All He'll Ever Be

All He'll Ever Be by W. Winters Book Summary

USA Today bestselling, gripping and heart-wrenching romantic suspense.  

I get why Beauty fell in love with the Beast, but it doesn’t change who Carter is.  There’s no magical rose or kiss that will turn him into a prince.  

All Carter Cross will ever be is a beast.  A cold-hearted and ruthless, mafia king, trapped in a castle of his own making

I’m the daughter of his enemy and his new possession.  A mafia bargain for war.  

I thought that’s all I was to him, but I was never prepared for for the next page of our story…  

“Dark, sexy and incredibly masterful, Carter and Aria's story had me riveted from beginning to end…” - Nightbird Novels

All He’ll Ever Be is the complete collection of the USA Today bestselling, Merciless series.  It’s a dark, modern retelling of a tale as old as time.

All He'll Ever Be by W. Winters Book Reviews

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Couldn’t get past 30%.

I absolutely loved this, and I finished it within a week of me buying. And yes, I am in college and spent way too much time reading this. Willow is a writing where you should read all of her stuff! I’m in love!

Honestly - This book drained me . I’ve had books that drained me don’t get me wrong but this was different . 86 Chapters of heartbreak &’ pain , I honestly wanted to stop reading and stop it all but tiktok made me continue when people said the end is amazing . The end wasn’t what I expected , I wish we had more of what we had at the ending of the book . I feel as if this book did not need to be 100 Chapters , Honestly . I would’ve got to the point way sooner and potently gave us more happy moments between Carter and Aria . It was dragging and tiring &’ i’m glad that it actually wasn’t like beauty and the beast and I could have hate for it to be like my favorite movie and destroy my movie for me with all the hate and heartbreak .

: thanks hon

So yea I finished the entire 16 book series apart from Declan’s as it just released. But WOWZER!!! I started it and finished it in one week. Yes obviously the spicy scenes are worth every page but then plot with its twists and turns is just as good! Do NOT START WITH THIS BOOK! Start with Sebastians story and end with Marcus’. Oh is soooooooo good! 10/10 recommend!

writing is good for the spicy scenes. but holy crap this is NOT a beauty and the beast retelling. this is an abusive man that gets his way because the woman doesn’t want to die and is somehow attracted to a hot guy slowly killing her to own her. i fully understand and participate in BDSM but the way the romantic interest treats the protagonist made me upset and guilty i kept reading it. i could cry for her. if you are remotely aware of how poorly and wrongly main stream media is making BDSM look (tell me if after days of not showering and eating you’d give your captor head for nothing in return but berries) please avoid this book. i could cry. deleting after only reading 20% of it.

So gut wrenching… I love Carter Cross

This book kept me on my toes the entire time, shaking with anxiety; but that’s what I love about it. In the beginning I hated this book, it seemed so demented, dark, and disgusting. However, you begin questioning who’s side you’re on, and what you even want to happen. One of my favorite things, was that I found myself setting my phone down to pause and start putting the pieces together. I began guessing how I thought it would end. Of course i was wrong every-time. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!! ♡︎♡︎

The hero is too much and there is no real love just a weak girl and a broken man playing the ruthless role… honestly don’t bother your not missing much here if you don’t buy it👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

I tried to get into it but could only make it a third of way. If I had known this would be the ‘my slave, on yours knees, obey me’ type book I wouldn’t have purchased it. Just wasn’t for me and that’s okay.

It’s a very raw and beautiful book! I can’t wait to read more, it has captured my full attention, & it’s very hard to put down once I get started!

Reviewers called this a dark romance and rated it five stars. I can’t do that. This is a violent, degrading to women, book that I couldn’t make it even halfway through.

I wasn’t sure I would give this 5 stars. In fact, I wasn’t sure I would keep reading. I love a book that keeps you on your toes and full of anxiety, but I felt like there was something missing....that thing that just keeps the reader on edge. While I can’t say this series had that something that makes spectacular, it kept me reading. There is too much unexplained in the storyline, though, and too much that leads to nothing. I did give it 5 stars as it kept me enthralled enough to keep reading, but something is missing that makes it that OMG.

This was absolutely amazing! W. Winters is now one of my favorite authors and I’m starting Jase’s story asap. This story has everything you could want in a book but holy moly waayyy more!

Get ready for a wild ride with Carter and Aria in All He'll Ever Be. Willow Winters brings to life two amazing characters that grow to love one another in a very unconditional way. Carter has set his eyes on Aria, the daughter of one of his enemies and nothing will stop him from making her HIS. Kidnapped and held against her will, Aria's strong will and defiance only lasts so long. Although she hates Carter with every breath she takes, he slowly breaks her will and Aria starts to crave Carter. Oddly, she feels safe in his presence and seeks it. Carter knows he needs to break Aria's will to rebuild her. She is his kryptonite, but he can't let her see his tenderness and weakness for her. She will willingly submit to him, he just has to wait patiently. Everything he does is planned and well thought out and eventually Aria starts to trust Carter and falls head over heals for him. You'll enjoy reading Carter and Aria's story and what started as a nightmare became so much more. Willow Winters is masterful with her words, making every scene jump out and consume you. Every character is well thought out with so much depth. Their interactions among each other verbally and nonverbally helps pave the story and the effect they have on each other. Aria and Carter's relationship is thrilling, unpredictable, toxic, lonely, consuming, but it also has the pureness of two broken individuals who in their own way want to save the other. I have come to really, really love Carter and how much he LOVES Aria. Well done Willow Winters, well done!

This is the complete collection of the Merciless series, which means no cliffhangers and no waiting for the next book. Yay!! This is Carter and Aria’s story, and it’s filled with a ton of suspense, loyalty, betrayal, twists and turns you won’t see coming and some hot and steamy romance! It’s a definite page-turner, so be prepared because you won’t want to put it down.

There is a line in this book where Aria refers to her experience with Carter as “a fairytale gone wrong” Thats the theme of this story! That’s exactly it! Their fairytale may have gone off the rails, but it’s a fairytale nonetheless. Its like a fairytale turned upside down in another dark dimension. Why she loves him, why he’s obsessed with her....we know the answers based on the general terms outlined in the story but they don’t make much sense, which leads me to think it’s far deeper. We aren’t meant to understand because , defying all logic, they just do. They have an inexplicable bond. The action and angst were off the charts in this book. So much pain. So much strife. And then the conclusion comes and I’m at a loss for words, it’s like the final wall fell and pure love came rushing in. This story, these characters...they’re not necessarily for everyone, or so some might think. Their not so fairytale is dark and gritty, but I really think that they’re something special and readers should absolutely give them a try. It’s unlike anything I’ve read and I read an awful lot. So many times during the course of this series I felt troubled and uncomfortable, but my heart also soared and I felt my spine strengthening just like Aria’s did. An entirely unique and engrossing series that will have you feverishly turning the page!

What a Collection!! 5 HEART POUNDING STARS!! PHENOMENAL storytelling!! This book is heart pounding, gut wrenching, dark and believe it or not, loving. Carter and Aria story is hard, dark and beautiful, you will hate Carter and love him. W Winters has another hit on her hands, her writing gets better with each book I read. I can't wait for the second book, I need it now. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. 5 STARS FOR BOOK #2, HEARTLESS!! Holy smokes this book held me captive all the way through. The feels this story has is off the charts. Willow Winters writes with so much emotion, you feel it in your bones. Carter and Aria's story continues and you do not want to miss their story, but please start with the first book. I can't wait for the next book. 5 BREATHLESS STARS!! Wow, I can't get enough of Carter and Aria's story it is so captivating. This is the third book in the Merciless series and I can't wait for the fourth book. Their story will keep you on the edge of your seat with all the feels. If you haven't started this series you definitely need to. Willow Winters writing is phenomenal and her story stick with you forever. 5 HEART POUNDING STARS!! This book had my heart pounding and hurting so bad at times I could not breath. This ending to Carter and Aria's story is PERFECTION, with all the intense and heart hurting moments, but full of beautiful love. W. Winters has a phenomenal storyteller that has you completely sucked in. I highly suggest this series, so make sure to 1-click you will be happy you did.

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