This is Love by Kennedy Fox

This is Love by Kennedy Fox Book Summary


Viola Fisher is the epitome of perfection.
She despises my one-night stands and mocks my less-than-classy habits.
She’s smart, beautiful, and too good to be true. And I want her.

If she were anyone else, I’d have made my move years ago, but considering she’s my best friend’s little sister, she’s always been off-limits. Not to mention how much she loathes my very existence. Hating me is her religion, but needing her is mine. Her sexy curves and filthy smart mouth make me want her even more, and I’m more determined than ever to change her mind.

I’ll prove I’m done playing games. But until then, we’ll continue to play by her rules.
Viola Fisher may have won the battle, but the war isn’t over yet.

Checkmate, Princess.

This is book 2 in the Travis & Viola duet and must be read in order. Suggested for mature readers only.

This is Love Book Details

Book Name This is Love
Genre New Adult
Author Kennedy Fox
Published 13 December 2016, Tuesday
Price $4.99
E-Book Size 1.29 MB

This is Love by Kennedy Fox Book Reviews

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Sooooo good. Could not put it down


AMAZING. Love love love. the spice is JUST right. had my heart fluttering and aching for the characters🫣


Absolute rubbish. Disgusting male lead, childish, unbearable. Totally unlikable with no redeeming qualities.


More spicer and heart-wrenching!!!. Wow! What a way to wrap up Travis and Viola’s story!!! Also, I think the CheckMate Series should’ve been made into an streaming miniseries on either MAX or Apple TV!!?! But either way, I enjoyed reading the first two book about Travis and Viola!!! As always, there’s so much spicer and heart-wrenching moments that eventually lead up to an sweet & interesting HEA for the first steamy couple, Travis and Viola!!! Now onto Drew and Courtney’s two book series!!!😜😜😜


❤️. Loved! I wish their story would continue forever!


Great ending!. This was the first duet for me by this author and I loved it. Great characters! Love the story. Can’t wait for the next couple!


Part two. Great follow up to Viola and Travis first book. Love D how a couple of kids make a lifelong commitment.


YES YES YES!. I have never been much of a reader but thanks to TikTok I got an itch to read and the checkmate series was recommended. I haven’t finished a book since I was in high school. I finished checkmate this is war and checkmate this is love in TWO DAYS! I couldn’t put it down. I love Travis and Viola and their story. Moving on to the next checkmate book!


Overdue and overkill. So done with this utterly nonsense series. The first book was bad enough without this one! This author isn’t even trying, just producing crap for money.


Fall in love with Travis and Viola. Travis and Viola are something else. Viola cracks me up with her love of books, mainly Harry Potter then her constant challenging of Travis. The secret relationship between Travis and Viola is heated and real. Their story made me fall in love. It isn’t the perfect flawless relationship between these two. They have their real issues. The narrator was amazing on both female and male roles. It’s hard to find a single narrated audiobook where they can pull off both sides and draw the reader/listener in. A perfect narrator to an enjoyable story.


Perfect Conclusion!. Gah! I was anxiously waiting to get to this book after that cliffhanger from book 1!! This was the perfect conclusion for this duet. At first I was expecting, Viola to let her insecurities about Travis overrun her emotions after finding out about the accident and that he wasn’t alone. I was glad they were able to communicate first and start to develop trust in their new relationship. I know it killed her (me too, low key) not to know what exactly happened that night of the accident, but she decided to take a leap of faith and trust in Travis. I loved the chemistry between Travis and Viola. Kennedy Fox made you fall and root for Travis and Viola in this book. They finally fought for love and even though they did have a few challenges to face, they were able to overcome them at the end. As a potter-head myself, I enjoyed all the Harry Potter references! I think my new favorite character was Courtney! I am super excited to hear Courtney and Drew’s story in this series. Again, Lia Langola did an amazing job as the narrator. She got all the emotions for each character perfectly.


It was okay. I had high hopes after loving the first book but this one felt so flat to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Overkill. Loved the first one. Second one dragged on way to long. Found myself skipping looking for answers to the car crash. Not satisfied with the answer. Could have wrapped up the story in one book. Waste of $4.99


Yessss!. I recently decided to start reading again since I haven’t much since high school. I was scrolling on tiktok and this series was recommended so I had to give it a shot. I read both book 1 and 2 in a span of 3 days because I just couldn’t stop reading! Definitely getting the other books in the series!

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About Author "Kennedy Fox"

Amaryllis Fox Kennedy (born Amaryllis Damerell Thornber; September 22, 1980) is an American writer, television host, public speaker, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, and campaign manager to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s 2024 presidential campaign. She departed from her role at the CIA in 2010. Subsequently, Kennedy authored a memoir about her time in the CIA, entitled Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA, published by Knopf Doubleday in October 2019. She is the host of the six-episode Netflix documentary series The Business of Drugs, released in July 2020. Early life and education Amaryllis Fox Kennedy was born in New York City as Amaryllis Damerell Thornber. Her mother, Lalage Damerell, is a retired English actress. Her father, Hodson Thornber, was an economist. Her mother has since married billionaire businessman Steven Rales. When Fox Kennedy was eight years old, she suffered the loss of her friend Laura in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.....

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