Next to Disappear by Malcolm Richards

Next to Disappear by Malcolm Richards Book Summary


Not every missing person is meant to be found…

When troubled nurse Alina vanishes one night, it’s assumed she ran away from her violent husband. Until disgraced ex-teacher Emily Swanson moves into the couple’s vacated home.

Emily’s life is in ruins and she’s meant to be making a fresh start. But when she learns about the missing nurse, she sees a chance for redemption.

Because finding Alina could help right the wrongs of Emily’s past. All she needs to do is follow the clues.

But what Emily doesn’t know is that Alina had a horrifying secret. One about the care foundation she worked for. And the closer Emily gets to uncovering the truth, the closer she gets to terrible danger.

Blending twisty murder mystery with chilling psychological suspense, Next to Disappear is the first in a five-book British detective series featuring private investigator Emily Swanson.

Praise for Next to Disappear:
“Electrifying… Should surely be on TV.” - The Bookseller
“A suspenseful murder mystery.” Readers’ Favourite

The complete Emily Swanson series:

Please note: This book was previously published as Lost Lives.

Next to Disappear Book Details

Book Name Next to Disappear
Genre Women Sleuths
Author Malcolm Richards
Published 26 September 2018, Wednesday
Price $0.99
E-Book Size 2.25 MB

Next to Disappear by Malcolm Richards Book Reviews

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Different but gripping. This book is very well written and is a book you don’t want to miss. Emily Swanson is not your typical detective and her cases don’t even seem like cases until you realize how dangerous things have become for her. I think you’ll find Ms. Swanson as fascinating as I do.


Mystery and Suspense. From the beginning of the book I wanted to know more about Emily Swanson. Mysterious from the beginning, and keeps you hooked to the end. Great read!

Halo 1992

Exceptional Author.. This book is excellent in connecting events, characters and grasping the readers attention. You couldn’t help yourself wanting to keep reading until the end of the book.


Wow.. This book had many twists and turns. There were not too many characters so that you couldn’t keep them straight. Horrify story of abuse and the power of money to turn people evil. Really enjoyed the read.


Next to disappear. Good reading

Clean romancer

Next to Disappear. Well written but not my type of book. I avoid stories/movies that give me angst. If you are someone who likes the suspenseful feeling that the heroine will never succeed, then this book is for you.


Next To Disappear. Excellent storyline! Just when you have it figured out, you don’t.


Easy read. Simple yet impactful writing made for delightful afternoon reading.

Memphis 3

Next to disapper. Malcom was always keeping me guessing if Emily would make it out alive. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this boo hopefully you will too


Gripping. Great read! Had a hard time putting it down.


Compelling. This story keeps you reading wondering what Emily will discover next. So many of us just look the other way and go on with our own lives ignoring injustice. My more have the courage to care and help make things right.


Next to Disappear. Kept me very interested. I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what was the next part. Enjoyed very much.


A thrill of a read!!!. A real page turner! I couldn’t put it down and when I did, I couldn’t wait to get back to it!! SA

Pepper Michaels

Boring. I had high hopes for this book, after reading all the excellent reviews. However I found it to be slow moving and quite boring. The writing seemed juvenile and tediously descriptive. I read to chapter 18 and could not get interested enough in the lead characters. Their interchanges of dialogue did not seem natural and I had a hard time believing in their friendship. I skipped to the ending, which I found to be about what I was guessing all along. Disappointing.


The title said it All!. Easy reading, kept you interested and would recommend it as summer reading!


Next to Disappear. Good story and good character growth. Exciting story arcs, sometimes nail-biting. Emily’s capture and subsequent escape added an interesting plot twist. I’d like to read the series!


Next to Disappear. Very disturbing content and depressing. I did read the entire book just to see how far it went. I would not recommend any novel of this type to anyone.


Amazing book!. Lots of suspense, couldn’t stop reading! This is my favorite book


Liked it!. Gripping tale.

Justmonee trophy

Great book. Very mysterious and exciting great book.

TTerry F

Next to Desappier. Very engaged lance you start reading Is imposible to stop .Always want to know what is next.I really have a good time reading it. Congratulations


Next to Disappear. Loved it, intense and interesting the whole time.


I like this book. Perfect book


Exciting. I couldn’t put the book down!!!


Next to Disappear. Awesome read, please give it a try, you will read the entire series.


Amazing.!. I absolutely loved this book. I don’t really read books, but this one DEFINITELY grabbed me by the throat-sorry Emily Swanson. Lol. It made my heart race, it made me sad, it made me angry, and most of all in the end it made me happy. I’ve never read a book like this and I’m so happy that I read this one. 10/10 ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND


A provocative beginning. An exploration, through the eyes of Emily Swanson, that show the best and the worst of human nature. It is journal that begin with the search of her own purpose. To know that the part of the plot it is inspired in true facts is terrified, but furthermore and an invitation to thing about the trust that we put on others just for their position on society.


Great book. Wonderful book was a little slow at the beginning but I was glued to the end. The author kept you thrilled with all the developments. Truly a good read.


Decent mystery. Good plot, dragged a little but great outcome!. I enjoyed it.


Page turner!. A total page turner! It was such a fun read, even in the terrifying moments! I have to say I really enjoyed each and every page!


Very good story!. I enjoyed this book very much. I haven’t finished a book this quickly in months!

Heather d b

Enjoyed. I really enjoyed reading this book. The story I found interesting and well written. The book kept me drawn in and was hard to put down. A really great thriller. I would recommend reading. (I received this book through booksprout and am leaving a voluntary honest review)


Next to Disappear. A great read that will keep in engaged.


Next to Disappear. I think I held my breath through the whole ending…great mystery.


Very good. I was kept interested while reading


Next to Disappear. Really good read. Not to gross like some books.


Great Read!!. Couldn’t put this one down! What a non stop mystery, love this book from front to back.

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Good Read!. I personally really enjoyed this book.

Bernice Alberta Canada

Excellent book. This is a hard to put down book , it has so many twist and turns that you are not sure what is going to happen next. Bernice Alberta Canada


Next To Disappear. Addictive reading. Malcolm Richards never disappoints.


Loved. Loved reading Next to Disappear from start to finish. Looking forward to reading the next story involving Emily Swanson.


Gripping. Excellent book. Difficult to put down as it grips you from the start.


Next to Disappear. Very good read. Looking forward to reading the second book in the trilogy.


Incredible!. This book had me up for HOURS trying to finish because it was so good! Such an original and unique plot that took me through a range of emotions. One of few times where a book has made me feel actual fear!

Barney @

Next to disappear. Excellent storyline kept me turning the pages.looking forward to reading the next book continuing the story of Emily Swanson.


A thrilling read. This is the first of the Emily Swanson novels and a great introduction to the complex and determined character that is Emily. Having read this, I was hooked and had to get hold of all the others that were available, all the while willing the author on to write the next one!


Sleep is the best medicine .. A really, really good read full of intrigue and mystery. I thought the characters were full of originality. Definitely buying the next in series...


Brilliant Book. Excellent story! This book gripped my attention and was un-put-down-able. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys thrillers, mysteries, twists and turns and unexpected happenings

Lindy Lou65

Brilliant Read!. Really enjoyed this book. Gripped from start to finish, couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for next volume.


Well crafted mystery. I really enjoyed Richards' first book, The Hiding House, so I was really looking forward to this one, and devoured it within a couple of days. It’s much more of a straighforward thriller than The Hiding House, and has a more dynamic feel to it. But it still has the strong character work that I loved from that book. There are two mysteries on the go here, one a missing person that Emily is trying to find, and the other is a much more personal one. Both strands were very cleverly, and excitingly, unraveled and leave you wanting more


A really good read!. I very much enjoyed this book & I’m looking forward to reading more from this excellent author. I felt a real empathy towards Emily.

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Malcolm Richards - Next to Disappear Comments

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About Author "Malcolm Richards"

Malcolm George Richards (born 1959/1960) is an Australian bishop in the Anglican Church of Australia. He has served as an assistant bishop in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, as the Bishop for International Relations, since July 2019.Richards grew up in Canberra, and originally trained and worked as an optometrist. He and his wife pledged to become missionaries, and from 1988 to 1994 they moved to what was then Zaire with their children to carry out youth work. He lived in Goma on the Rwandan border during the Rwandan genocide.On returning to Australia, Richards trained at Moore Theological College, then worked in parish ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, where he planted a church. He then returned to the now-Democratic Republic of Congo in 2005 where he worked for a further five years for the Anglian Diocese of Kindu.In October 2010, Richards was appointed as General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory....

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