Rafe by Kathy Ivan Book Summary

When Sheriff Rafe Boudreau catches Tessa Maxwell climbing through the window of a house where she doesn’t belong, the crime rate isn’t the only thing that spikes.   Turns out, trouble has followed the small-town schoolteacher to Shiloh Springs, and Rafe and the rest of the Boudreau clan must step in to keep her safe.  Can they decipher the clues and end the danger Tessa faces before time runs out?

Rafe by Kathy Ivan Book Reviews

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Look for happiness

I like this book very much

Thanks for book

Good job

Great 👍 read so funny love a good hot sheriff mystery Thanks 😊 Didn’t miss the absence of all the repeated repeated sex scenes Love ❤️ your style

Very nice little romance with just a touch of excitement.

I absolutely loved this book! It was romantic, suspenseful, and full of emotion without getting overly raunchy. I can’t wait to read more of Kathy Ivan’s books!

lovable and like able characters, nice twist and. HEA!!

Lovely and innocent story

Loved the storyline and the characters! Totally recommend!!!!


Loved this sweet romance! Well written and easy to read with great characters, it has humor, romance, and danger thrown into the mix.

Good mystery and romance story, without gratuitous sex. Can’t wait to read more about the Boudreaux family.

Great read

Fun story about a new school teacher and a small town sheriff.

Loved the book. Didn’t think there’d be a little mystery also. All in all great book can’t wait to read more of your books. Thanks!

This is a bad book. It was so bad I feel bad for finishing it

Love, love, loved this book. Sure didn’t see what was coming in the danger to Tessa. Exciting and sweet wrapped up together. Excellent

Liked the story, will read more of the series. Just FYI a shotgun is not a rifle. Editing missed where it started as a shotgun , then rifle, shotgun, rifle. Other than that really enjoyed.

Intense yet sweet, passionate and sexy Rafe has it bad for Tessa/aka “Red”. A few unexpected twists make this an interesting and quick read. Can’t wait to read about the rest of the 12 handsome Boudreau brothers and their younger sister.

Exciting storyline. Kept me on my toes! Just enough suspense to keep on reading! Thank you, JK

Good read. I enjoyed this book it held my attention all the way to the end. I actually wished it had kept going. Going check to see if there is a book about the Sister and her child.

Tessa leaves her sister, niece and brother-in-law, and movesNorth Carolina to Texas to heal her grief after both of her parents die in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning. Even though the furnace was inspected and passed with flying colors shortly before the deaths, carbon monoxide poisoning was ruled an accident. Tessa is also leaving behind an abusive relationship with a possessive ex-boyfriend who, unknown to her, follows her to Texas. Tess meets and falls in love with the sheriff in the Texas town where she lives and teaches. He and his brothers solve the mystery of who and why Tess is being harassed and ultimately threatened. Good story...interesting characters...surprise ending!

Loved this book, almost. From the start there is mysterious things happening m. There is danger and there is love. This is a must read

If you enjoyed the New Orleans Connection with Gator and his sons, you’re in for a treat with the Texas branch of the family. Rafe Boudreau is sheriff of Shiloh Springs. Crime comes to town when he catches Tessa trying to break into a house by way of stuck window. She’s the new teacher in town and unknowingly brings trouble with her. An enjoyable read with great new characters. Ms. Ivan has a way of taking us on a journey with well crafted stories that captivate you from the first chapter. We are introduced to the family and have many new stories to follow that we’re sure to love. I couldn’t put it down. Well worth your time....keep them coming...looking forward to Antonio next!

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Excellent. Loved it. Can’t wait to read the rest in the series. Catherine M.

Really enjoyed the story and the characters.

This was a fantastic book from the first word to the last.

Highly recommend! Enjoyed the storyline - a few twists kept things very interesting. Strong main characters and I love the little tidbits of info about the minor characters provided by the author. Ok I’m off to read book 2.

The concept and idea was good but poorly executed. Characters were 2-dimensional and weak. Their connects were lacklustre making it seem like insta-love instead of a developing relationship like the end suggested. All the characters felt like this too not just the main players. Also there were too many people at play some coming in for a sentence or two and then you never gear about them again (probably because they’re getting their own book but🤷‍♀️). It just seemed silly to introduce so many people at the same time and then have nothing come from their appearance. The timeline was also a mess. You could never tell how much time was moving by. The whole story seemed like it happened within a two/three week span when it was more like a month and a half. Then there’s the grammar… lets just say it could have benefitted from a few editing sweeps because there were misplaced words EVERYWHERE. But there was also the shifting of the 3rd person perspectives. It was mainly Tessa and Rafe but it occasionally shifted to other characters and got a touch confusing. Overall, It felt empty and like it was missing huge chucks of the plot. It moved too quickly and glossed over major facts like the possible (and completely obvious) murder of Tessa’s parents. Not to mention the mugguffin and bad guy came from absolutely nowhere. There was very little foreshadowing for the Real Villain. There should have been more signs and doubt to make the reader question what was really going on not have it obvious who the bad guy was until the end and then say “nope it was actually thing guy!” With very little preamble. I mean dude was still involved but the other guy became the big bad while who you’re led to believe was the guy became essentially the minion. Also bad dude’s motives were poorly explained. “He’s insane” or “money hungry” is not a good enough explanation in my book. There had to be a REASON for him to want the money and it should have been touched on weather-or-not his marriage to Tessa’s sister was a premeditated act to getting the money, but none of that was explained again with the glossing over just to rush to have the happily ever after ending for the love birds.

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