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Total Power by Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills Book Summary

“Mills’s suspenseful, strikingly original sixth Mitch Rapp novel…is as riveting as anything penned by Mitch’s creator, Vince Flynn (1966–2013). Mills has really hit his stride with this franchise entry.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“One of the best thriller writers on the planet.” —The Real Book Spy

In the next thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling Mitch Rapp series, it’s a race against the clock when ISIS takes out the entire US power grid and throws the country into chaos.

When Mitch Rapp captures ISIS’s top technology expert, he reveals that he was on his way to meet a man who claims to have the ability to bring down America’s power grid. Rapp is determined to eliminate this shadowy figure, but the CIA’s trap fails.

The Agency is still trying to determine what went wrong when ISIS operatives help this cyber terrorist do what he said he could—plunge the country into darkness. With no concept of how this unprecedented act was accomplished, the task of getting the power back on could take months. Perhaps even years.

Rapp and his team embark on a desperate search for the only people who know how to repair the damage—the ones responsible. But his operating environment is like nothing he’s experienced before. Computers and communication networks are down, fuel can no longer be pumped from gas stations, water and sanitation systems are on the brink of collapse, and the supply of food is running out.

Can Rapp get the lights back on before America descends irretrievably into chaos?

This compulsive thriller proves once again that the Mitch Rapp series is “the best of the best when it comes to the world of special ops” (Booklist, starred review).

Total Power by Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills Book Reviews

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- Great book!5 star

I was somewhat skeptical after reading some of the reviews, but I thought it was great! I couldn’t put it down!

- Definitely the worst Mitch Rapp book1 star

The premise for this book was definitely interesting. However, the entire book did not seem believable at all. I wonder if the Mitch Rapp character is coming to the end of the line.I had a hard time finishing this book because it was so unbelievale. Normally I cannot put down a Mitch Rapp book this one was so difficult and unbelievable that I had a hard time finishing it. I hope the next one gets on track or Mitch Rapp character needs to retire.

- UGH! What happened?2 star

I’m a big fan of the Mitch Rapp series and Kyle Mills’ previous works, but something went wrong with this one. The plot and resolution were painfully simple and all of the characters were, at best, two dimensional. It just felt like a short story that needed to stay short or an early draft that needed significantly more time and depth. For whatever reason, someone decided it was “good enough” and declared victory far too soon. Just another casualty of 2020.

- Yay! Marcus is back!5 star

Been a fan of the series for ages, have not yet finished, but just had to write that I am thoroughly pleased about the return of Marcus! Love everything about the Rapp series.

- Total Power5 star

As always a riveting plot with great character interactions. Kyle has once again found a way to write a tail that is an homage to Vince. I look forward to the next one!

- Pretty disappointing1 star

I have been a Mitch Rapp fan from the beginning. I was a bit anxious when Kyle took over for Vince (RIP) but his books have been pretty so far. This one - not so much. This a terrible Mitch Rapp book and, really, not that good of an adventure book. I’d read it if there was nothing else but, honestly not his best work. Perhaps Kyle is trying to find his own way with Mitch, and, if true, he needs to redirect. This is not the Mitch Rapp I know and love. The premise was reasonable (attack on the power grid) but the plot and writing were not good. The action scenes did not flow like the previous books and there was not enough Mitch Rapp in them. The new characters seemed very one-dimensional and even the old ones not much more than that. Certainly not the richness we got from Vince. This book honestly felt like a transition to something else. Perhaps there were no more of Vince’s ideas left; this one was just off. I feel bad for Kyle; Vince left huge shoes to fill and I’m sure he did his best but take us back outside the USA for the next one.

- Terribly written1 star

You know that feeling that you are so glad to reach the ending and get away from the torture. Too many irrelevant musings and preachy inner thoughts of characters. Meandering. Plot is too si ple and assumes a lot of things.

- Total Power4 star

Not the best but still a reasonable read.

- Would love to read it ! No money1 star

Sounds interesting ! I’ve had similar experiences on being capable of attaining this ability. Truth be told. I stay with is it real or what ?

- Total Power5 star

Wow! Action packed, some humour, very eye opening.

- Terrific5 star

Great read

- What happened? Awful!1 star

I’ve read every Mitch Rapp book including all the books written by Flynn and the ones written by Mills. Up until now Mills had done an outstanding job replicating Flynn’s writing. I’m not sure what happened, but this book is awful and nothing like any of Flynn’s or Mills’ previous Rapp books. The writing and dialogue is incoherent, boring, and ridiculous. I’m having a hard time finishing the books, it’s that bad. Mills needs to go back and read all of Flynn’s books and refresh his memory, because this books is awful. This isn’t how Rapp speaks. This isn’t how Rapp acts. This is not Mitch Rapp.

- Total burn out1 star

Having read all the Mitch Rapp books I can say with confidence this is off the mark. Overly long, boring plot, not enough action.

- I Really Hope We Have Warriors Like This Now!5 star

Total Power by Kyle Mills, is so fabulous, that not only did it blow me away, but it scared the stuffing out of me. If this really happens, we are in so much trouble. I am proud to say that I was chosen as a Mitch Rapp Ambassador and even if I wasn’t, I would still be shouting from the rooftops how much I love this book. Total Power picks up right after Lethal Agent, and Mitch and his team is tasked once again, with saving us all. Can you imagine what would happen to our country if our entire power grid was taken down and can’t be quickly recovered? Well, that is what happens in Total Power. When a CIA mission to stop an ISIS attack fails, the entire USA Power grid is not only taken down, but the estimates to bring it back up, could take months if not years. No technology is a given without power, but what about no water, fuel, food. How about how this affects our hospitals, education, economy and sanitation. Sound scary, it was something I couldn't imagine before reading this, but Kyle Mills brings this terrifying situation to life so realistically, that I had a hard time sleeping after reading this book. One of the things I love the most about the Mitch Rapp series, is that it is so believable and current with what either is going on in our country, has gone on or could go on. In Lethal Agent, Mitch had to deal with a weaponized virus (does that make you second guess about what is going on now in our country now, even just a little bit). So while trying to help our country this time, he runs into our government dragging its feet amongst the upcoming presidential election and how every decision will reflect on the outgoing and possibly incoming government. Again, a little too real to make you feel comfortable. It almost feels as if Kyle Mills can look into our future and set the stage as to what could happen to all of us. I hope that isn’t the case with this book. Again, it was terrifying, how this can happen and how it will affect us all. All that being said, I couldn’t put this book down and read it in a day. You will be scared for, a little amused, wistful and proud of Mitch and his team in this book. I hope we really have warriors like this protecting our country. The books Kyle writes are so well researched I was glad to read in the Author’s Note in the beginning of this book, that the details of how this could all be carried out had been purposefully fictionalized and obscured. A thriller like this, that is so incredibly realistic, you just don’t want to put out a guide as to how to destroy America. After this one, I can not in all seriousness imagine what Kyle will come up with next for Mitch and his team to fix for America. As with all of the books in this series, the books need to be read in order to understand all of the nuances. This is the 19th book in the Mitch Rapp series. Total Power comes out September 15th, 2020 at your favorite book stores.

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Vincent Joseph Flynn (April 6, 1966 – June 19, 2013) was an American author of political thriller novels surrounding the story of the fictional assassin Mitch Rapp. He was a story consultant for the fifth season of the television series 24. He died on June 19, 2013, after three years with prostate cancer.
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