The Virgin Rule Book

The Virgin Rule Book by Lauren Blakely Book Summary

A sexy, brother's best friend sports romance from # 1 New York Times bestseller Lauren Blakely!
Let me make a few things clear. I didn’t go to the wedding intending to dance with the best man, to dare him to show me a very sexy pic on his phone, or to accidentally kiss him in the hotel elevator after the reception ended.
But you know how it goes. Things just happen at weddings... 
The next day, Crosby and I agree to put all those shenanigans behind us. The fun-loving, stupidly gorgeous, all-star baseball player might be my brother’s best friend, but he’s my friend too and has been for years, so it’s easy to move on, especially because I have a high-profile business to run.
But since he’s newly single and I’m always single, it turns out we both desperately need plus ones. We agree to “publicly date” over the next two weeks of galas, parties and events before his baseball season begins.

The only trouble is the more time I spend with Crosby, the more I keep imagining how much I want him to take my V-card.

And when I broach the possibility with Crosby, his answer surprises the hell out of me.

The Virgin Rule Book by Lauren Blakely Book Reviews

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- It wasn’t as fun as I hoped it wouldn’t be3 star

I gave it a 3.5 because it wasn’t a 3 but it wasn’t a 4 either so I split the baby. There were times when it was funny and enjoyable because of Crosby and Nadia’s banter but then there were times that it dragged sometimes. I liked Crosby’s friends and I look forward to reading their stories. Until next time y’all happy reading.

- Taking A Break From Relationships4 star

Crosby Cash plays Baseball for the San Francisco Cougars. He has an incredible bond and close friendship with his best friends sister Nadia Harlowe who is the owner of the Las Vegas Hawks Football team. Crosby has a terrible track record in dating the wrong woman. He has put himself in a dating “Time Out” with the help of his friends. When Nadia moves the Hawks Football team back to their hometown of San Francisco, Crosby and Nadia cannot stop the pull of hot chemistry and what is happening between them. An amazingly sweet read with the introduction of so many swoon worthy athletes. I cannot wait to read their stories too! I received an ARC for this book and this is my review.

- 5 amazing stars5 star

Lauren Blakely's latest book, The Virgin Rule Book has everything you've come to expect from this fabulous author. It's funny, sexy, has amazing characters and it will engage you from start to finish. I'm so excited to have a new series coming from Blakely and it's off to a great start! Nadia is a strong, independent, successful and sexy woman. She works hard and knows exactly what she wants in life and in her men. She isn't afraid to reach out and grab what she wants and she does just that when she takes her chance with Crosby, her brother's best friend. Crosby is a single, sizzling hot professional baseball player. He and Nadia have a great relationship as friends and their banter is easy and fun. While both have sworn off dating after recent disasters, they can't help but enjoy each other's company and take their friendship to the next level. I loved the heat these two generated. Their story was sexy as Blakely always knows how to turn up the heat. I loved how Nadia opened herself up to new experiences and found her missing piece in Crosby. And I loved watching Crosby fall hopelessly in love with Nadia. Their story was perfectly written and I definitely swooned throughout! I cannot wait to read the next story in this series because Ms. Blakely NEVER disappoints! 5 stars

- Great start to a new sports series! Loved it!5 star

Nadia Harlowe is a young, savvy, powerful business woman in the midst of moving her professional football team from Las Vegas to its original roots in San Francisco. It is there that she reconnects with our hero, her brother's best friend and the boy next door all grown up, the charming and talented Crosby Cash, a pro baseball player for the San Francisco Cougars. I loved that these two shared a history, were genuine friends since childhood, and how well they got along. They were both searching for something and found it with each other. Loved how she was reserved and respectable at work, but could let loose and be confident with Crosby. Loved how he made her feel desired and sexy. She was vulnerable being inexperienced, and Crosby was the perfect mix of a gentleman with patience, while possessing loads and loads of genuine charm and charisma. And his super sexy dirty talk let her know without a doubt that he only had eyes for her. Loved their flirty texts and “rules” they set which were abolished one by one as they navigated their friends with benefits situation. Most of all, I loved how Crosby wasn’t intimidated by her position or wealth. He admired her, supported her, and cherished her. Loved his lucky socks, his easy-going personality, their witty banter, and how they were open and honest. Blakely writes the best sexy times and The Virgin Rulebook is a delicious slow burn of the best kind. Just the lightest of kisses on her neck and shoulders, a slow dance that leaves her breathless and wondering what could be...but could there be more? Should there be more? The answer is a resounding "yes" and readers are treated to Nadia and Crosby’s entire journey. Everyone needs a bestie and her friend Scarlett always had her back. I loved the relationship she had with her mom and siblings as well as Crosby’s relationship with his mom and friends, many whom are also professional athletes. Loved how both their moms were good friends as well as matchmakers and supported their union. Lots of potential love interests are brewing in the first book of this new series with his single buddies Holden, Chance, Grant, and Declan, each looking for love. Readers are also treated to a sweet bonus novella, The Rules of Blind Dates, featuring Crosby’s cousin’s Rachel, and Matthew, the CEO of the football team who happens to be a sexy Brit. But hurry the bonus novella is only available until April 30th!

- Great chemistry!!4 star

The Virgin Rule Book is a charming, low angst brother's best friend, friends-to-lovers romance filled with a ton of heart, witty dialogue and so much red hot chemistry. There is nothing accidental about how much I enjoyed this book. Lauren Blakely continues to give us a couple that is very easy to root for. Nadia and Crosby are so perfect together. The connection between them is clear early in the story. Both successful in their fields - he's an all star baseball player, she's the owner of a football team - I love how they build each other up; Crosby especially. Him not being intimidated by her success nor her brilliance is so hot to me. I just loved them. There is something about a Lauren Blakely friends to lovers romance that just makes my heart sing. Maybe it's because it feels genuine and real. You can feel how much these characters care for one another. It's a comfort for me. If you're looking for a cute easy read that will give you all the giddy good vibes, you can't go wrong with The Virgin Rule Book.

- 4.5 Lucky Socks Stars5 star

4.5 Lucky Socks Stars! The chemistry between Crosby and Nadia will steam up your glasses, if you don’t wear glasses then you’ll definitely FEEL the heat! Their journey will have hooked from the beginning to the end. Absolutely worth the read! Another hit by Lauren Blakely.

- Fantastic friends to lovers sports romance!!5 star

This friends to lovers romance is off the charts good! What do you do when your brother’s best friend, whom you’ve secretly crushed on for years is now your plus one at various events? You’re both trying to be good and not think about how much you want the other. Even when you think you shouldn’t, a connection between friends, when it’s this strong, you can’t stop with only a kiss, and then maybe just a little more. Watching the sizzle, burn, pull, and fight consume Crosby and Nadia makes this book hard to put down. Add in the sweet swoon worthy moments and laughter, I can promise you won’t want this book to end.

- A charismatic romance4 star

The Virgin Rule Book was a charismatic read. This story had one of my favorite tropes to read: sibling's best friend and it also had a friends-to-lovers vibe. And it had the typical Lauren Blakely touch that I enjoy. Though Crosby is Nadia's older brother Eric's friend, Nadia and Crosby also were the best of friends. Their banter and interactions were flawless and easygoing. They gave good flirt. When they come up with a friends-with-benefits scheme to help one another, it is not as easy as they would think. Buried feelings start to come to the surface and it was interesting to see what Nadia and Crosby would do. I liked seeing how their relationship progressed to friendship to friends-with-benefits-to a possible more. They were just fantastic together. I liked how Nadia was an independent and strong heroine and that Crosby was not intimidated by that. I also like the family and friends bond that Lauren built in this world. I can't wait to get more of their stories. There is also a prequel to this story titled The Rules with Friends with Benefits that gives more context to Nadia and Crosby. Overall, this was a sweet, fun, and sultry story.

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Menotah (CGBB) - The Virgin Rule Book5 star

The Virgin Rule Book is a fun and entertaining friends to lovers romance that will leave you with a huge smile on your face. ⁣ Nadia is moving her family's football team back to San Francisco where her father wanted to take them before he passed away. When Crosby asks Nadia to be his "plus one" to her brother's wedding, she agrees because she does not have time to find a date. After having a great time together at the wedding, they agree to be each other's "plus one" to all of the functions they need to go to over the next two weeks. Pretty soon Crosby and Nadia realize that their relationship is more than just friendship. ⁣ Crosby and Nadia have amazing friendship and chemistry that continually grows all throughout the story. There is lots of laughter, banter and flirting between them that is addictive and captivating. Nadia is a strong and independent woman and Crosby is so supportive of her passion. He has become one of my favourites. The side characters and the little teasers throughout the story of what is to come from this series have me excited. I highly recommend this book.

joannf57 - Plus one with a bonus5 star

Lauren Blakely is the queen of the rom-com genre! If I could give this book more than 5 starts would. Funny, witty, steamy, entertaining and heart warming all at the same time. Crosby is a baseball player and is friends with Nadia who we met in a few other stories since they were kids. They are paired for her brother`s wedding and their friendly relationship takes a turn to much more. Crosby is a magnet for any crazy relationship there is, and he takes a bet with his buddies to take a time out of dating until spring training. However, they didn't count on Nadia and what she brings to the table. Their friends with benefits to friends to lover is seamless and expected as you see it develop under your eyes.Great cast of characters and enthralling storyline. I volunteered to review this story.

Meg's Shelf - Love It,5 star

Love it, love it, love it... that’s all I can say!

Jaxwright57 - Ticked all my boxes5 star

Book one in the new Rules of Love and what a fantastic start to the series, if this book is anything to go by Lauren Blakely will certainly have another hit series on her hands. I have read a fair few books by this author and I have to say The Virgin Rule Book is up there amongst the best. This is Nadia and Crosby’s story but as you expect from this author we not only get wonderful main characters we also get adorable secondary characters, in fact I fell in love with the whole cast. A friends to lovers story that touched me on so many levels, I fell hard and fast for the swoon worthy Crosby and I adored the strong, focused Nadia but it was their easy going, fun relationship that took this book to another level. The banter is witty, the chemistry is sizzling and romance is a breath of fresh air that will certainly leave a smile on your face. Looking forward to the rest of this series.

Patrol king - Loved it5 star

This book was so well written & I couldn’t put it down. Loved it so much. Can’t wait for the next book in the series

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's - Loved it5 star

This is one of my favourite books from Lauren Blakely and that is saying something. I was excited when I learnt that Ms. Blakely was starting a new series and if The Virgin Rule Book is anything to go by then she has another winning series on her hands. When I first read the blurb for this one I knew that this was going to be a fun, entertaining story and it was exactly what I got. Both the main characters of Nadia and Crosby were engaging, likeable and easy to relate too along with a cast of secondary characters who were also fun and interesting. Nadia is a strong, focused business women who is determined to make a success of the team she is the owner of. I just loved Crosby, he is totally soon worthy and in fact I would love to have a Crosby in my life. Ti is is a friends to lovers story that ticked all the boxes for me. This book was a feel good book for me and I was left with a smile on my face although I was disappointed when it ended. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

Mellaz80 - The Virgin Rule Book4 star

The Virgin Rule Book by Lauren Blakely A start to a new series and what a way to begin! Nadia and Crosby have been friends for a long, long time. In fact, Crosby is Nadia’s brothers best friend from way back. When Nadia returns herself and her football team to San Francisco, she and Crosby agree to be each other’s plus one to a multitude of events. Partly to keep Crosby from making any mistakes of the female variety and partly because why the hell not spend that time with a friend?! However, they didn’t take into account the attraction they’d feel towards each other and the flirtation that wouldn’t be tamped down. Crosby cracked me up time and again with his ridiculous superstitions and that’s probably because I could relate them to my attitude when my favorite English football team plays! Nadia was an absolute badass and I believe that many men would feel intimidated by her but their huge loss is definitely Crosby’s gain. The book was funny and thoughtful, full of banter and sweet emotions. Just a great read, full stop. You can’t help but root for Nadia and Crosby and their HEA. I’m also so excited for the next book in this series - the little teaser included definitely whet my appetite! *I voluntarily read an early copy of this book. **Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog.

Cameron682 - Brothers Best Friend Romance.5 star

EDITED TO ADD: There is a prequel novella that gives you more of an insight with this couple. It is best read beforehand but if you’re as forgetful as I am, afterwards, still was great as I wanted more from them. 4.5 🌟 There are three things you need to know about a LB novel, it's going to be fun and flirty with great intimacy, the storyline will keep you intrigued with amazing characters that all connect up somehow, and they are great easy reads with little angst. Oh wait.. I miss counted.. there's four things and the most important one for me is that when reading any LB book, you will have a huge smile on your face and probably snorting out loud with her humor. The banter between the couple or secondary characters is very witty. This being the first book in a new series, we are getting some brand new characters to get to know and I feel they will all be connected to baseball in some degree. Crosby and Nadia have been friends for some time, he is her brother's best friend and has been around the family since high school. After a series of bad dates and girlfriends, Crosby has taken himself out of the dating league to focus on the next season. Nadia is back in San Francisco and owner of the football team, she's a smart and business savvy woman but has little experience with men, so she too is not dating to concentrate on getting the team to the next Super Bowl. These two make a pact to be each others Plus One to the next few events that they need to attend but the more time they spend together, getting to know the adult version of themselves, the harder it is to keep it hands free and not 'accidentally' feel the other one up. But who needs rules when the chemistry is so strong and feelings now come into play. One thing that shined so bright for me in this book was the way the sexuality of all the characters weren't or didn't need to be stated. They are a bunch of people, living their best lives, and no labels need to be attached to who they love. I loved that Crosby didn't have to communicate that he had a gay friend, Grant was his friend, full stop. And I think a line from Crosby is so potent....."I try to operate under the assumption that I don't assume anyone's orientation at all - it's not up to me to try to glean who people love." This is something we all should follow. Once you get to the end of this book, we get a little glimpse to who and what is to follow with the next books. I am very captivated and can't wait for more!

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