You Are My Reason

You Are My Reason by Willow Winters Book Summary

From USA Today best-selling author Willow Winters comes an intense romance with second chances, secrets and a twist.

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at a man and wanted something more.
Even longer since one has looked at me with a gaze I couldn’t tear my eyes from.

No one’s perfect, but that’s how he felt when I was in his arms.
I started to think everything was going to be all right.  That life had finally put the pieces of my broken heart back together.

Fate brought us close.
It’s a pretty little thought my poetic mind had.
But there’s no doubt that the sins of his past will tear us apart. 

You Are My Reason is book 1 in the You Are Mine duet and should be read first.

You Are My Reason by Willow Winters Book Reviews

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Let’s be honest, this book was only $4.00 and based on the reviews I was hoping that I had gotten lucky and found an amazing book. Though it has a great story line, and it is well worded, the book is extremely choppy. There is no real character build up, we don’t learn a lot about the main characters relationship and a lot of stuff is just to be assumed. One chapter they’re introduced to one another, the next chapter they’ve been in a relationship for weeks and nothing is really talked about for the time it took for them to get there. This happens multiple times throughout the story. The male character is likable, the author does a good at making him sound desirable and that is why I think a lot of the readers kept reading. But because of the choppy-ness and such a small amount of pages, I won’t be purchasing the second book.

This is the epic conclusion of the series!! What can I say Mason is dominant, alpha male that won’t let anyone or anything take Jules from him. He can’t see his world without her and will do anything to keep her! Jules doesn’t know what to do once she discovers things about Mason she never say coming! She’s torn between what her mind tells her and what her heart wants! It’s only with time that she’ll decide which will win out. * Overall, I can’t say enough about this book it provides a whirlwind of ups and downs, twists and turns for Mason and Jules. You’ll be rooting for them and hoping they can overcome every obstacle thrown their way. Hoping that they will somehow make it through all of this and find happiness. It’s a page turner and you’ll eat up each word the author gives to the reader.

Just purchased this book (it came out AUGUST, 2020 so I thought it was new. After reading a chapter I realized I’d already rad it so I did a search and found out it was published under another title in 2017. Wish I could get my money back. Deceitful!

Wow! This romantic suspense is flawlessly and poignantly written—Mason Thatcher and Julia Summer’s bittersweet love story. This story lulled me into a false sense of security, thinking the story was going to go one way when BAM—out of nowhere, I was flabbergasted with the unexpected revelations that happened, but it is jaw-dropping good! This unputdownable page-turning story completely encapsulates the madness of the first stirrings of love and lust when you can’t get enough of someone, yet they each have challenges they need to face. Their story touched me in so many deep-seated ways that I was completely sucked into the vortex of the rich/powerful, and I feel like I just got off a crazy wild roller coaster ride from hell! I felt everything Mason and Julia were going through down in my soul. I was captivated from start to finish! Mason and Julia are a steamy couple full of surprises, secrets and intensity. Not all of its surprises are pleasant ones, but there is a certain satisfaction in experiencing a thread that is so obstinately unexpected. Find out if Julia will discover what Mason’s secret is that he is withholding from her—you will be amazed!! You will not want to put this book down. Willow Winters put the hook in you at the beginning and doesn’t let go until the end. The storyline is fluid, and it will pique your interest. I HIGHLY recommend this book. You won’t regret reading You Are My Reason!!

When a relationship is based on secrets, oh how quickly it can crumble and fall. You Are My Reason is going down as one of my all time favorites by Willow Winters. It had me sitting on edge of my seat from the very beginning. I kept wondering what BIG SECRET Mason was keeping that could destroy the lives of many. Mason Thatcher is a man born into a family of wealth and power. He knows all too well the social status his family name holds and how easily that power and status can make one untouchable and dangerous. Wanting nothing to do with his father or his family legacy, he tries to make a life of his own. In his past he was known as a playboy, a one night stand, or a love them and leave them kind of guy. That was until a red head came along and captured his attention. Too bad she was the one playing him. Broken hearted and carrying a secret that could destroy many lives, Mason shelters himself, focusing on his work and keeping a distance from his father's clutches. Julia Summers is a good girl that has been born into wealth and has lived a very rich life. Marrying her high school sweetheart was a given, but becoming a widow at such a young age was not. Now morning the loss of her husband for almost a year, she is ready to once again live her life. Finally finding the strength to put herself out there, she joins old friends for a night of drinks and laughs. What she doesn't expect is to walk away with a stranger who lights a fire deep inside her that she thought was lost. Wanting to forget the pain and betrayal of her late husband, Julia decides to be reckless with Mason. What was suppose to be a one night, mind blowing experience, turns into a secret love affair that neither Mason nor Julia saw coming. The chemistry between Julia and Mason is off the charts. Julia wants to keep her "good girl" reputation and convinces Mason to keep their relationship a secret even though Mason wants the world to know that Julia is HIS. Although the secret he's keeping is eating him alive, he knows that if Julia ever finds out he will lose her forever. As things heat up and their relationship takes a turn for the better, Mason's secret is revealed shattering Julia's already fragile heart. Can Mason salvage their shattered relationship? How can one come back from the biggest betrayal of all? Willow Winters has written a story filled with lies, angst, betrayal, suspense, temptation, lust and passion.

Mason and Jules story is fast paced with a great storyline. It’s packed with heat along with secrets that effect our character’s lives greatly. Mason and Jules have great chemistry together and I’m excited to see what happens next.

Ah Mason, how I want to curl up in that brain of yours and see what’s going on up in there, you mysterious man. I loved it! Couldn’t stop and stayed up far too late to finish! Another spectacular read by Willow. I hope she’s typing fast so I can devour the next one because I neeeeed it. A wonderful story to sink your teeth into. Read it!

A book that will keep your emotions going haywire. Two people with a rough past come together for a one night stand. A one night stand that turns into something so much more. Julia not knowing how to get over her husbands passing. Mason wanting Julia no matter what her past is while holding on to a secret that can destroy them both. Who will will their love or their past. Willows writing will never leave emotionless!!!

Oh so good!! Oh so many secrets. A woman hurt by her past, and a man with a past he hopes to stay hidden. So many twists and turns. Is anything really what it seems?

Tia71 Sweet, sexy, and heart wrenching Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2020 Mason and Jules are fighting their own demons. She’s mourning the death of her husband and he’s trying to keep his business alive. They both have money and seemingly, compliment each other well. The poetry throughout the novel was sweet, torturous foreboding. The situation at the end?? Are you kidding me?! When does part two come out?? I need it now! If you like sexy, sweet, heart wrenching stories, then you need this!

He was a reason to live and fill the breath in her lungs. The past comes back with secrets that can tear that one reason apart from her. Sometimes your one reason helps you forget all the rest and this is only the beginning.

Mason & Jules both have pasts to overcome. Jules’ is even harder to overcome because she lives in the public’s eye. Their one night stand quickly evolves into more but at what cost. Mason wants all of Jules but she’s not convinced she can give him all if her. Once she decides she can give him her all their pasts get in the way.

Julia Summers is a little lost after losing her husband 8 months ago. When she meets Mason Thatcher one night, her life might just get that spark she is looking for but at what cost? Mason knows something that could destroy everything they might be building. As the story progresses, pieces of the truth will come to light. It took me a bit to get into this story but once I did I had to know what was happening. I enjoyed the overall story and made a few predictions but I’m not sharing them as this does end in a cliffhanger. This is an emotional story about finding yourself again and taking chances...with a twist. I really need book two! Told in dual POV

You Are My Reason was originally published in 2017 as Imperfect. It has been revised rewritten and elevated. I did not read the original version so I cannot compare. The story of Mason and Julia (Jules) is angsty and complex. Both have pasts that’s peak volumes to who they are in the hear and now. Their steamy chemistry is undeniable from the moment they cross paths at the bar. Secrets kept may destroy them, before they have a real start to their relationship. You Are My Reason has an amazing storyline that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. A storyline with plenty of angst while maintaining all the emotional feels. Willow has written both Mason and Julia with depth and a wide range of tangled emotions. I will have to say, You Are My Reason is a 5 Star Must Read addition to your literary collection. Just a warning though, it is part of a duet and ends in a cliffhanger. I have received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are of my own accord and were not influenced by the author or her promotional team.

You Are My Reason by Willow Winters was an another exceedingly well-written read. Not much of a surprise seeing how this is a Winters book, she has not dissatisfied me yet and this read is no exception. There is more than meets the eye with this novel, it’s a mystery with love, drama, and suspense that keeps you reeled in. Jules and Mason both have their own tribulations that they must face and try to overcome, while dealing with this burning desire to be with one another. The story was overall a great and entertaining read, it kept me engaged with the characters and their emotional turmoil. I give it a 5/5, seeing as it not only met my expectations, but when above and beyond.

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I loved everything about this book. From the steaminess, to the romance itself, solving obstacles, and simply being together. The plot was fast paced, the story was gripping, and I was hooked from start to finish wanting to know more about them, and everything else. I am definitely excited for the sequel itself, and can’t wait for more Mason and Julia. So if you like steamy but gripping romantic stories, this one is for you. -JB

This is the first book I have read by this author that took me a little while to get into. The plot was interesting but a bit slow to get really rolling but once it took of it was one very emotional read. Mason and Jules both had things in there liver that they have to come to grip with. Finished up on a cliffhanger so I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

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