Some Like It Shot by Zara Keane

Some Like It Shot by Zara Keane Book Summary


"Danger was part of my job description, but none of my contingency plans anticipated an attack by a Maine Coon."

It’s summer on Whisper Island. Ex-cop-turned-private-investigator Maggie Doyle is looking forward to sun, fun, and romance. Instead, she gets bills, an assault allegation, and a busted wrist. To add insult to injury, there’s a movie being filmed on the island, and Maggie’s diva sister has been cast in it—her debut role. While other residents clamor for parts as extras, Maggie wants nothing to do with the shoot.

But when hotshot director Con Ryder asks Maggie to investigate a series of suspicious accidents on the movie set, she can’t afford to refuse. Maggie and her UFO-obsessed assistant, Lenny, go undercover as extras, with Lenny intent on enjoying every second of the experience, and Maggie determined to solve the mystery and leave as quickly as possible. Maggie’s hopes for a quick-fix solution are shot to pieces when the woman who accused her of assault turns up dead.

How will Maggie get out of this take? Grab a copy and find out today!

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Some Like It Shot Book Details

Book Name Some Like It Shot
Genre Cozy Mysteries
Author Zara Keane
Published 21 April 2020, Tuesday
Price $4.99
E-Book Size 1.79 MB

Some Like It Shot by Zara Keane Book Reviews

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Fun Read!. This is the 6th book in the Cozy Mystery series and it doesn’t disappoint. Maggie Private Investigator, Lenny her sidekick and Liam her boyfriend and Whisper Island’s local policeman are the main characters in the book. This is a fun, quick read with such enjoyable and funny characters. Whenever Maggie is on the case, there is always mayhem and craziness going on around her. And despite this she always gets her man. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.


Some Like It Shot. SOME LIKE IT SHOT.... ..Zara Keane Teresa asks her to find out who is sending her threading letters, coming in her post office mail box. Six months, about twenty of them. Was it from an unhappy restaurant owner, of a food truck, and why her, and not the police A movie to take place with her sister in it, things are happening on the set and Maggie and Lenny are asked to investigate by going undercover. He is loving it and she doesn’t. Then the woman accusing Maggie is murdered. Another murder, for this ex cop to solve. These are always enjoyable Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

Kat Costa

Some Like it Shot earns 5/5 Film Shots...Engaging Fun!. Zara Keane has penned another entertaining cozy romp with Maggie Doyle, her ex-cop PI, excited over the impending romantic getaway with Liam Reynolds, her boyfriend and local Garda sergeant. Business is slow, the weather’s been chancy, and her only client wants her to find a missing prized cat named Quibbles—which does make a few key appearances to delight “fur” friend fans. But, as it happens, their plans are interrupted, and the delightful mystery begins. Maggie and her associate Lenny Logan are enlisted by the director of a film crew to uncover details behind various “accidents” that have plagued his film’s production. Added complication comes from an injury to Maggie’s wrist and her sister. Beth is in the film and may be an intended victim, putting their sibling conflicts on full, realistic, display. But, it’s the murder of Theresa Crawley, a not-well-liked restaurateur, taking center stage and requiring a more “undercover” operation. Entertaining! Zara sets this Irish drama on the neighboring Dolphin Island, creating a marvelous environment with her descriptive, sensory-laden language of Dunfarrig Castle, the Poison Garden, and the surrounding area along with a variety of characters. Through realistic and engaging dialogue, she has developed some wonderfully complex personalities from endearing to quirky, clever to murderous. The drama, which included Liam’s robbery case, was deliciously fun to unwrap, challenging with misdirection, but you can’t ignore Lenny who offers a few giggles...I loved it all! Disclosure: I received an ARC from author. My review is voluntary with honest insights and comments.


Another Whisper Island Winner. Whisper Island PI Maggie Doyle and her associate Lenny are back and their adventures are always entertaining, filled with humorous situations and characters throughout. Her sister is making her movie debut and after several questionable accidents, Maggie is hired as an undercover extra on the movie set on nearby Dolphin Island. After injuring her right arm in a tumble with an ill-tempered potential client and the stalled case of a valuable missing Maine Coon cat, Maggie and Lenny are ready to get into costume and discover who is sabotaging the set. I love the diverse characters and Zara Keane has created some especially memorable ones for this book. The Irish setting with a castle and a poison garden makes for a fascinating mystery and I was immediately captivated. Quibbles, the missing feline, will make a timely appearance and Sergeant Liam, Maggie’s boyfriend, will find there is a link to his current stolen jewels case. This is the perfect escape for a stressful time and I highly recommend the entire series. Although I received an ARC, this review is my honest opinion.


Some Like It Shot. I really enjoy this series! I’m looking forward to more books!!

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