Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer Book Summary

It's here! #1 bestselling author Stephenie Meyer makes a triumphant return to the world of Twilight with this highly anticipated companion: the iconic love story of Bella and Edward told from the vampire's point of view.
When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. But until now, fans have heard only Bella's side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward's version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun.
This unforgettable tale as told through Edward's eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edward's past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the defining struggle of his life. How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into danger?
In Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer transports us back to a world that has captivated millions of readers and brings us an epic novel about the profound pleasures and devastating consequences of immortal love.

"People do not want to just read Meyer's books; they want to climb inside them and live there." -- Time

"A literary phenomenon." -- New York Times

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer Book Reviews

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- Loved it5 star

Can we get the whole series in Edwards perspective now

- Can't finish it1 star

I've forced myself to the half way mark and just can't go on any further. I loved the twilight series. I loved Edward. From his perspective he has no depth or substance. This has been a painful read and that is so sad to me.

- Boring1 star

Edward is a snore and I skipped so many parts, the jump from ehh new girls what ever to you’re my life was super quick and cringey

- Nothing New3 star

It pretty much Mimic Bella’s perspective. It’s almost identical to twilight. The book moves really slow. If anything she should have skipped twilight and write about his experience in new moon or breaking dawn

- It’s so good!5 star

I have been holding off buying it because it’s been so long. The first few movies were super uncomfortable, unlike the books, and I wasn’t sure I’d like it. But I should have known I’d love it. After reading the Twilight series and The Host multiple times, you’d think I’d know that I’d love anything Stephanie wrote! Lesson learned. Just buy it! You’ll love it if you liked her other books!

- Great POV5 star

This answered all of the questions I had, plus some. Several “Ah-Ha” moments that, for me, are priceless. I highly recommend this book for anyone who’s read the remainder of the series. My favorite part of the book is how the writing style stays the same but reflects Edward so entirely. It’s accurate. It’s necessary. It’s one of the few good things 2020 has brought us. I’m so grateful she finished this book and I hope she intends to continue with another.

- Loved!!5 star

Loved it. I have been waiting for this book to come out for years!! And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been wondering this after finishing the book, if there will be another to correlate and go along with the original twilight saga books, all in Edward’s point of view.

- Long but goof4 star

As an avid twilight saga reader, I knew I would be reading midnight sun the moment it came out. I think a majority of the reason I was able to finish it was due to my preexisting adoration of twilight. It was a bit too long, likely due to the never sleeping bit, and very repetitive. I love Bella, I have to leave Bella, I love Bella too much to leave her, but I love her so much that I have to, I hate that I am what I am, I hate that Bella loves me, I love Bella, ect. This much is to be expected, though, and I will say I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves this series the way I do. It was interesting and gave such a new perspective on Edward and his mind and experience.

- Putting it down2 star

I cannot get through this. We are in Edward’s head too much. Maybe that is the point? I’m just not that into it. Disappointed.

- Oh, Edward.5 star

I’m sorry, but I still love the Twilight books after all these years and I am SO glad Stephenie Meyer finished this book; I always hoped that she would and I was not disappointed. I now hope she’ll continue all the way through the rest of the series from Edward’s perspective.

- Midnight Sun2 star

I was always annoyed at the original stories making Bella out to be a suicidal manic depressive teenager and now they add to the equally insane Edward. His entire story is self hate and no way could I finish. There was no true back story or love story. Just two co-dependent immature teenagers who are good looking so naturally fall for each other.

- Loved hearing Edward’s views5 star

I loved rereading the story through Edward’s eyes! I wish it covered the whole series! A few of the passages were a little long to get to the point,but I enjoyed the book.

- Midnight Summer4 star

Many facts were not consistent with the Twilight book, but I enjoyed it non the less.

- AMAZING!!5 star

Loved every second of this book!! I am soo glad she decided to finish and publish it! Thank you Stephenie Meyer for the amazing world you created!!

- Need more5 star

I loved reading through this version! I would love to continue the saga through Edward!

- Horrible - sexist and rapey1 star

I loved her other books but this is lazy bc it just goes through the story from Edward’s perspective so no new content. And more importantly, it glorifies killing children and it’s pretty rapey too. Should be banned. I had to give it a star just to be able to post the review. Otherwise I wouldn’t have given any stars.

- Loveee it......5 star


- Awesome!!5 star

This book was an absolute amazing edition to add to the Twilight Daga. It was very refreshing to see it throughout Edwards eyes ❤️

- Need more from Edward5 star

I loved this book so much and was so happy to finally read Edwards point of view. I NEED the rest of the books from Edwards POV. I hope you will consider writing all of Edwards story....

- I don’t know what you w you you’re welcome rs knows rws ew5 star

Hey I just wanted y’all ever know how you r really welcome to the fall of the the weekend and the

- I loved Edward’s P.O.V5 star

It’s amazing to fully understand Edwards point of view on everything. Drama, romance, passion, anger all wrapped up through his eyes. 10/10 FOREVER RECOMMEND

- Best book ever5 star

I wish the movie was the same as the books. I feel robbed of the details honestly. But of course this book was amazing.

- My Favorite Book5 star

I absolutely loved this book. I couldn’t stop reading it. I’m dying to read the rest of the series from Edward’s point of view. Amazing read - I loved every second of it.

- Much needed5 star

This was nice. There was always a side of the story missing and we finally got some of it. Mind you, JUST SOME. But this makes me so excited to binge the next book, and then the next book, and then the next. You will be surprised. You will be amazed. You will find some understanding. And you will not regret purchasing and reading. Don’t be fooled, you DON’T know the whole story... well, at least not until you read this book for some.

- Amazing!5 star

This book is like no other! I love that Stephanie chose to write from Edward’s point of view! Fans have been waiting for this and we finally have it! Now we need one from Jacobs’s point of view! That would be so cool!

- Midnight sun a whole new world5 star

Midnight Sun was amazing it was written so well i could truly visualize the madness in Edward’s mind ! Give me more please 😩 especially a Renesmee update

- Worth the wait!!! 😍5 star

I’m sorry to admit, I was one of the hardcore fans that read the leaked script years ago. I know it was a blow for SM, but I couldn’t get enough! I read the leaked chapters plus some fan fiction that continued where she left off. This book was definitely worth the wait and even better than I’d hoped. Thank you, Stephanie, for finally finishing it!!! It’s truly a gift. 💕

- I fell in love with Alice even more and gained more respect for Bella5 star

I fell in love with Alice and gained so much more respect for Bella. This book is Twilight, don’t get your hopes up that anything different will happen, but get ready to get a different perspective of the ALL the characters and understand the world much clearer. I fell in love with Alice and Edwards relationship he goes in depth about how she truly feels not just what Bella can see on the surface. I also had a new respect for Jasper, he is much stronger than anyone of us could imagine. And Bella, it was always hard to read twilight because I felt Bella was always begging Edward to stay and that she was very submissive in what came off as a slightly abusive relationship with Edwards need for control. I realized Bella was much stronger, insightful, and genius than Edward let her feel. (Which if your in a toxic relationship it may give you confidence to breakup with that person) Edward viewed Bella in such a Grand light, I use to feel as Bella in twilight “why does Edward want a child human that he is so much older than, ofcourse he doesn’t love me the same” but Bella brought so much life into his life I realized Bella was the prize not Edward and it encouraged me to read ALL the books again with that perspective.

- AMAZING5 star

I wish she would write the rest of the series from Edwards POV!!! I couldn’t put it down!!!!

- Amazing!!5 star

Don’t listen to the negative reviews. They all talk about how it’s the same story than Twilight. Of course it’s the same story. Since it was announced it said it was the same Twilight story except now it was Edward’s POV. We got to see so much of the Cullen’s than we did in Twilight. We got so much insight on what went on in the Cullen family when Bella wasn’t present. It was an absolute joy to read.

- Amazing5 star

I ordered this book hard copy right when it came out. I grew up watching and reading all of the Twilight series stuff because my mother was in her early twenties and loved the fantasy romance series with all her friends. I’ve grown to love these books no matter what anyone says. I have to say the beginning seems a little slow but maybe that’s because I want Edward with Bella right away. It’s truly fantasizing to see everything from Edwards perspective. Since Edward can hear minds you can read what all of Bella’s friends are thinking and actually see the bonds between everyone to her. I 10/10 recommend this book if you love the original twilight series. I may only be 16 but even I can tell a good book from a bad book.

- My heart, so many feelings!!5 star

I read the first Twilight book as a heartbroken teenager, before the rest of the series was written. I would read it cover to cover over and over again to cope with my tumultuous adolescent hormones. I’ve been waiting so long for this book, and it did not disappoint. Edward’s meticulous perspective was an immersive reading experience, it took me right back to my first time reading. This story has everything the most die hard Twilight fans could want, thank you for finally giving us this gift! I won’t lie and say I don’t wish we had the whole series from his side, but I know that writing New Moon would mean Stephenie has to go into a very dark place. If it doesn’t happen, this is enough. I loved every word.

- Not what I expected2 star

I thought Edwards history would be explored before he became a vampire. I kept seeing the movie and Edward explaining why he wants Bella’s blood.

- So interesting5 star

I have always been a twilight fan and this was everything I’ve ever wanted. I understand Edward so much more now. He is such an over thinker! I would love to read his perspective in all of the books if that were possible. Loved it.

- Much more insight5 star

I figured this would be like the 50 Shades of Grey (Christian POV), in the sense that it was the same exact story with the pronouns switched. I was pleasantly surprised. Midnight Sun actually offers much more insight and background info for the vampires. It is long and sort of drawn out. However, I feel it was VERY well done and worth the money. I’m hoping very much Stephenie Meyer continues with the rest of the books in his POV. I’ve been waiting about 12 years for her to finish this book, and I was not disappointed. Thank you so much!!

- Sad it’s over5 star

I wish there was more, i wish i could read every day to get away for a little longer. Thank you Stephanie for making my quarantine a little less sucky😭

- Wow! Just, wow.5 star

When I was introduced to this crazy world of ‘shiny vampires’ I expected it to be dull, boring, a girl’s book. Now, having purchased and read each book, several times, it has been an incredible J-O-Y to read ‘Twilight’ from Edward’s perspective. The familiar scenes we have all come to love and cherish are bright, fresh, and new when seen through the eyes of Edward. As per typical Stephanie Meyer fashion, I cannot wait to read her next book: whatever that may be!

- So good5 star

Been waiting to see Edwards version of events and it was so much better than I thought to understand him more. I really really hope we get Edwards version of every book! Especially new moon where he leaves and we didn’t know how he was feeling or doing 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

- Indescribable talent!5 star

I LOVED this read. It was amazing to go back to the start of the twilight saga and get deeply immersed as though I was reading the story for the first time. I was so CONSUMED with EVERY chapter. I could not set this book down!!! This novel makes me desperate to read the rest of the saga written from Edwards perspective. I cannot get enough of this story, one that I thought I had been completely enthralled with before. I now realize I am further in deep than I thought was possible with this story. AMAZING READ! Thank you Stephanie for once again allowing us into your world, and creating a place we can escape to with the deepest of our emotions.

- ...5 star

I just finished reading the book and I immediately felt so emotional. I’m so sad that it had to come to an end and I really hope she is in the works of writing another book!

- Enjoyed5 star

I honestly think I liked this more than Twilight. It filled in a lot of background details from Twilight, so is also a great complement to that book. Hopefully, she will do more from this perspective.

- Loved it!5 star

I’m a big fan of the twilight series I see a lot of bad reviews here Idk what these people were expecting I thought it was awesome to read everything again from Edward’s perspective I hope she would write all the books this way nice distraction too

- Who edited this???2 star

There are blaring inaccuracies and multiple grammatical errors in this text. For example, in Twilight, the prom takes place in the school gym. In this, Edward states the prom being in the cafeteria, even describing how the tables were removed. It’s bad enough Stephanie Meyer didn’t catch it, but who is editing this? The most interesting part of this book is the greater insight into the lives of the Cullens. Sadly, Edward is portrayed as dull and moody, kind of ruining his character built up by the other Twilight books. Not really worth the money.

- Love It!!!5 star


- Disappionting1 star

Edward’s voice is shallow and underdeveloped. This book adds nothing to the story and completely takes away from the romance and intrigue, as well as the depth of Edward’s character. It somehow makes you like the characters and story less. If you love the series, skip this one!

- Omg5 star

I need more.... That was a horrible cut off

- Midnight Sun5 star

Absolutely incredible. Loved it!

- Love it!5 star

I loved this version of the book! Hopefully we get the rest of the series in Edwards perspective!

- Amazing5 star

Nice distraction with everything going on in the world right now. I fell in love with this saga as a teenager reading the books, so happy Stephanie Meyer is continued to write/finish a new one with this saga ❤️ As always, she did an incredible job! ❤️

- If you read twilight don't bother1 star

I read this book thinking oh something new. I was wrong just a money scheme to make more off the twilight story. Word for word the same story just spoken like Edward. Nothing in the book added more to the story just knowing Edward was obsessed with Bella no kidding save your money. If you read twilight you read this book already.

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"P" is for Perception - Enjoyed!5 star

I thought ugh that with knowing the story already I would find it a dull read but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Wild_sun - The missing piece of the puzzle5 star

Love it! This book is the last missing piece of the puzzle. It answers so many questions and clears out so much more. Couldn’t put it down and made me reread the entire saga all over again

Amesternaut - It never ends. And Edward is a manipulative psychopath1 star

I loved twilight as a 19 year old but my god. This guy is a stalker and the inner workings of his brain make me want to scream at Bella to run as fast as she can to get away from all the freaky deaky stuff that he thinks about and does. He hides in her room every single night. No, that is not a healthy relationship. That is not “protecting her”. That is a toxic relationship. He is a psychopath and a manipulator, creating this dependent relationship where he thinks she won’t survive without him protecting her. Buuuulllllll crap. And you want little girls and boys to read this and think that’s what love is? And to get married in high school? Omg. To think I thought this was amazing when I read it from Bella’s point of view. Well, at least she was a character with substance. I couldn’t finish it. Kept putting it down then trying to get back into it and eventually I gave up when I realized I hadn’t gotten to the baseball / three evil vampires part. No. Just no.

ericaraina - I waited so long for this5 star

This book exceeded my expectations. I already know the story of Twilight from Bella’s POV and didn’t think I needed to hear it from Edward but I learned so much, I better understand it all and I’m PRAYING that we get the other books in Edward’s POV because I need to know!!

Galionprime - It was worth the wait5 star

Reading this book felt like a return. Not a rehash, a redo or redundancy. It is a return to those moments of happiness and excitement as you clutch a book and wishing to never put it down. Stephenie Meyer returns with her character’s charisma in full force. We all loved the clouded but somehow shining atmosphere of the original Twilight and this book is the expanding of that story we crave. This book displays that there is more to the story and that even after all these years, we will always be thirsty for more.

lori-anna-h - Take me back5 star

This took me back to the time when I couldn’t put the Twilight series down, I live to read and this series is the only one I have read again and again... and this book did not disappoint, it was great and intense reading the book through Edwards eyes .... I really hope that she will reconsider and write the entire series through Edwards eyes.

Twilight 4 Me - Great to hear and see the story from EPOV5 star

I’d been waiting for this (after reading the leaked online chapters years ago). This story does not disappoint. Edward Cullen is the most intriguing character in the series in my opinion. The thoughts he has and the struggles with being what he is to live his day-to-day life. I also enjoyed more of the backstory with his family life especially his relationship with his parents. It’s great that Midnight Sun is nearly 700 pages. I recommend the series to anyone. It’s awesome!

Karen the epic nubblet - Should have done New Moon5 star

SM said this is the only book she is writing through the eyes of Edward. If she was only going to do one book, I wish it was new moon as there are so many questions unanswered with Edward in that book..... we can only hope she changes her mind and write what Edward felt in New Moon...

major twi hard - Loved5 star

Twilight!!!!!!! New book yasssssssss!!! I’ll read it and love it even if it’s crap BECAUSE ITS TWILIGHT

Marc Lafrance - It's really good to see the 2 sides of the medal hihi and I like it5 star

That's quite a good book and it's good to have the Edward's side of the story lol

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Isabelle33 - Cannot put this down!5 star

Please do all of the books like this!

DianaCarbajal - Brings Me Back5 star

This book has been a life saver. With everything going on in the world this book has been an absolutely escape from reality. So many wonderful memories from when I first read the book when I was a teenager. I’m now in my mid 20’s and it’s still hits me right in the heart. This book is AMAZING!

brilovesrunning - Loved it5 star

What a beautiful throwback. I love Stephanie Keyes writing, I love how deep she gets and how intensely I was able to understand and enjoy Edwards perspective! I wish she’d write the whole series all over again

TC dancer - Boring1 star

Quit reading after 3 chapters of same thing....Edward fighting to resist Bella’s scent...

nethaway - Long awaited5 star

Long awaited and greatly enjoyed ! I can’t wait to see if we get Edwards point of view in the other books

WorleyHood - Glad this book is done!5 star

I have waited for this book for a long time. Although, Edwards perspective didn’t take the sensitive feeling I thought it would. I still enjoyed the read. I was disappointed in seeing deeper into Edwards character and how truly selfish he was, arrogant even. I wish this perspective would be written out in all the books, it would be interesting to see how things were all the way through for him.

books>movies! - More pls5 star

My conclusions: 1. I want to read New Moon Edward version so bad, 2. Seriously had forgotten how crappy the movie is and how good the books actually were, 3. Love Bella in the books, Bella in the movie can be very cringy. Seriously, please release the other books

Zillow is better - More please!!!5 star

A familiar tale from a misunderstood character’s perspective. After 15 years it’s refreshing to finally have Edward’s point of view and information that Bella is oblivious to. Now I want ever book from this saga from his viewpoint!

ema_clean1 - Eh2 star

I loved the twilight series but I’m having a really hard time getting into this book! The chapters are so long. I find myself drifting off and thinking of other things and having to restart. Disappointed.

NRudewick - So much more!! Loved it!5 star

Amazing!! It’s a have to read!

Shalei Swaim - We need more!5 star

Wow. Breathtaking. Ready to reread the Saga and rewatch the movies. Answers questions I didn’t know I had! I will hope for more Edward perspectives. 🤞🏻

thegoose274 - Amazing details and explains more from other perspectives5 star

This book was by far one of my favorites of all time. Some people might think that it’s not that different, but you really get to see how much Edward loves Bella and the sensations, like thirst and also different feeling he doesn’t let Bella see, like anger at himself or jealousy towards mike.

PesterTV - No1 star


Shen9524 - Great follow up.5 star

I see some people are not pleased with the “inner” Edward the book portrays but this is his perspective nonetheless. We don’t choose who someone is or should be, it is entirely up to the writer so people can just move on if it’s not what they wanted. He was alone for so long and definitely not expecting to find what he did in a human girl so it’s understandable that he whines and feels quite conflicted. I really like this book and I’ve not been able to put it down. Thanks again for the read.

lisa4512 - Love love love5 star

I loved the twilight books I watch the movies all the time. I’m a huge FAN! I love reading it in his perspective but now I want to read the rest of the books in his perspective it’s gives a whole different vibe seen his side and his family thoughts on everything! New moon in his perspective would be great too see how he feels when he is away from her... Stephanie please do us all the favor of another book lol.

beroberson - Thank you Stephanie Meyer!5 star

This book couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only did it provide an escape from the real-world, but it also took me back in time to my high school first love: this series. This book was such an amazing read. I loved getting to finally see into Edward’s mind, and seeing how others thought as well. His love for Bella is so deep, and seeing he isn’t COMPLETELY perfect was a pleasant eye opener. This book answered so many questions left by the original series, and I REALLY wish the author would write the entire series from this perspective. It was addicting!

Xann345 - So satisfying!5 star

I never ever write reviews. The Twilight Saga has been one of my favorite series since I was a kid and I (along with many others) were incredibly excited to finish reading Edward's point of view. I think it was so cool to be able to understand his feelings. I loved to be able to put myself in a different perspective! I can't wait to see what's next if there were to ever be a continuation of this Saga! Thank you Stephanie for continuing to think about your fans and finishing this side of the story!

trina8733 - Good but wish it went past the first book4 star

My questions is, are we getting the rest of the series in Edwards POV? If so I will gladly give 5+ stars

Love you, Nick - Nostalgic Happiness!!5 star

I loved reading this book! It felt like I was a child again reading Twilight for the first time. I feel like it explained so much backstory and gave me a greater understanding of the characters. I especially loved Jasper’s role. I hope Stephanie Meyer continues to expand this wonderful series!

CTM799 - So good!5 star

I would love to see the rest of the books from Edward’s perspective!

indiegrl06 - Horrible1 star

I couldn’t even finish this book it was so horrible. Poorly written is an understatement. I am offended at how lame she made Edward’s internal character. Seriously the worst book ever written.

Twilight fan no.1 :) - Midnight Sun5 star

I’m a twihard so I give it a 5 stars no question. All I want now is Edward’s POV on the rest of the twilight sagas.

Futij - It’s Edwards turn!5 star

If you loved the Twilight books or enjoyed the movies or BOTH then you must have a go at this one! It’s filled with answers that you didn’t even know you had, so much back story and feeling to it. It was honestly wonderful to see Edward’s perspective.

vtHAD - Better than I expected5 star

Another Twilight addition, even knowing the storyline, is awesome. The depth to Edwards character really changes the memory of the first book, it is even better! Which I didn’t think was possible. I guess now the wait/hope will be for the next books with his POV to be written and enjoyed. I imagine more Twilight book reading and movie watching will be taking place to reexamine the actors portrayed of Edward with this new information. It is a real treat to get to know the family from Edwards perspective and more scenes of their lives and experiences and abilities, it brings more appreciation for their actions in the series, the deeper emotional connection that draws the ties to family. Thank you SM! This was an awesome treat.

ShadowDevil2 - Absolutely horrible!1 star

This book is horrid. It depicts a completely different Edward, one that is a winey teenage girl. I understand he is stuck at such a physical age however he was supposed to be alive for eighty years plus yet wines like a young teenage girl. Somehow being alive for so long he learned nothing about life. I may not be able to finish it with how bad it is. Each chapter is unnecessarily long and the amount of stalking makes any based on life crime show look like a simple Saturday morning cartoon. Edward is beyond self centered and extremely creepy, stalking the poor girl way more then was even hinted at in Twilight and only focused on his own desires. Sure it’s written in his perspective which I was excited for, I didn’t expect it to be so bad I’m laughing at random from the horrible writing. Talk about a total let down. This was clearly only written because someone was running out of money. Got us good that time.

Bookjunkie71 - Worth the wait!4 star

Everything I wanted it to be, and more! We waited way too long for this, but it definitely was worth the wait!

Valarieakh - Nostalgia and well designed5 star

I’m primarily leaving a review because I read an interview that Stephanie Meyer didn’t think the book would live up to years of expectations. She was absolutely incorrect. It was perfect and very well done. I don’t know if I would have been able to follow the story as well if I hadn’t read the twilight series already. Since I’m sure it could get jumbled if one wasn’t already familiar with the characters. The details were outstanding and it was such a lovely break from reality to be sucked into this world. Looking forward to more..

Cyntsation - tourism hashas a great way usually i it tmany3 star

You know when you wanna go make ur weekend at youuuu your In I wanna untiliu

HotMessMomma007 - Very slow read2 star

As much as I wanted to love this book as I did the others, this book was very boring. So many parts were dragged out and it was like “Get to the Point”! I hope other fans enjoyed it but I was so disappointed.

seriousfanofthisbook - a. m. a. z. i. n. g.5 star

When I heard another book was coming out but told from Edwards point of view, I was a little skeptical. Wouldn’t it just be like reading the same book over again (like i have several times before)? I am so glad I was proved wrong! I loved the book and frankly it made me like all of the characters a whole lot more. It really shows Edwards personality and makes him seem less brooding and more protective.

It'sMandaHere*1316 - Obsessed, in love, going to reread until the next book 🤞🏽5 star

To be able to see the same events through Edwards mind was so magical! I have no other words at the moment than how much I’ve always loved this series and I truly truly hope there are more books to come of Edwards POV!!!

Monica Catalfamo - Fall in love w them again5 star

It was quite interesting to read. It was wonderful to see it from essays point of view. I can only hope that she finishes out the series that way...

hjmoss - AWESOME5 star

LOVED this book! I love the story even more than I did before now that it’s been explained on both sides! I reallyyyyy want to hear the rest of the story from Edwards perspective!!!!

JBrandon0916 - Good read!5 star

I have waited YEARS for this book! It brought back so many memories of the love story that made me interested in reading!

Triple little V - Well put5 star

It explains a lot. Like parts that she didn’t know what he was doing or how and you see it through him and it’s like whooo.

DC Homeschoolmama - PLEASE READ THIS!!!1 star

So I bought the audiobook of Midnight Sun and it won’t show up!!! Every time I press on it, it says buy it again!!!! What is going on????

kikigirl1023 - Midnight Sun5 star

I loved it! This is what the first movie should have been. I loved the deeper dive into Edward’s family. Jasper is lit!

twiligthluver2478 - Amazing!!5 star

If you are a fan of the twilight saga this is a MUST READ!

kellen711 - Disappointed1 star

I never review things but I was so disappointed with this book I just have to. The reader’s voice was boring made me fall asleep several times. I had a hard time getting through it and honestly couldn’t finish it. It felt like the same story all over again but not as good. We waited years for the same book? Overall just a boring read. Maybe if I didn’t read the first book it would be more interesting. It was eh I’m pretty disappointed. Why not continue the story and do a book about Jacob and Renesmee? It feels like the author didn’t know what to write about so this was an easy way to make some money off of twilight fans 💔👎 If you are looking for something good check out Crave by Tracy Wolff Or Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

3lle22 - Love5 star

Love these books! I never read the leaked version I have been waiting for this release been a long time coming. I hope there’s more books in Edwards POV!!!

Gaussian - Midnight Sun5 star

I really loved this book, hearing the story from Edward’s point of view. Now I don’t want it to end! I want to hear the rest of the story from Edward’s point of view!

melimichelle1 - Amazing5 star

I truly loved it

Jes N B - Amazing!5 star

I never really leave reviews, but this one deserved one! It is amazing! I could not put it down. I just wish so badly the other books would be written in Edwards perspective!! I kept thinking of so many times in the other books I would love to hear his thoughts on.

mtcjj - Poorly written1 star

I can’t believe I wasted money on this book. It is so poorly written. It’s boring. There is no character development. It’s awful.

Patricia Hathe - Loved it!5 star

So much fun to read!

MariahK0725 - Amazing5 star

I honestly didn’t know what I was expecting when I bought this book. I’d been waiting literally 12 years for this book to come out so I knew I was going to read it, if only because of teenage nostalgia. I didn’t expect that I would love it more than I loved Twilight. It was deeper than Twilight, I felt like I had to actually take my time and really absorb what was written and the implications of it! And why shouldn’t it be deeper? This POV is from Edwards side, someone over a 100 years old!! Of course he would have a different perspective on humans and life in general, not taking in the fact that he is a vampire. Honestly, this is probably one of the best things I have read for some time. I couldn’t get enough of it! I really hope she decides to follow the series in Edwards POV. Now that is something I’d spend money on!!!!

Elfiykas - I like it! So happy I can read from Edvard side all story5 star

Great book! Good feelings ))

Dikkkkkkrtyujhgtffree - Best one yet5 star

Thank you for this beautiful piece of writing. I hope you continue to the sage from Edward’s perspective, but if you choose not to, thank you for giving us this gift.

ballblast fan - More! More! More!5 star

I have waited for this book for years! Back when her manuscript of this book was leaked and she put out the statement saying she would put it on hold indefinitely, she released what she had written for everyone to read and ever since I have been hoping she would eventually come back to it! I’m so glad she did! It’s definitely darker, but I love that you get more insight to the Cullens and the things that take place away from Bella. I read this book in 1 1/2 days. It deserves all 5 stars and I hope she continues writing the rest of the series! Thank you Stephanie!!!

Lar2me - Riveting5 star

I hope she does the whole series! Loved this Twilight is where we fall in love with Edward and live the life we all secretly want, but this is where we get to join the vampire world, learn new stories, see their talents first hand. Amazing.

Stephenie Meyer - Midnight Sun Comments

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Stephenie Meyer (; née Morgan; born December 24, 1973) is an American novelist. She is best known for her vampire romance series Twilight, which has sold over 100 million copies, with translations into 37 different languages. Meyer was the bestselling author of 2008 and 2009 in the U.S., having sold over 29 million books in 2008, and 26.5 million in 2009. Meyer received the 2009 Children's Book of the Year award from the British Book Awards for Breaking Dawn – her Twilight series finale. An avid young reader, she attended Brigham Young University, marrying at the age of twenty-one, before graduating with a degree in English in 1997. With no prior experience as an author, the idea for the Tw..
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