Desperation Point by Malcolm Richards

Desperation Point by Malcolm Richards Book Summary


Book 2 of 3

It began with The Cove. Now the suspense continues with the second chilling thriller in the Devil's Cove Trilogy.

Devil's Cove used to be a safe place to live. Until a serial killer was caught hiding behind a familiar face.

As the Cornish community reels in shock, missing teen Cal Anderson has been implicated in the murders. Desperate for answers, his mother Carrie is determined to track him down. But so is someone else…

Crime writer Aaron Black has arrived in town. His career is in ruins and he's determined to save it by writing a bestseller about the killings. But he needs Cal, and he'll do anything to find him - even if it means endangering lives.

Because there’s more to the horrifying truth than anyone can imagine. And for Carrie and her family, the real nightmare is only just beginning.

Praise for the Devil's Cove Trilogy:

"Gets your heart racing." - Reading Out Loud

“Downright chilling." - Tranquility Book Reviews

“A real page-turner leading you deep into a dark and terrifying world." - Readers' Favorite

"Be prepared for a spine-tingling intense read. I was riveted to the pages." - A Wonderful World of Words

“Packed with intrigue, deception, tension twists and turns. A must read!" - SJ's Book Blog

The Devil’s Cove Trilogy:


Also available as a complete series ebook boxset.

Desperation Point Book Details

Book Name Desperation Point
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Author Malcolm Richards
Published 10 August 2018, Friday
Price $4.99
E-Book Size 1.54 MB

Desperation Point by Malcolm Richards Book Reviews

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Desperation Point. Another terrifying story! But one that really makes one think -about life and all that can happen! Charlene


Dark, darkest. The second part of this series is shocking and moving. A story that show a dark perspective of human nature, but also shows how meaningful could be a kind and loving gesture to get the best of ourselves. A book that leaves you looking forward for the next chapter


Desperation Point. Although good, just like the first book, it’s almost too depressing.


As good as the 1st book. This is the 2nd book in the trilogy. I like this author’s writing style and found the plot to be just as good as the 1st book. I will definitely be reading book #3 in the near future.

Heather d b

Great book. This is book 2 of the Devils Cove trilogy. This is a great book. The storyline grabs your interest and keeps you drawn in. It’s very well written. I recommend reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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Cath McTernan

Searching for Personal Glory on the Backs of the Victims of a Serial Killer. This is book two of the Devil’s Cove trilogy and continues the dark events that happened in Porth an Jowl, Cornish for Devil’s Cove or Devil’s Gate. The aftermath of Grady Spencer’s sick and grisly crimes has finally been uncovered as Nat tried to rescue her foster mum’s cat and Carrie had been trying to find out where her son Cal had gone. The son she lost to Grady’s sick brainwashing and evil kidnapping and killing of small children, over the seven years he held her son captive within the same small village! It has been months since the events leading to the rescue of young Noah by his older brother and the death of Grady, but the village does not forget easily what role Carrie’s son played in events and blame him, even though he was a victim for seven years. Carrie had her son Cal back for just a few short weeks and then lost him, to who knows where. It has been swept under the carpet by many, wanting normality to come back and hoping the tourists, which their village depends on, to make enough money to live on, will come back to spend their money. Into this small Cornish community comes crime writer Aaron Black, hoping to re-establish his writing career after his last Silky Murders novel didn’t get very good reviews, nor sell well and he was dropped by his agent. His has lost his only source of income and having heard of the events in the village, has decided to try and write a true crime drama book about Grady’s victims and his crimes. Unfortunately, no-one is really willing to speak to him about the whereabouts of Carrie or the family of Noah. He gets some assistance from Nat, the foster daughter of Rose, who lived right night door to Grady. He wants the story behind the victims and what drove Grady to carry out these sick crimes, but unless he can speak to Carrie especially, then his life will practically be over. Matters from the first book are cleared up, from Grady’s mention of the farm and Cal returning to him from there. What is found there could be even more extreme in terms of crime and the future of a number of children, Cal included. There is much more happening in the vicinity of Devil’s Cove than anyone could imagine. The police haven’t managed to find Cal since he ran away from his mother and have basically given up looking. Carrie hasn’t managed her life very well since then and her relationship with her husband Dylan and daughter Melissa have become estranged and they are staying away from Carrie and the home where such violent things occurred. Black is now doing all he can to interview Carrie and has even taking to doing something illegal and even stalking her. His actions will place him in grave danger and also put Carrie and her remaining family in danger. He doesn’t care who he hurts, he just wants to get a huge break in his career and maybe get back to his boyfriend, who he has broken away from, in a not too nice a manner! More extreme danger is coming to this Cornish community and its surroundings. More than anyone could possibly imagine and it is all somehow linked to Grady and the events he set in motion with Cal and his other victims. A fantastic, yet very dark, second instalment in this trilogy that just leaves you wondering what on earth the main characters are going to suffer next! It is not an easy read and may upset those with a delicate disposition. It is a tale of grisly crime, dark secrets, but also the perseverance of hope still poking through. I received an ARC copy of this book from BookSprout and I have freely given my own opinion above.

Kicker bits

Wow again. Once again Malcolm has surpassed my expectations, leaving me desperate to read the last book in this trilogy, if you haven’t read the Cove trilogy get yours now!!

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Malcolm Richards - Desperation Point Comments

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About Author "Malcolm Richards"

Malcolm George Richards (born 1959/1960) is an Australian bishop in the Anglican Church of Australia. He has served as an assistant bishop in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, as the Bishop for International Relations, since July 2019.Richards grew up in Canberra, and originally trained and worked as an optometrist. He and his wife pledged to become missionaries, and from 1988 to 1994 they moved to what was then Zaire with their children to carry out youth work. He lived in Goma on the Rwandan border during the Rwandan genocide.On returning to Australia, Richards trained at Moore Theological College, then worked in parish ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, where he planted a church. He then returned to the now-Democratic Republic of Congo in 2005 where he worked for a further five years for the Anglian Diocese of Kindu.In October 2010, Richards was appointed as General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory....

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