To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five

To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five by J. S. Cooper Book Summary

To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five,

I'm glad you're happy to have moved into a new apartment, but no:

I do not want to have a beer with you.

I do not want to have a nude sleepover.

I do not want to make you breakfast, lunch or dinner, no matter how many lap dances you promise to give me.

I do not need you to serenade me through the walls at 1am.

And no, I have no interest in letting you take me on a date.


Magnolia Allen

P.S. And no, I do not want to know how many accents you can growl in during

intimate moments. How is that even a thing?

P. P. S. Also, you will never finding me standing naked in your living room ever

again, so please stop leaving lingerie packages on my welcome mat.

To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five by J. S. Cooper Book Reviews

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I loved every second of this book so much! I bought the series. It grabs your attention and holds it very well

This book is a must read!! I loved every minute of it. I read the entire book in one day, it was sooo good I could put it down !

It’s kind of high school in the beginning, but it turns out to be a sweet love story with some gratuitous sex scenes as well.

I’m always a sucker for a cutesy love story, and this book gets it. But I felt that 28 year old magnolia was pretty childish throughout the story. If this was set in high school or early college I don’t think I’d find myself rolling my eyes whenever Magnolia and her friends talked. I guess the characters were pretty flat and one dimensional. The story was also pretty predictable but I was fine with that. I just wished the characters had more to them than thinking this boy is a jerk and I need to get laid. It became repetitive and I found myself really skimming over the girl group talks.

I like the continuation of the story. But there were many times that something would happen and then it would either happen again or the following part would contradict the previous. Specifically in the epilogue.

I loved this book by J.S. Cooper which is the third novel in The Inappropriate Bachelors series. It features Magnolia Allen and Jagger Scott who are absolutely amazing characters. This book is full of humor, banter, and sizzling romance. I highly recommend this feel good and heartwarming read! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

The story is a little all over the place. In the beginning I had a hard time keeping up with the back and forth notes between the characters, the new job the main female character has is really confusing, doesn’t seem realistic and I cringed while reading. There are also missing words. The main female character is explaining to her coworker about siblings and she just says she has an older.. and that’s it. No older sister or whatever was meant to be there. It’s not horrible but I’m struggling reading this. As a reader I hate cringing at storylines especially if I’ve paid money.

I thought this read was pretty cute. I loved the notes that Jagger and Magnolia wrote to each other. They were just too funny. Their history and what happened between them made me roll my eyes but all in all a good story. Can’t wait for Tate and Jane’s book.

Absolutely, fantastic book that I could not put down once I started. The storyline is pure gold and the characters are written to perfection with arrogance, embarrassment, sassiness and love. I loved how everything was done with humor and the supporting characters add so much to the storyline, I can’t wait for each of them to be getting their own HEA. I am voluntarily leaving a review for this book that I received free.

Nothing better than a second chance love store except a second chance at first love. Book is funny and entertaining and the characters feel real.

I really enjoyed the quick read and the characters, Magnolia and Jagger I absolutely adored! I wish the storyline could have been drawn out more, but still enjoyed the quick read. Magnolia and Jagger knew each other as kids and one eventful night turned their worlds upside down and they went their separate ways. 10 years later they reunite in a new city across the country...what are the chances!! Their chemistry is amazing and the cute notes back and forth were sweet and funny! If your looking for some steamy scenes, funny banter and a happy ending this is the book for you! I can’t wait to read about Jane and Tate!

Magnolia is a 28 year old who is starting a new job in San Francisco and lives in Apt.5. A new tenant moves into Apt. 4 and starts leaving post-it-note messages on her door. As time goes on the notes get funny, sometimes rude, and more sarcastic. After 3 weeks Magnolia finally meets Jagger, her new neighbor and former teenage crush. They had not seen each other in 10 years when she left home at 18 after a very embarrassing encounter but she still had feelings for him. They continued to share funny notes and got to know each other again. Would they be able to forget past embarrassments and find true happiness together? I loved this book and could hardly put it down until I finished. You really got to know the characters well and the author threw in some fun surprises near the end. Is especially loved the epilogue. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

There is nothing like some sexy push and pull and intense sexual tension between two characters. I adored Magnolia and Jagger’s relationship and could not but root for them from their very first interaction. Magnolia and Jagger begin communicating through notes before meeting each other in person. Magnolia is in for a shock when she realize that Jagger is her former best friend’s older brother and her childhood friend. The anticipation to find out more about their disastrous past made it impossible to put the book down. They have a second chance to right their past but Jagger has some maturing to do to prove to Magnolia that he is serious about her. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Magnolias new friends, who will also be a part of this series. They have all gotten a new job at a start up credit company owned by Tate Howard (book two’s H) and have grown close, creating some hilarious moments. There was no single moment with the girls that I did not laugh out loud. I am very eager for the rest of the series! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Magnolia is getting a fresh start: new city, new job, new friends and a severely irritating new neighbor. He keeps leaving notes on her door that irritate the life out of her. And he won’t stop! Then one day, she sees just who her new neighbor is. Well color her pink!

A little far fetched with the story line. A bit confused with the different plots happening. Only made it 78% through the book before I tapped out!

What a fun loving read! Jagger and Magnolia endless banter is hilarious and their undeniable chemistry is prominent throughout the story. Will they have their happily ever after?


I have to say that this is my new favorite story by this author. I love the second chance romance and this one was well written. Magnolia is a busy and overwhelmed girl who lives in apartment 4. She finds herself in a situation where she is exchanging letters to the new guy in apartment 5. Imagine when she realizes said neighbor is a man from her past ; Kingston. Well get ready to laugh, have your kindle heat up and your heart melt. I adored these characters and how they were real, funny and mature. I highly recommend this book that I am volunteering to leave a review for.

This is a fun and witty banter between neighbors. Jagger is the new guy in apartment 5 and Magnolia lives in apartment 4 right across the hall. He’s annoying guy that leave notes on her door. The last thing she expected when she finally comes face to face with him is that she has know him since they were kids and she wants nothing to do with him now. Will Magnolia be able to fight the attraction she feels for Jagger or there too many bad memories. I received an Arc copy and am volunteering to leave a review.

If your looking for a book that is sweet and sexy then this is it. I loved reading this story. Magnolia and Jagger had such chemistry from the start. It all starts with notes left on the door and you just have to keep reading to find out what’s going to happen. I loved how well this story moved I had to keep reading just to get to the next part so I could know what was going to happen. All of the characters are well written and I loved getting to know the girls that Magnolia works with along with her boss, Tate. I can’t wait to read their stories and continue reading about this wonderful world J.S. Cooper has created!!

Typically live JS Cooper books but I had a hard time getting into this one until about 1/2 way through it. These 2 made me laugh and with the hot sex- what more do you need! Can’t wait to see Jane and Tate’s story!

Magnolia and jaggers back and forth sticky notes brought me back to a time in high school before texts and emails. I was so glad to have read this book, as it was full of humor and heat. Especially, during these times of uncertainty and stress, having something to pass the time really helps. Although, the ending felt rushed this book did not disappoint and I can’t wait for more.

Magnolia and Jagger are a part of a quintessential love story. Childhood friends that were torn apart by circumstance only to be brought together by fate. Magnolia is trying to begin her career in San Francisco when the rude guy in apartment five begins to leave notes on her door. The witty banter and back and forth of the notes continues until they finally meet face to face. Magnolia realizes that Jagger is the rude guy in apartment five. Jagger has just moved to San Francisco to “begin” the rest of his life. To the Rude Guy in Apartment Five is a love story that will have you reading with a smile on your face and the hope for the two main characters to have a happily ever after.

I loved the witty banter back and forth. The characters were so entertaining I was actually laughing out loud. Don’t miss out on this book! It doesn’t disappoint!

I received this ebook ARC from the author on the condition that I write and honest review. This book was so entertaining with tons of LOL moments. The constant banter, in the form of notes, was what kept this reader laughing and loving this book. The romance was off the charts and had several hot moments. The main male character is Jagger, an exceptionally, cheerful, romantic man. The main female character is Magnolia, a beautiful, insecure woman. They had known each other when they were younger, but due to a traumatic episode, they had not spoken to each other for years. They meet again when Jagger becomes Magnolias next door neighbor, thus begins the note hilarity. After several misunderstandings, they both realize that they love each other and end in an HEA. I’ve only read a few of Ms Cooper’s books, but after reading this one, I definitely plan to read more, and I highly recommend this book.

This is a type of book where you stand in the shower and think of a situation that would never happen. If you enjoy unrealistic cheesy love, this is a book for you

Format: Kindle Edition What can I say, I am a sucker for a guy in love and Jagger is what millions of girls would LOVE to have fawning over them. He’s charismatic, sexy as hell, funny, sweet and a little RUDE at times. I loved chemistry between Jagger and Magnolia. The notes added to the excitement of the storyline. Of course there’s hinting towards a little something brewing between Magnolias friend Jane and Jaggers partner Tate. I cannot wait to read their story next.

If you want a guy that’s sexy and funny, come and meet Jagger! His and Magnolia’s chemistry is off the charts. They ay that if you let something go and it comes back to you, that’s fate 😍

This book was funny and addicting. The notes passed between the two grabbed your attention early and kept it through the whole book. Jagged seemed a bit immature but his live for Magnolia redeemed him. Another great story from this author!!

This was a cute story that I couldn't put down. I love the banter between the main characters and enjoyed the story.

I couldn’t put this down, I read it in one sitting. I loved reading Magnolia and Jaggers story! I couldn’t believe how much of a jerk Jagger was in the beginning and was shocked when I found out Jagger and Magnolia knew each other. There is so much to their story and I loved hearing all about it! There are twists to the story and I couldn’t wait to figure it out all.

Cute, lighthearted love story. Start was a little slow but worth keeping at it. Characters are funny & endearing. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

I loved this book! It is fun, entertaining, and sexy all rolled into one! Magnolia and Jagger have so much sizzle and a past to boot! It takes some time to sift through the history but when they do the fireworks fly! Great book!

I couldn’t put it down from the beginning! Magnolia and Jagger start as new neighbors leaving flirty, sexy and annoyed notes for each other. Upon finally meeting in person it’s revealed they’ve known each other all along and have a complicated and steamy history. Fate decides to give them a second chance if they can work through all the trip ups along the way. Cooper not only had a an amazing storyline with this couple but I can wait to read the next book in the series!

The book was funny, hot, steamy, sexy. The back and forth with rude guy in apt 5 and apt 4 girl notes are so funny. Rude guy in apt 5 just makes this book. Cover is amazing. J s Cooper nailed this book. And the video for the book 😁😁😁😁😁 y’all have to read this book. Great great great book!

Hilarious! The chemistry is off the charts! Magnolia and Jagger just get to you. This story is quick and funny and intense in some parts. Even had a bit of a mystery going on that it keeps you on your toes. You root for them from the get go. It’s a sweet, and happy story. Light read for sure. You get sucked in and you just have to finish. I literally finished it in one sitting. It was that good! Can’t wait for the next one. Jane and Tate’s story is going to be great. I can feel it!

Wow! That’s a good word to sum this story up. Covers the HOT main character Jagger, the chemistry between he and Magnolia the main female lead, the sex between, the surprises in the story line and so much more! Magnolia gets a new neighbor and let’s just say that he turns out to be way more than she ever could have expected. Jagger and Magnolia have a history that you do not want to miss I can promise you!!!! This book is fun and flirty with a few surprises along the way, you won’t be disappointed.

This was the perfect rom com! JS Cooper really hit it out the park with the humor in this one, my face still hurts from all laughing. Magnolia and Jagger had a past and now fast forward to the future and it’s still very much in the present but there’s certain aspects of the past that they need to deal with. The banter between these two was absolutely epic and I loved every second of it

The Rude Guy in Apartment 5 is humorous, flirty and sexy neighbors that start off with the new guy moving into the apartment next door to #4 and leaving notes on each other's door until the day they come eye to eye with other. I don't want to spoil the story but there's more then the eye and notes reveal.....I absolutely loved this story. The storyline was so interesting that it completely captivated me and was so intriguing that I couldn’t stop reading it until I finished with the very last word. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an amazing book. Enjoy happy reading 📚 "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book."

Another love story that makes me believe in the possibility of love. It made me laugh while renewing my faith in love. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

I adored this book the characters are not only well developed and engaging but loads of fun. I was highly entertained the entire time. I received a free copy for my voluntary and honest review.

I am a total sucker for second chances, and although you never really see this one coming...Pretty sure I love just that fact even more. The comical start of the notes, plays such a bigger role than you even imagine from the beginning. You may think it’s witty banter, yet it’s so much more between Jagger and Magnolia. Everyone needs some Jagger in their life..

**Arc Reader** I absolutely loved this book!!! It was funny and sexy and it was enjoyable to read!!!! It had me hooked from the very beginning!!!! It all started with a note from the new neighbor next door... each new note made him seem arrogant!! Magnolia Allen is annoyed by her new neighbor that she has been trying to avoid... little does she know that she is about to have a blast from the past!! Jagger Scott is sexy and crude and knows how to make Magnolia laugh... even when she is angry with him!! Can he break through her walls and get her to talk to him? The chemistry between them is off the charts and Magnolia is having a hard time resisting Jagger!!!

That was a great book. Very inspiring of how love can withstand the test of time. Magnolia and Jagger were great characters that really kept you reading to see what would happen. Couldn’t put this book down until the end to see what would happen.

This is a great and funny story. I like how the storyline played out between Magnolia and Jagger. Towards the end I figure out what Jagger has to tell Magnolia. I was hook for the beginning. I hope Jane and Tate got a story.

This was such a great book. It was funny from the beginning to the end and I couldn’t stop reading it. I loved the characters in it and the relationships that were built in the book as well. Definitely worth reading, probably more than once!!

OMG, I so enjoyed this book, didn’t even want to put it down. It has really wonderful characters, lots of hilarious banter between them, blossoming new friendships and relationships, some unexpected revelations, twist and turns, ups and downs and some hot, steamy action. If you want an entertaining book this is one for sure. Awesome read! Looking forward to reading the next book! Received an ARC to do an honest review.

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I just loved this story! Jagger was sooo cute and funny. I had this read in less than a day! Going to check out more books by this author for sure!

A melting heart and panties love story , King is willing to do everything in his power to get the love of his life back, they have history together back when they were young they had a special relation. A drama happened and changed their life , will they ever get a chance to make it back to one another. J S Cooper keep us on the tip on our sofa again with a story that take you away at the first page till the last word. I couldn’t put it down, I had to read it in one evening. I highly recommended it if you love funny, loving, heart breaking love story.

Nothing serious just a fun read

I enjoyed this book, had humour and romance , well worth the read

What a lovely story. Funny , beautiful and romantic.

I loved this book so much. It had me laughing and I just loved the banter between Magnolia and Jagger. This book really made my day. And I could not put it down. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Absolutely funny read. Love this author and always wait for her next read. Jagger and Magnolia had an amazing chemistry and their little exchange with notes was funny as. Even Magnolias exchange with her aunt was funny. Will definitely recommend this book. I am looking forward to Tate and Jane’s book as their love/hate relationship is full of sparks.

Magnolia keeps getting notes on her door from her annoying new neighbour. It is safe to say she gives as good as she gets. She finds out that her new neighbour is Jagger, the guy she grew up with and has had a crush on him forever Also the guy who she shares an embarrassing past with. I loved this story, it has a lot of humour, plenty of plot twists that you will love. A recommended read I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This book was funny, sassy, interesting but mostly for me a great read. Loved the interaction between Jagger and Magnolia, the notes passed between them were amusing and l found myself chuckling more than once, I really enjoyed how the story developed and the supporting characters played a very important part. Very enjoyable book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Damn I wish I could get neighbours that are hot 😂😂😂😂 seriously thou I have followed this author for a few years I loved best friends brother and the other books that followed and I just love the writing style.... I love the chemistry and connections between the characters.... I can’t wait for the rest of these books......

I am not sure that I even know where to begin writing a review for this book because it was that spectacular and totally captivated me from beginning to end and still hasn’t let go. I loved everything about it - the characters, the plot, the humour, the secondary characters, the emotion, the writing. Just everything! The author had a tremendous ability in telling the story that had me wanting this book to go on and on. Truly enjoyed reading this book and will be getting added to my favourites list, where I can re-read this book over and over again. A must read of 2020 for all romance lovers out there. Happy reading everyone!!

I received an arc for this book What a funny rom-com, I absolutely love a book with witty dialect between the two main characters usually this is by email or text however this author used post-it notes which they left on each other’s doors! The two main characters have great chemistry and there are a few twists and turns in this book that will keep you riveted. Magnolia starts a new job and the new friends she makes are hilarious with the chats they have in the ‘break room’ especially when the boss seems to interrupt them mid-flow! This author has quickly become my new favourite

Jagger and Magnolia, such humour and friendship, this really was a fantastic read. The friendly banter with the girls was a added bonus. Completely different reading, loved the passing of the notes between them both. A five star read.

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