iPhone User Guide

iPhone User Guide by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do.

iPhone User Guide by Apple Inc. Book Reviews

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- Cool5 star


- My first time using4 star

This is the first smartphone I’ve ever owned and I’ve only had it about a month. I’m way behind my kids on how to do a lot of things on it,so this has really helped me understand more about what I’m doing.

- Love it5 star

Very informational and resources. Very helpful book. Easy read. You can adjust the lighting and the fonts. With many other more things!

- Helpful as always4 star

As always even though I have a basic understanding of this operating system, there are always a few things that are completely new to me and a tutorial helps so much in my general understanding of the update and it’s features. Apple never seems to disappoint when it comes to making life in this crazy world we live in just a little bit easier.

- This helped my under stand more5 star

Just more

- L5 star


- Book5 star

It’s a good book and idk know why 😂😂😂😂

- Tyyy5 star

It was a great book, thank you very much

- DayMary 15 star

Very good and useful I always read Apple Books to find information and get more knowledge and what I can do with my apple devices.

- Great Book4 star

Very Useful

- DBT SKILLS5 star

I love this app

- iPhone5 star

Great iPhone user guide. Really dives into what you can do with iPhone.

- Manny 72$5 star

It’s a good book .. it will show you lots of amazing stuff you can do for anything...but just becareful you might be over your head.. it’s Manuel

- Better than googling5 star

I always consult these iOS user guides when I need to figure out how something works or how to do something on my iPhone or iPad. I find them to be a much better reference than searching the web, since it’s up to date and explains the capabilities and usage steps very clearly and succinctly. Even as a tech savvy person, this has taught me a lot of tips and tricks for getting the most out of my phone on a daily basis.

- Helped alot5 star

Helped me a lot bc there was somethings I didn’t U sweat and but I do know

- Great5 star

Don’t know

- Intro5 star

Very well in-depth

- Helpful Info.......5 star

Really Helpful!!!

- ببا4 star


- no compartir con communidad no contactos ni visitantes3 star

Privacidad 14 no modificar ni alterar no vender mi informacion propiedad privada

- A20955 star


- Write a review5 star

Very informative, a very good go to book when you need to be hands on.

- My iPhone 7is support5 star

My Apple device is supported by the update version

- Good5 star


- iTunes is not doing purchases rn so it will not update the book iOS 14.31 star

It’s not updating to new 14.3 user guide . Yet the update is already on my phone so I really need to know what u guys die in this new update

- Can’t Update To The 14.3 Version1 star

For some reason, I’m unable to update to the latest version which is 14.3 right now. However, I still have access to the previous version’s. Apple, please fix this issue 🙏🏾.

- Somewhat helpful4 star

Not really what I was looking for

- Customer1 star

I have spent 10 minutes trying to open this on my Mac only be to be told that I do not have a newer enough version to open this document. I do have a new phone which apparently I can can't get the user guide for

- iPhone User Guide5 star

Very helpful.

- AT&TsAntics1 star

I can’t actually hold my phone and get to actual page between 4 & 1100+ and get and remember what to do once the book goes away and I try to fix myself! I thought I paid for a BOOK!! Not a looky-loo built and paid for installed into my own phone!! Did AT&T forget to build in a little $$$ to throw a manual in with ALL the NEW phones they’re selling for WHAT ?? $1000+ $999 +financing!! COME ON AT&T - Everyone’s NOT AN IDIOT!! AT&T is losing CUSTOMERS faith IN THEM everywhere & all product lines; with U-verse; Direct TV; cellular service; internet service; cellular phone products sold with them. Customer Service is Laughable. Your entire “EMPIRE “ is crumbling into an unreliable company. there I said it; and I have the documentation to back up my allegations!!! We all just want the manual we paid for that was installed on our phones and are basically unusable. Manuals should have been provided with our HIGH-DOLLAR PHONES IN THE BOXES. We didn’t complain about buying cases, charges, monthly insurance. You basically have us trained like seals!!! But this crappy manual I put Hal, I WANT!! And NOW!!

- YMbigdick5 star

Its a good source whenever you get it to me

- Title4 star

The first time in the world

- Good stuff good stuff4 star

“Teaching the basics of cel phone is a good thing” Martha Stewart

- New Interest5 star

Great so far!!

- Good Book4 star

Good Book - helpful

- Pictures don’t match features3 star

The pictures are all mixed up. The information is all helpful but it doesn’t make any sense with the pictures next to it. Please fix this so we can understand.

- Iphone user guide5 star


- My iPhone 12 Pro5 star

Easy to find information on how to utilize all the great technology offered on my phone and make my life full of possibilities and abilities.

- Apple5 star

Great Greatest app

- Everything3 star


- Good guide4 star

Meh...pretty good info

- Meh4 star

It was okay

- The5 star


- It’s ook5 star

It’s Okk

- Read it5 star

I have a lot of stuff to say about my life but it’s just like a bunch of things and I’m trying not to get my life out of the way to go get my phone off buddy name

- Too Hard5 star

On god

- It’s great and I love it so much5 star


- iPhone User Guide for iOS 14.25 star

Everything you need to know about using the latest version of iOS.

- Awesome app5 star

Loved it easy to use

- ❤️ios4 star

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Brooksreview - Easy to read5 star

Good info and tips

Jacobbaa - Langue1 star

Impossible de lire le livre en français, les deux langues nationales du Canada sont; FR et l’Anglais. Je suis très déçu de la part d’Apple

booktremor - User Guide5 star

Very informative sharp and to the point. Well organized

dunkelmem - How about a PDF?2 star

I like to make notes and reminders by writing them. Why not have a printable PDF. I know you want to save the planet but zoomers do buy the product and you could give an old dog a bone.

MidnightJournalist - User Guide5 star

I found the iPhone User Guide very informative and easy to use and easy to navigate I was pleased.

Checco2011 - Great for keeping forward on your device training and lots of useful information and tips!5 star

Hey I just learned you can sign a pin to your SIM card....what a word! Any chance you might have overlooked a new feature like handoff? Also you can set your phone led to flash on notifications for the next time you are in a theatre .

PurpleContacts2 - You2 star


Coding222 - Iphone5 star

Informative and detailed oriented book. I learned a lot and will put what I learned into practice. If you own an iPhone this book is a must read and a valuable addition to your library.

the lost pharaoh - Smith said5 star

Smith and no other team are going to make this happen so it’s not going through to my like no need for this game to play this time I don’t feel like I’m the one in life where it’s not just about me eI’m it is something you think is really something that you can get out into this place especially with me out there and you think I’m going out especially because you want something you need something you can’t get yourself back but if you don’t understand what I’m saying you are just about something that you have ever given out on your life it’s going to get paid for you The pharaoh

djioko - 04396616115 star


Trevor HP - Useful little book5 star

As you don’t get an instruction manual with a new Apple phone,I highly recommend this book to get you going, especially as IPhone 12 and iOS 14.4 is so different to use with new techniques to learn how to now do things.

B00kGuy7 - A very decent and helpful book4 star

I quite like this book as it was very helpful and was a quite good general read.

Jonathan Abbotts - Really Helpful4 star

This is a decent book very helpful I recommend this

hiimcalledomie - Good4 star

Very hamdy

littleboy123321 - Good5 star

Really helpful, describes all the different features in detail

Vicegaiming15 - Helpful5 star

Really helpful thanks Apple

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Samrr00q - Samr1212ppqq5 star


Chrismo165 - Access to user guide3 star

To hard to find.

techduhmb - Stuff from the old days5 star

Sometimes a picture needs words.

SCOPAR7 - جيد5 star


جواد ز - A very warm greeting to you all 💐🌺5 star

What a Great App it is 🌹🌹🌷🌷🍀 It is very useful and easy to use. I love it so much ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 Thanks very much.💁‍♂️🙋‍♂️ Have a nice day with the best and sweetest moments.✨🌟⭐️⛈⛈☔️☂️🍓🍐🍏🍋🍇🍒🌽🥝🍔🍔🍺🍻 With the best Regards. From IRAN TEHRAN

kasun88 - Ios14.25 star


Eric8537 - Please fix illustrations2 star

The pictures are wrong

Saipan18 - Wrong page1 star

I’m getting the wrong page for every item. When I click on how to learn a Particular item it’s giving me the picture of that but The paragraph is talking about a different item

leroy conteras - Informative5 star

If only every device came with an extremely informative user manual. Thank you!

Post grad degreed scientist - No help to add sites to home screen2 star

Loved my old Android because it’s much easier and efficient and user friendly. This is not nearly as user friendly or efficient. This won’t allow adding a site to home page, very clumsy and difficult to close open apps, no home screen button, Tips app is very limited, etc. No useful help beyond the “book” that talks about stuff unrelated to learning to use the phone Apple should monitor Android users trying an iPhone to see what’s important to users and overhaul iPhone’s shortcomings. Had this for three months now and still regretting trying it.

ReignSupreme - Misaligned Phots and Captions2 star

I am viewing on an iPad in landscape mode and in the first section showing feature of iOS 14, the descriptions do not match the photos making for a pretty terrible reading experience.

gff c - T5 star


goodverygood282872 - This book tells me a lot about iOS 145 star

Wow very cool!

am.irreza2119 - Good5 star

Create your new business and your

mr.big lip - Book5 star

It was a lot of fun and easy to use

Proteus 846 - Great Guide to iPhone on iOS 145 star

Seeing as this product is a user guide for iPhones running iOS 14, my review is obviously also about this. Not feedback on my device itself, although plenty of other reviews seem to think this is the place for that. People are weird. Anyway… This should be in every iPhone user’s arsenal of tools. The vast majority of users will never need it, but it’s a handy resource to quickly find reliable information (without heading to third parties online that are often more complicated to follow and sometimes blatantly incorrect) without clutter or confusion. If you’re a new iPhone owner, I doubly recommend this guide. Again, most of you won’t NEED this — welcome to iPhone, it’s simple but powerful. Nevertheless, this guide can quickly get you acclimated to how your new phone works.

phoeniz Arizona - iPhone 115 star

The touchscreen on the 11 is extremely sensitive and is very expensive to replace the quality of the screen is amazing and in dark mode the battery power is tremendously stronger.

owens870306 - Dyslexia disability2 star

Can you please make something that’s more understandable for people with learning disabilities?

bonquisha100 - it was okay..4 star

it was okay and helped for some things

jack375958 - Yes5 star

Love it

Seaknight01 - Insufficient2 star

Didn’t have the phone security information I was looking for.

fantasy fight - Ok5 star

Hi can you send me the new update please send it over to the new iOS and the new updates for me please Ok

MYWH/N8VPRD - Cute3 star


renewal ranch - I love it5 star

Love it

Muhammad Hussein Karimzadeh - Picture isn't in correct location3 star

Picture isn't in the right page, I have iPhone 11 iOS 14.1

dazzzzles - Something if wrong with the pictures5 star

I don’t really know if it is something wrong throughout the full book, but from what I know is that the pictures of the phone in the first pages are mixed up. Again, this is pretty minor but just wanted to say it.

Offguy1000000 - DIE1 star


Massoud Faquiryan - I loved it5 star

I loved it

hi.😜 - Ya-yeet4 star

Imma get a iPhone 8 soon bc I’m broke and can’t get a 11 pro max like a normal person. Anyway this will be good bc this will be my first phone. Ya-yeet!

JhonManahan524 - Detailed Nicely5 star

Best iOS update so far for me, looking forward for more actual innovations like these.

chfjhgrntyhnyhr - Ethan Benbrook5 star

Hi Kaden

Luther Black - Luther Black3 star

iPhone 7 slivers Happy Birthday Luther’B

Prof reeder - Need better proofreading4 star

Apple: You need to fix the picture/caption placement in the first chapter “What’s new in iOS 14”

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