It was not apparent that it was $22 for a user manual.😡

- Won’t load1 star

Not useful since it won’t load & is also from 2020.

- Nice5 star

A very comprehensive user manual

- Love my Series 65 star

New to Apple and I love the watch! The health benefits is want got me bc I fall a lot. This is a great place to start and the book updates like the watch! Still learning… Awesome!

- Very informative!5 star

I would encourage people who get an Apple Watch to read this book. Skip the sections that don’t apply.

- Pictures are off?2 star

The correct picture for the article is on the next page?

- Very Good!5 star

Clear and concise. Very well done!

- I get it now5 star

Helps me understand how to best use my watch as I usually use it for workouts, so knowing how to calibrate it correctly really helps and learning some cool features to make my girlfriend go how did you do that is awesome

- My watch5 star

I love his new watch and most importantly it keeps track of my health heart rate and other health issues.

- Nice4 star

Succinct and straightforward

- It’s a must have!5 star

Loving the book! Very informative! Loving my watch even more!

- The5 star

The only

- Thanks Apple4 star

Very informative, lots of details. Loved statement “ use common sense”, like what our parents teach us. I couldn’t figure out how to in highlight text that I highlighted by accident. Thanks.

- You can always learn something new5 star

These guides always contain at least one new feature I was not aware of. Everything illustrated and clearly explained.

- Very well detailed.5 star

I enjoyed it.

- Easy to use5 star

I read parts of the Manual, but scanned over parts of little interest to me. There is a lot of good information presented in a clear fashion. It is easily searchable for something particular that is needed later. It is great that Apple makes this available, and free of charge.

- Great5 star

Great all around

- Ossaswooooooo5 star

Sosssioisssshioppppppagio Sssatda urtioppdfhjk

- Be have app To on the app and it works well with my iPad so I have a lot more features5 star

WRI I TE A Lot for video

- Help w understanding features5 star

Help me understand what can be done w the Apple Watch.

- Set Up Not Detailed Enough, No Quick Ref for Buttons4 star

Overall, it’s a very handy reference and a book all Apple Watch owners should have. I learn something new almost every time I look in it. However, the “Set up and get started” chapter should have more details. For example, it’s not clear how to upgrade to a new watch; more details would make it easier and alleviate the fear of losing current configuration and data and transferring the cellular plan. It took too much research and a reset after the first attempt before I got it right. Including the following would be very helpful: no need to unpair the current watch first; the setup process includes an option to restore from a backup of the current watch, which backs up automatically; some accessibility options such as text size, Apple Pay credit card verifications, and the passcode are not restored so you are prompted for them during the setup process even when restoring from a backup; and, the setup process includes the option to transfer your cellular plan to the new watch. A quick reference to crown and button functionality (when the watch face is showing) should be included, similar to what is shown on the watch during the setup process. This should be near the beginning of the book or at the start of the “Basics” chapter. I can never remember that pressing the side button twice will bring up Apple Pay. Instead, when it comes time to pay, I spend time at the checkout looking for the Wallet app and opening it for fear of pressing the wrong button combination and accidentally activating the Emergency SOS call functionality or force restarting the watch and needing to wait for it to come back up again.

- poor review1 star

not very much information at all really.

- Good reference book for the Apple Watch4 star

This document contains a wealth of information about the Apple Watch. Fortunately the watch is very intuitive to use. I had my watch over 2 years before I finished reading the users guide. However, there are lots of things I didn’t know until I read about them in this guide. So it is worth the effort to read it.

- 👍🏼5 star


- nice5 star


- Not helpful for Family Sharing Watches2 star

Part of the problem is the SEVERE limitations imposed when you degrade an expensive Apple Watch to use the Family Sharing features, limited as they are. But what basic things must be still available, like Music, are not discussed in any useful way.

- Amazing! Showed me how to do everything on the Apple Watch5 star


- Y’all Is Funny lol3 star


- Very useful for me,thanks.5 star

Sompob C

- Yelling yosef5 star

This book is zippy.

- F U APPLE1 star


- Kinto1 star


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th1s N1ckname is t4k3n - Mad5 star

Its a mad book still

ـتت - ًً4 star


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