Wrong Text, Right Love

Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa Book Summary

Mistaken identity, drunk texts, and hysterical mishaps… just another day in my life.

Girls all over the world spill the tea to me about their most intimate questions.
They thank me for talking about sex with them.
For fixing their love lives.

I wonder if I’d still be a relationship influencer if they knew what a train wreck my own love life is?

If I was writing anyone else advice, it would say things like:
Never drunk-text your ex-boyfriend.
No, seriously, that’s a terrible idea.
But if you insist, maybe double-check the number first.


But I guess I give good…text, because the stranger I messaged wrote back.
And I responded.
He doesn’t have to put up with my colorful personality--as my hot next-door neighbor describes me. Or my messy schedule.
This relationship is as seemingly perfect as my online persona.

Until we agree to meet up.
When he meets the real me, will he hate me forever?
Or will we be one day telling our grandkids about that wrong text, right love?


USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa brings the flirty fun in this cozy standalone rom-com about secret lovers risking it all for romance.

Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa Book Reviews

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- Wrong Text,Right Love5 star

Great read!!!!!

- One of my favorites now!5 star

I love this book, it was refreshing, witty; just everything. Great read, I guarantee. And I NEVER leave reviews.

- Decent4 star

Fun book, lots of “filler” nonsense, some parts really drag and are quite unnecessary in my opinion, besides that, super fun and cute.

- Extremely Slow beginning4 star

To be completely honest, I almost gave up on this book. The first half of the book was so slow but I’ll admit it got way better in the second half and honestly I loved the ending. I would only recommend if you’re okay with really slow beginnings

- Loved (:5 star

Honestly I don’t give five stars out freely, but dang this was a good book. It was cute and funny and if I could read it again for the first time I would. It had a little enemies to lovers trope, which is always good in my opinion, and was overall just really entertaining!

- It was ok3 star

I wasn’t thrilled. It was ok. And there were some funny parts. But I think there were too many monologues or descriptions. Seemed to drag on and on. The best part of the book were the texting conversations that she had. When the chapters about her podcast appeared, I read the first one, but honestly skipped over the other ones. It was an easy read, but honestly I have had better. I kept waiting for the exciting climax and it never came.

- Him and Her5 star

Him and Her. Him, perpetual hookup guy, no love, sex only. Not so introverted if he’s been hooking up no strings since high school. Her: sex positive (this is great) her job is let’s talk about sex. Only her booty text to her ex goes awry. So, it’s sexting for him and her. But are they closer than they think? What I liked? The dualality of their lives online and offline. It’s a touch of sliding doors. The construct is of parallel lives and soul mates and it works for Persy and Ford. Anyone who can pull off Persephone as a lead’s name has my approval. Recommend.

- Sweet and charming rom-com4 star

Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Y. Burgoa was a fun slow burn rom-com with all kinds of feels. Persy is an influencer and relationship guru, but her own love life is currently lacking. She is caring and likable but does not trust easily. When she sends a drunken text to her ex, it goes to the wrong person, but could he be the right person? Ford is cranky and not as likeable and does not believe in love. I absolutely loved their witty back and forth and their journey will enchant you. Happy readingn!

- Can Opposites Attract!5 star

OMG! I loved this rom-com book—this is a MUST READ! This is an unputdownable, fun, flirty, and delightful slow-burn story that summed up so succinctly the very essence of romance. It was such a great read. I laughed out loud more times than I could count, but also swooning over the handsome, tall, brooding, rich, arrogant, and charming as hell Langford (Ford) Chadwick. This book had so many fantastic lines, witty banter, and inner dialogue—this was definitely a breath of fresh air. This page-turning story completely encapsulates the madness of the first stirrings of love and lust when you can’t get enough of someone, and all the games between Persy and Ford were well done—yet they each have challenges they need to face. Ford is the quintessential software geek or brains behind the company that he and his twin brother, Nate, owns. Ford is shy and doesn’t like talking in front of large crowds, he prefers working behind the scene having his privacy, and he hates noisy neighbors. Ford doesn’t do relationships, promises, feelings or love. Persephone (Persy) Brassard is a social media influencer, podcaster, and sex therapist who is very outgoing, talkative, and she wants a relationship to fall in love. I loved Persy—she was entertaining and loved her outgoing spirit. Ford and Persy are polar opposites. In fact, the only thing they have in common is that she lives in the condo next to him—renting—can opposites attract? Or can they find enough common ground to let their attraction ignite and risk falling in love? From Persy’s hilarious or sometimes cynical inner dialogue to Ford’s sharp retorts, the chemistry between them is irresistibly adorable and palpable. Their battle of wits is tremendously fun—acerbic and sexy and filled with tension. The result is a wicked, witty romance that will capture your heart long before Ford manages to capture Persy’s heart. If FUN is what you are after, look no further—read WRONG TEXT, RIGHT LOVE about Ford and Persy. Their journey to love is intoxicatingly quirky, perfectly paced and all around fun. This is a book I can reread over and over again. Claudia Burgoa satisfies hearts longing for laughter in their love stories. Claudia Burgoa manages to weave humorous plotlines centered on romantic ideas with artfully developed main characters. I HIGHLY recommend this book if you want a laugh and feel some heat.

- So good!4 star

Two people who meet by accident because of a wrong number. This book was so funny. The constant interruptions during Persy's podcasts, the general grumpiness of the "Neighbor from Hell", and the texts and emails were probably my favorite parts of this book. This book is a slooooow burn. Those aren't usually my favorite but for these two, it felt right. Persy definitely felt like my life coach throughout this book. Her podcasts definitely made me get a little introspective. Persy's family is awesome!! I definitely want to see them again!!

- Love this textual relationship!5 star

I am always excited to see a new story by Claudia Burgoa! This story is no exception! I love this story of Persy and Ford! Persy is absolutely an amazing character.  The life she has lived, the things she has seen and done is just wow. Her upbringing was as unorthodox as can be, but it made her the phenomenal person she is.  Her career is everything to her, but there is a cost and that cost is what she struggles with the most. Ford, the man with many names, he is all of those names and more.  He is reclusive and a bit of a loner. He is a bit jaded about the world around him and when he meets Persy, well it's like putting a match to gasoline.  It's hot, a bit scary but beautiful in it's own right. From pod casts, to texts, to face to face interaction, you get all that in this story it was so fun to read! To see the different relationships develop was just swoony and heartmelting. The humor was fantastic and subtle enough to really make it more believable!  The secondary characters were absolutely fantastic and I hope to see more stories set in this world in the future!

- Sweet, Romantic and Hilarious5 star

Wrong Text Right Love is exactly why Claudia Burgoa is my go to author for romantic comedies. And what a sweet read it is with such a fun and engaging storyline. This book brightened my day and made me feel so giddy inside. Although Ford and Persephone (aka Persy) start out as neighbors from hell, they have opposite personalities and I could definitely sense the strong connection between them. And their flirty and clever banter is very amusing. I love the push and pull aspect of their relationship and although these two can’t stand each other, they still can’t manage to stay away either. Persy, a sex therapist and influencer has quite the colorful, outgoing and wonderful personality. Which naturally means she appealed to me immediately! She’s saucy, spunky and has an excellent way of putting Ford in his place. Ford is cranky, ornery and prefers to live in peace and quiet. With that said, I still considered him to be an appealing and sexy devil with many layers. Once those layers are peeled back, I found him to be good natured, charming and quite swoony. Both characters are cleverly developed and Claudia Burgoa writes this story in a such a way that will draw you in from the beginning and keep you entertained until the sweet end. Wrong Text Right Love consumed me and is a excellent page turner. It definitely holds a special place in heart and is a fantastic read.

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Audly Enough - Happy is You5 star

I thought this would be a humorous feel-good story that would give me a break from reality. It was. It also had some good messages, like “happiness is you”. Chad and Persy had some deep conversations about love, life, relationships and acceptance, and I believe that if you read this, you will not only get a smile, but maybe it will make you think on your own life/love situations, past, present and future in your different relationships, not only romantic. Lots of great messages wrapped up in a great story. Definitely worth the read.

Ewa1953 - Wrong text, right love4 star

You could say it is predictable, he is not into, she definitely looks for HEA. But... the book is written in so different style, so modern #love #relationship. Percy is psychologist, sex educator and life lover. She is a blogger and book writer. This is her life, fun, open and colourful. Ford, the biggest grump and her neighbour. He is not into relationship, moving together and definitely not into love. So , how they get to the HEA ? Fun, entertaining and laughing out loud book. Enjoy!

Jaxwright57 - Entertaining Read5 star

If you are looking for a fun entertaining read look no further than Wrong Text, Right Love, it’s a fun, hilarious read that will have you laughing out loud. Percy is happy giving relationship advice to strangers but she doesn’t find it so easy when it comes to her own love life, men see her as a woman who tests “toys” for a living and that makes her interesting for one thing only.... Chad is a billionaire tech genius who values his solitude and the last thing he needs is an outgoing woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind moving in next door. A very colourful character and a hermit should never connect but as they say opposites attract and that’s exactly what happens as Chad and Percy get to know each other. This is a book ticked all my boxes, it’s a slow burn that also witty and at times very funny, the characters are adorable and their story is entertaining so I urge you all to one click this gem.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's - Loved it5 star

This is one of my favourite books from Claudia Burgoa, it ticked all the boxes for me with characters who you cannot help but fall for and I was totally invested from the first to the last page in Percy and Chad’s story. This is a feel good story that had me smiling and laughing throughout and I was sad when it ended. Not only did I fall for Percy and Chad but the secondary characters were highly entertaining and brought an additional layer to the story. Can opposite’s truly attract? Percy is outgoing and quirky, whilst Chad is a man who loves to keep to himself. This slow burn romance was entertaining, the only question is will they both take a leap of faith and in doing so find their forever love? One click and find out.

Marina Skinner - An entertaining, lighthearted read!5 star

Wrong Text, Right Love is an entertaining, lighthearted read! It has the social influencer Percy, who with her podcast has a challenge ahead of her in finding love!! When she needs to escape for the time being, she finds herself living next door to the grumpy neighbor! Needless to say the adventure is on with them both! Shes loud, vibrant and mouthy! Hes quiet, nerdy and secretive! Can these two settle their differences and get along? What happens one fateful night of alcohol imbibing when Percy texts an ex, inadvertently makes a connection with a Stranger! Who will she choose and who can she trust? Absolutely loved everything about this story! It was a quirky, fun read and the innuendos added to the storyline! Can Percy and her neighbor find what they are looking for? So well worth reading!

Sophiekate10 - Couldn’t stop5 star

Loved it, who doesn’t love, love? Once I started I was hooked and couldn’t do much else until I finished it!

CeeCeeHouston - 5 Textual stars.5 star

Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa is a sweet, broodingly fun story about a social influencer and a nerdy, hot, and extremely grumpy tech guru. It’s sure to be at the top of my summer’s hot list of reads. Not for once for its steaminess-(warning, this is a very slow-burning love story but in a very, very good way) but for every other way. Persy(AKA-Persephone) is just trying to get her life back on track after her boyfriend of four years dumps her. She moves in next door to the sexiest, but grumpiest man she’s ever met. Ford lives alone. The apartment next door is only meant for his twin but when said twin allows it to be rented out, he comes face to face with Persy. Clash of the opposites is how this first ‘meet-cute’ goes. Battle lines are drawn, but secretly, they are fighting their attraction to each other. Watching these two find their way together was fun, but not without a few head shakes. Still, it was a fun, easy read with little angst. The secondary characters were just as interesting as Persy and Ford. I’m looking forward to more from this series.

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