A Court of Silver Flames

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas Book Summary

Sarah J. Maas's sexy, richly imagined series continues with the journey of Feyre's fiery sister, Nesta.

Nesta Archeron has always been prickly-proud, swift to anger, and slow to forgive. And ever since being forced into the Cauldron and becoming High Fae against her will, she's struggled to find a place for herself within the strange, deadly world she inhabits. Worse, she can't seem to move past the horrors of the war with Hybern and all she lost in it.

The one person who ignites her temper more than any other is Cassian, the battle-scarred warrior whose position in Rhysand and Feyre's Night Court keeps him constantly in Nesta's orbit. But her temper isn't the only thing Cassian ignites. The fire between them is undeniable, and only burns hotter as they are forced into close quarters with each other.

Meanwhile, the treacherous human queens who returned to the Continent during the last war have forged a dangerous new alliance, threatening the fragile peace that has settled over the realms. And the key to halting them might very well rely on Cassian and Nesta facing their haunting pasts.

Against the sweeping backdrop of a world seared by war and plagued with uncertainty, Nesta and Cassian battle monsters from within and without as they search for acceptance-and healing-in each other's arms.

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas Book Reviews

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Def the least favorite of the series. Cass deserves better and the plot was a little weak for me, def more smut than plot to this one.

This was my favorite one. There’s so much about Nesta (and Cassian) that was hidden before. To be able see through their eyes and understand the why’s was beautiful. The journey was one I’ll remember for a long time after.

I’ve read twilight more than 5x and never thought I’d find another series that compared, maybe even surpass! Such an incredible story - thank you!!!

The last two books in this series don’t compare to the first three they’re still great reads! I felt like there was a lot of build up in this book and time spent on certain things that didn’t end up being a crazy big deal in the end but maybe a bigger deal in her books to come!:)

lol this should not be a young adults book. i read this when i was 14 🫣 so yeah scarred for life but i mean, i enjoyed it. next time maybe put a warning on there? maybe???

Out of all the books in the ACOTAR series, this one is my favorite. Weird considering how this is the last book lol.

It’s so so good. By far the best in the series!

I’m so glad I finished the series. I love how Nesta’s story ties all things together! If I had to critique one thing it’d be how she wrapped up Cassian and Nesta’s relationship I wanted even more details!!!

Loved this book. Action, on action on action. Human rights experience has all highs and lows. How you prevail and overcome makes your story. I truly loved this message of personal strength throughout. Thank you Sarah 🖤🖤🍃

Anyone going through a healing journey will resonate with Nesta’s story! Seriously so good.! I just finished and I already want to pick it up and read it again!!!

Nesta’s book absolutely broke me into a million pieces but healed me along her journey. The way SJM is able to portray mental illness through out Nesta’s book is absolutely incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a character more than her and it gives me hope, to be loved by someone as good as Cassian!

I love this series, and Sarah J. Maas is an absolute GENIUS. If you enjoy this you must read her other series. ✨

Maas really placed the entire plot for the series in the last 50 pages of the book. Nesta’s growth was great but it’s not worth focusing an entire book on. It felt like she forgot all the other characters, and decided to finish the book for the sake of finishing it.

It’s really hard to make such an unlikable, cold character redeem themselves but SJM does it so well and makes it believable. Nesta is raw, unfiltered, and bold; I was growing bored of the perfect heroine who-can-do-no-wrong trope of the previous books and this was refreshing, relatable, and unpredictable. There were a few points when the plot dragged (blood rite, although I understand this information will be important in the future) and I needed a bit more steam, which is easy if you skim ahead a few pages (plenty of steam to go around). I’m looking forward to Elaine’s story and finally figuring out what Mor and Eris’s big secret is…

Nesta’s story was beautiful, I am crying writing this. I felt such a connection with her character. I am sad that I’m done reading her story. It might become the first book I actually re-read. Thank you Sarah for your amazing writing style, imagination, and willingness to share your stories.

Love this series. I hope another book is to follow. Maybe from Elaine’s perspective and if she chooses Lucien as her mate or not. To know what happens with tamlin. And about a possible alliance with heron and koschei that may start more friction between the courts. And Eris and morrigan. I just don’t want this series to end just yet with so much left unanswered!

Love! Love! Love!

This should not be listed as young adults. This book has total porn in it. I’m sad because the other books were fine, and maybe had a little bit but they mostly left it to the imagination. I like the book it just needs to be labeled as what it is. It is an adult book. And a very smutty adult book.

Fantastic! Best series everrrrr

I love all of the books in this series. This book gives us insight into Feyre’s oldest sister, Nesta’s struggles. It’s a beautifully written love story that includes real but also well-balanced portrayals of mental health struggles. The first part is hard to read because it resonates so much. That just makes Nesta’s journey all the more meaningful and beautiful.

the best one in the series! I liked feyre but I love nesta.

I haven’t finished a book in years until I started this series a month ago and just finished all of it. I have fallen in love with these characters and their stories. I’m hoping Elain’s story is next

At first I was disappointed that the focus was on Nesta because she has been such an unlikable character, BUT Sarah absolutely did Nesta justice by beautifully crafting her story from a angry caterpillar to a powerful butterfly. The sex scenes were surprisingly more explicit and even porn like but it’s fitting for the characters who are partaking in the sex. The graphic language distinguish more of their personality, separate from the mild sex scenes with Rhys and Feyre. Overall, great read.

This fluff series i’d fun, but so not worth that price. Get real.



Loved the scenes between Nesta and Cassian but the build up to the ending was not really good.

This is the most perfectly written book I have ever read. Ever. In all of my 31 years of living. I’m not usually into fantasy magic beastly books but somehow I stumbled upon ACOSF and I’m so thankful that I did. It kept me riveted and breathless I barely slept for 3 days straight. Nesta is the most unique FL I’ve ever come across. She’s prickly and obnoxious and downright insufferable at first but by the end of the book I would gladly die for her. THE BEST character arc you can come across. Also, I find it incredible that the sex doesn’t take away from or lessen the impact of the story despite the raunchy language! I can’t find anything negative to say except that I couldn’t discern the era. But even that wasn’t a problem because it’s a fantasy world and I made peace with it. Thank you for sharing Nesta’s story with us. I am forever changed.

This one was a big disappointment. It seemed like Sarah took a break from writing halfway through and then forgot about a lot of the storylines she started developing in the first half of the book. There was way too much focus on Nesta, an already very unlikable character. You hardly get to see any of the other characters. It seemed like she was rushing to wrap things up at the end so there’s no real climax. The villain is defeated in the matter of a few pages in a very anticlimactic way. I was really disappointed considering how good the second and third books were.

I became so in tune with the main character that I truly understood her as if she were myself to the point where I became genuinely terrified in some parts, as if I too was in danger.

this book was so genuinely good definitely one of my favorites out of the series

I wanted this to be good, sorely disappointed. The other books this author has written are much better, stick to reading those instead.

Phenomenal reading. Best book so far of the ACOTAR series.


Everything about this was just incredible.

This series is one unlike I’ve ever read, and probably will read. The DYNAMICS. The CHARACTERS. The DIALOGUE. The DESCRIPTION. Don’t hesitate to read these books!! I never thought someone could take a character and change them and a reader’s feelings for them so thoroughly, and make the reader feel so deeply. What Maas does is magic, pure magic. I haven’t just read these books, I’ve been immersed in a story unlike any other that I haven’t been able to put down. I read a LOT and I don’t think I’ll ever get over the impact these books have left on me. I want to scream to the world about how amazing these books are, but these reviews will have to do.

Nesta’s journey was absolutely incredible. Even if you “don’t like Nesta” you will at least understand her by the end. AMAZING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I love Nesta. Sarah J Maas, you’re an incredible author.

This one is my absolute favorite! Great story! She really depicts the inner demons Nesta struggles with. Nesta and Cassian have amazing chemistry. Smoking hot! I cannot wait for Az’s story and to see what happens with Elaine! First book is slow but then takes OFF! This one of my Favorite series!

I didnt think it could get better than ACOMAF but wow I would do anything to not be done with this book

Had to write a review because I couldn’t believe people didn’t like this book it was so good. I’ve read this series 3 times now and always look forward to this book. Definitely has A LOT more smut than the books before so be prepared, but it is a great book and has so much character development. Really hoping for another book to close some loose ends from this series.

I really loved this book. Nesta made me mad in the beginning and I had little hope that I’d like her but she really did have amazing character growth. I couldn’t keep the tears in at the end.

My favorite of the series hands down! I can relate to Nesta so much. This book came at the most perfect time

This book is an amazing combination of dealing with grief and trauma and the depression that comes with it. Nesta’s journey to recovery is told well. It manages to wield adventure, self discovery, overcoming emotional and physical hardships, and intensely sexy moments with finesse.

I can’t decide if ACOMAF or ACOSF is my favorite book of the series, but I’m leaning more towards Silver Flames. This book dives deep into how different people deal with trauma, and how children overcome the trauma left from their parents. I love how this book is unapologetically raw with Nesta, Emerie and Gwyn’s experiences and hardships. Thank you SJM for this book. It teaches the reader that everyone is worth a redemption story, and everyone id worth humanizing when we get a glimpse into their hearts. This book is popular because of the steamy scenes, but those are a mere second thought to the character development of Nesta Archeron. We can all see ourselves in the characters of these books, especially Nesta, as we get a front row seat watching her tear down the iron curtains in her heart. This book only deserves 5 stars, nothing less.

It’s beautiful. The writing, the character development, world building, how it depicts relationships, healing, loss, suffering, mental health, sex positivity, the list goes on and on. I love this series, and her others, and they’ve been my comfort books for the last 5+ years. Warning: the sex scenes are very graphic, detailed, long, and happens very frequently. There are also some heavy topics like depression, suicide, death, people dying, sex, alcoholism, PTSD, rape, etc. I love these books more than anything and owe a debt to god for letting me live the same time as Sarah J. Maas. But you should be aware and understand before you get sucked in and then are invested but now uncomfortable too. I’ve done it (not these books) and I definitely wasn’t ready to hear/read it at the age I did. 🎆Highly Recommended!🎆 🚨Warning: heavy topics🚨

Nestas side of the story. I hope they make one of Az

This book is so good and there is a lot of spicy moments

I lied, ACOWAR is not my favorite. THIS BOOK IS FAR BETTER. It was a combination of the steaminess of ACOMAF and the excitement of ACOWAR. Nesta’s character development was absolutely riveting.

I really liked the character focus on Nesta & Cassian. The icy older sister of Feyre and the loyal warrior are well matched. There’s a lot of attention and focus paid to mental health, trauma, and struggles with addiction. How these effect the person and those who love the one in crisis. The conflict that I had a hard time with was that of the Warrior tribe nation of the Illyrian. If these are a people trained from birth to be warriors and revere the most powerful fighters it doesn’t make sense that they are so angry about actually going to war. Every time there is a Blood Rite most of the men don’t survive and they are ok with that. It’s their way of life. But they can’t get over the fact that they lost loved ones in a war…. So what are they training for hours a day if not to prepare for war??? It’s super inconsistent with the world that has been presented.

a LOT of character development in both Nesta and Cassian. it relatable. and yes it has some scenes but what would the book be without it? the character development in those scenes it crucial to the plot line and the characters. i think it was perfect.

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I honestly did not put this down. I read until minutes before I had to leave for work. Reading how the characters would push each other, and work together and overcome some of their fears and sorrows and past was just amazing. This author has made me fall in love with reading again. It is the first time in over a decade maybe even more that I have read this much and have been so involved in the characters and their stories. Which she has made some very relatable. I hope that another one is to follow because there are still some unanswered questions, but also I would love to see the new matting bond set into place and one that has yet to be developed.. to see if she decides to accept the bond or possibly a new one emerge??!

I cant remember the last I cried for a character’s heartbreak, her despair and her love. Nesta’s journey to forgiveness of self and love for self was beautiful. Thank you!

This book is everything you want it to be and all I’m going to say (so I don’t risk giving anything away) is that Sarah J Maas’ character development never fails to impress me. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for the next installment in this series.

might have spoilers. at first i thought that there is no way i would like nesta but the more i read about her, the more i understood her. she’s no where near being my favourite but i don’t despise her anymore. cassian was different. i though he was supposed to be able to read people and be this great general. but he was just depicted as a jock which i did not like very much

Such a beautiful demonstration of Nesta’s journey and everyone else’s as well. Beautifully written!

Best redemption arc I’ve read in a looong time.

This has me wishing for another book in the series ready to read ( instead of crescent city 2) I love Cas more than the next person but the little snippets of Az and Nesta’s friendship spoke more loudly than some parts of the Cas/Nes relationship and a better yet incomplete look in to Eris (would die for a book on him). I loved how Nes evolved as a person and finally accepted who she is and what she wants in her heart and the 10,000 step show her progress of growth and I loved that hidden meaning behind them. Overall an amazing book. Never get tired of reading this series over and over for comfort.

while the story was good, i felt like i was just reading acomaf all over again but with different characters. i also feel like cassian was dumbed out? he’s 500+ years old and still can’t act neutral around powerful people? he’s different from who he was in the trilogy. i love nesta’s journey and her struggles but i feel like the old queen plot was useless, this could have been split in two books, one focusing on nessian and another on the queen thing. idk it just feels like a lot of stuff was added for nothing

Every time I read this series (and it has been many times) I feel what each character feels. My heart breaks and soars with them. I lie in my bed and cry for them. Each of their struggles feels as though it has been written by someone who knows exactly what it feels like to break and to get back up again

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I really liked the character focus on Nesta & Cassian. The icy older sister of Feyre and the loyal warrior are well matched. There’s a lot of attention and focus paid to mental health, trauma, and struggles with addiction. How these effect the person and those who love the one in crisis. The conflict that I had a hard time with was that of the Warrior tribe nation of the Illyrian. If these are a people trained from birth to be warriors and revere the most powerful fighters it doesn’t make sense that they are so angry about actually going to war. Every time there is a Blood Rite most of the men don’t survive and they are ok with that. It’s their way of life. But they can’t get over the fact that they lost loved ones in a war…. So what are they training for hours a day if not to prepare for war??? It’s super inconsistent with the world that has been presented.

a LOT of character development in both Nesta and Cassian. it relatable. and yes it has some scenes but what would the book be without it? the character development in those scenes it crucial to the plot line and the characters. i think it was perfect.

super excited for a new novel in this series, great book but was slow

I loved this book deeply, I think this is personally one of the best books in this series. It’s beautiful, packed with risk and adventure and a total plot twist I never saw coming. I cried with joy, felt sorrow and couldn’t put the book down. 12/10 for this book.

I have so many powerful, good feelings for this book. It has everything—powerful characters, complex REAL relationships and struggles, growth that literally has me feeling like I can fight god and win—you name it and I can assure you this book has it. We were right along with Nesta the whole time and after reading her journey, I feel like I can face the world with a calm determination capable of weathering even the strongest of storms. This book is a gift, read it and be better for it.

I’m not even half way through this book and tbh this is so boring. I’ve really been trying to give this series the benefit of the doubt. Last book in this series I liked was the mist and fury book. But somehow I keep coming back. For me this series has gone down hill. Just page after boring page of mind numbing dialogue. I’m at the point where I really don’t care anymore about the characters. After this I think I’m officially done with this. No more!

Maybe now I can get some sleep…THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! The series was amazing!!! Loved every second of it.

I feel like the whole plot of this series was lost after the first half of book 3. I could barely finish this. I cringe read my way through it. 🙄 just not my cup of tea.

Great book, better than the others in the series. Can’t wait for the next.

Beautiful ending! Wanted to keep reading!

This is porn that has been drawn together with a poorly constructed plot line. I am all for steamy scenes, but when the story isn’t there? No thank you.

I thought the other books were good but nestas story outshined them. I truly loved this book. It spoke to me on a deeper level about forgiveness and courage. Will always cherish this book!:)

A lot of the scenes between Nessian felt copied and pasted from Feyre/Rhysand in previous books. The Valkyrie/blood rite storyline felt forced. Nessian’s POV was way too whiny and annoying compared to other books. I didn’t enjoy this whatsoever.

I loved the focus of this book. By far my favorite.

I don't know HOW Maas does it, but this series gets more amazing with every single book!! Every character masterfully crafted, with killer plot turns and ALWAYS perfectly paced for maximum enjoyment, this book was a stunning addition to an already prestigious series.

This is the best book of the series in my opinion. Nesta’s healing throughout the book is so amazing and so worth the read. If you love Feyre, you will love Nesta’s story even more.

These books are by far my favorite fantasy series! Such a journey the author takes you through! Sad I have read the last one!

I honestly initially grappled with the change of perspective of this book as I binged read the series and got so accustomed to the singular perspective of Feyre. But, I held on and let me just say I am so glad I did! There’s a lot to unpack with Nesta and to see her story told and experience along with her a journey of healing and self love really resonated with me. I connected with her through many different moments and pain within the book that Made me love this one even more! Sarah J. Maas, you did it again! I literally couldn’t put any of the books in this series down and binge read the whole thing in a week! I NEED MORE!! When I was finished I was devastated that I reached the end but hope sprang up in me as I learned that there is going to be 2 more books!!! Literally can’t wait for the next one!!! AHHH time to go reread this series :))) thank you Sarah J. Maas for turning me into a reader!!!!

I couldn’t put it down.

This book made me realize that I’ll never find a real life male like the bat boys 😭 I love Sarah’s writing style and can’t wait to reread this series.

I hesitated buying this book in hardcover mostly because I’m type a and will be waiting for the paperback to complete my paperback series. But I found it here for 8 bucks and said why not. I also hesitated reading it because I heard (read) that this one wasn’t going to be like anything in the first part of the series. BUT I AM SO GLAD I DID, they were right that it wasn’t anything like 1-3.5 but mostly because it’s from another POV, there’s still the same theme of the main character finding oneself worthy. Keep in mind that these characters have all grown into what they are now when you read this book. I can’t wait to see what else the cauldron gives us.

This author has successfully written so many amazing books, and both of my favorite book series!! These books need to be made into movies, they would be a bigger hit than lord of the rings (in my not so humble opinion!) love love love! Can’t get enough! Please never stop writing Sarah!!

This book has everything I love. It has been a long time since I’ve seen character development like Nesta’s. I wanted to reread it as soon as I finished it. Thank you SJM for giving me hope for the future. 💜

This is SJM’s best book yet. I couldn’t stop reading and cannot WAIT for the next one!! An absolute masterpiece.

Life changing

Good , I liked it. It was well written too.

I generally didn’t like Nesta.... until I read this book! Plot is great and the writing is amazing. Best book in the series!

To the strong females out there with mad masculine energy! This story will have u relating and enjoying the story come full circle. I’m curious if Elaine story will be the last. I love the fantasy dynamic elements that keep me guessing and I love these well rounded characters.

😭😭😭 finished the book too fast! A great book with a good enough ending to keep me satisfied while Ms. Maas Makes the next book of the series!

More sex than plot in this one. An okay read, but pales in comparison to the trilogy.

I have loved the throne series and thought I was done with the fourth book when I discovered this one was available. From beginning to end I couldn’t put it down. The character development of Nesta, from the hard exterior to the complex interior, was a joy to read. How many of us have acted in a way that’s so hard to understand, or judged others for their actions without truly being able to see into their minds and hearts? To see her Evolution was truly a treasured reading experience. Hopefully there is yet one more book in the series as we have a few wrapups needed like Eris, Tamlen. Elain, Koschei, Azriel and Mor. Fingers crossed!

Thats It, that’s the tweet. Read this book, preferably not around your parents 😈.p

So exciting to actually see a sci-fi/fantasy book at the #1 position on the NY Times bestsellers list. Great series.

My favorite out of all of her books so far.

Yall, my favorite chapter form ACOMAF was the deleted Nessian scene so this book was just perfect. Nesta is such a queen and Cassian is so supportive. I love them so much.

She became my favorite writer! The book is full of plot twist and well constructed. It’s amazing to be able to read something with exact dosage of love, hot scenes, description, fight, intelligence... my first language is Portuguese and I couldn’t wait to it be published in my language lol I had to read in English and thank God I was able to read it like that. Sorry for my Brazilian friends that will have to wait for it and sorry for myself to have to hold my emotions too it will be hard to not give them spoilers. Super recommend!

I was never a fan of Nesta, and was not looking forward to this book....but wow was I wrong. Nesta’s character won me over. This may just be my favorite book of the series.

She did it again. Every book amazes me at how well it’s written. I’m so in love with all these characters. I can’t wait for the next book!


I really did enjoy this book more than I expected. I never was a huge fan of how cold Nesta was and I knew this book would bring more light to her character. I found the character development believable. Worth picking up!

This whole series has been so wonderful I have read day and night and hate for it to be over !

So good.

I hated to finish all of these books (I’ve read all 5 of them). They are the kind of books where you can’t wait to see how they end, but don’t want them to end because then they are over. It’s been a long time since I have been this enchanted with a series, and if there are never any more I will be extremely sad. Great characters, wonderful plotting and kept my interest to the very end. Hated to see them end. Please add more to this series.susna3068

This is just what we needed after a long dry spell from this series. I hope there are more to come as this series like the Throne of Glass series is way to exciting to end here. Also you must read her new book House of Earth and Blood. Just as marvelous to read. She is a wonder with a gift of words.

This book has ruined all books I will read for the rest of the year. Probably even longer. After ACOTAR 1-4, I found “ok” books to pass the time. BUT THIS ONE!!! I loved it!!!

I was reluctant to read this book, I didn’t really like Nesta from the other books and really didn’t see reason to read a whole book solely about her. However, I really enjoyed the whole story. Although it was slow in the beginning and some parts seemed redundant, I think this was the perfect story to redeem nesta in my eyes and really enjoy her as a character.


i honestly loved the book once i got to around chapter 15. it took a little while for me to get into but once i did i was hooked and couldn’t put it down. the extra smutty stuff fit well considering that nesta is very much into the idea of sex all the time. i loved how she blossomed and how cassian was always there for her. they have a special relationship that is amazing and beautiful. the book was very well written and amazing, can’t wait for the next! <3

This book was my least fave of the series, but I am not surprised since Nesta has always been the character I liked the least. Her and Cassian’s relationship left me wanting more emotionally. Her character development went way to slow... like I maybe possibly liked her a little bit in the final 100 pages... but, really only for how she helped the other characters in the end. Either way, I still love this series and am excited to see who the rest of the books will be about. Mor, Az, Elain, Eris, Lucien, Tamlin even? I’m far more interested in their stories than anything related to Nesta; although honestly I’d be content with every book being about Rhys and Feyre.

Okay. Hear me out...i am in love with this book/series. I’ve read her Throne of glass series as well(which i HIGHLY) recommend. Can’t wait for the next one!

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