The Salish Sea by Susan Lund

The Salish Sea by Susan Lund Book Summary


A girl with no name...

Penny doesn't remember much about her childhood and what she does remember isn't all that great. She and her mother moved too many times to a series of cheap motels. There were too many men visiting her mother and none of them were her father. As for her father, all Penny knew was that he was rich and dead. 

Found abandoned on a deserted beach on the Salish Sea when she was four years old, Penny didn't even know her own name. Shunted from one foster home to another, she struggled to overcome the odds. Now, as a student on scholarship at Washington State University, there's still a hole in her heart and her life where a family should be.

When a Police Detective from the Victoria, B.C. Police Department calls to inform her about remains that were identified as belonging to her mother, Penny starts a quest to find out what happened the day she was abandoned and who her father really is. She enlists crime reporter Tess McClintock and Michael Carter to help her find her family, but when they start uncovering Penny's past, not everyone is happy to learn their connection to the girl with no name.

The Salish Sea is a new standalone book in the Salish Sea Crime Thriller series.

The Salish Sea Book Details

Book Name The Salish Sea
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author Susan Lund
Published 07 December 2020, Monday
Price Free
E-Book Size 523.83 KB

The Salish Sea by Susan Lund Book Reviews

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Repetitive but interesting. As another said, there was way too much re-hashing and re-telling of the same stories over and over. I had issues with the lack of consistency as well. That being said, it had an interesting storyline and it picked up at the end.


The Salish sea. WOW!!! I could hardly put it down. Such a hennish crime that goes overlooked every day. From a child of sexual abuse from family members I can relate. I pray that this will end but know we live amongst monsters. Hopefully we can make a difference & change the world to open their eyes & recognize this really exists. Thank you for writing this book.


More traffickers out there than you’d think. Good story about trafficking of young girls. You don’t realize how much and fast it happens. The more we learn, the more we can do to help end it

Fox Dancer

Interesting read!. I had a slow start, but the more absorbed I became…the less I slept and the more intrigued I became!


The Salish Sea. Great Read

NavyWife 75

Eye opening!!. This book is great for many reasons. It has a captivating story line. The characters are well developed. Ms. Lund tells a story that must be told…over and over again. There are lots of evil sick people out there. This book informs the reader of the atrocities that are committed and the good folk who try to stop them.


A good story but painfully repetitive. How many times does one need to read that most body parts washing up in the Salish sea are due to suicide? Or that it was horrible that a 4.5 year old was left alone on a beach and ended up in the foster care system? It seemed that at least 20% of the book said the same thing over and over.


Sex trafficking in children Seattle area. This was an excellent treatise on the dangers of sex traffic among young children on the left coast. Unfortunately more prevalent than one might suppose. The bad guys lost this one ultimately!

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Canva is cool

Painfully real. If only there were more happy(ish?) endings for a very real problem. Glossier than the reality ~ great insight tho


Predictable …... I was disappointed with this book, as the basic plot had potential, but I felt that the style of writing let the characters down with too much unnecessary dialogue.


The Salish Sea. Penny was left on a beach by her mother and ‘friend’ when she was 4. She never knew her name or father. As she got older and at university she began a search. Unfortunately, a good father was not what she found. It will be a miracle if she survives the search.


Repetitive, needs editing. I couldn’t get far in this book bc it really irritated me. The initial two chapters were well written, engaging and hooked me but then it became a repetitive, overly complicated story with far too much introduced to keep track. Try rewriting with a prologue to explain where the present day Seattle story starts giving one line character details to save having to put it all into the narrative.


Repetitive writing. Sometimes you just can’t get through a book, especially not when an author repeats the same thing over and over, like they think you can’t remember what was said three pages ago. Sigh.

Cassies mum

The Salish Sea. A great read

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Susan Lund - The Salish Sea Comments

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