Little Girl Missing by J.G. Roberts

Little Girl Missing by J.G. Roberts Book Summary


How can a little girl vanish into thin air? 

Five-year-old Cassie Bailey’s mother tucked her into bed and kissed her goodnight. This morning she’s missing, her unicorn bedcovers are empty, and her parents are frantic.

Detective Rachel Hart knows that the first few hours after a child goes missing are the most crucial, and that the Baileys are living every parent’s worst nightmare. Rachel knows, because as a child her family lived through it too, when her sister was taken. 

The days are ticking by with no sign of Cassie, and the cracks in the Baileys’ marriage are beginning to show. But are the holes in their stories because they’re out of their minds with panic – or because they’re lying? 

Rachel’s convinced that Cassie knew the person who took her, but can she find the little girl before she’s lost forever?

A gripping and unputdownable thriller for fans of Close to Home, The Couple Next Door and Behind Closed Doors.

What people are saying about Little Girl Missing:

OMG this book kept me hooked… Wasn't expecting that twist on who did it. So looking forward to reading more from this author!! Amazing from start to finish!’ NetGalley Reviewer, 5 stars

Kept me up reading way late into the night! If you like books that keep you guessing with all the twists and turns, this one is definitely for you!… I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery… Read this book!!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

What a brilliant book… it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. A brilliant page-turner with plenty of twists and turns and I just enjoyed the way this author writes… I didn't guess the twist at the end.’ NetGalley Reviewer, 5 stars

‘A fast-paced thriller that will leave you breathless!Donna’s Book Addiction, 5 stars

What an amazing thriller! Loved every second of it. The writer spins a great yarn, and draws you in every step of the way. Highly recommended!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Wow what a great book. Tons of suspense and twists and turns. Held my attention from the first page to the last. Can't wait to read more from this author.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘I am very tired today because this book was so good it kept me up reading way late into the night! If you like books that keep you guessing with all the twists and turns, this one is definitely for you!...Read this book!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘In places I was literally holding my breath…A real page turner and I can't wait to read more about DCI Rachel Hart and read how this series evolves, another MUST READ author to add to my list’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Absolutely loved this book about DCI Rachel Hart! A cracking start to a new series.  Can't wait to read more from the author.’ Kim The Bookworm, 5 stars

Will keep you on the edge of your seat!’ Goodreads Reviewer

Dropped from RD as of 11 June
Compellingkept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘A fast-paced domestic thriller that will have you hooked. Full of twists, an emotional read. Really looking forward to the next in the series.’ Goodreads review

‘A gripping domestic thriller that had me engaged from the word go.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Very well written and I was hooked from the start.’ NetGalley Reviewer, 5 stars

Little Girl Missing Book Details

Book Name Little Girl Missing
Genre Police Procedural
Author J.G. Roberts
Published 14 June 2019, Friday
Price Free
E-Book Size 1.65 MB

Little Girl Missing by J.G. Roberts Book Reviews

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Nobody did

I was hooked!. From the moment I first started reading, I had trouble putting it down! This was just the right amount of suspense and thrill!! Job well done 😁


Girl missing. Suspenseful and very interesting story


10/10!!!. This was a hard to put down thriller with an ending that made me shed tears! The amazing descriptions make you feel like your in the book, as well as twists and turns!

Kali Kitchen

Great read. Couldn’t put it down


Slow Read. Read this book anytime you want to take a nap. You’ll fall asleep after a few pages. The characters are boring. The police are two steps behind. You won’t be surprised by who did it.


GREAT STORY. Definitely not what I expected, very good read.


Great Book. This book was great n the twists definitely keep you interested. Great job!


Little Girl Missing. First rate! Kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through to the end!


Little Girl Missing. Really good book fast read and great twists and turns. Thanks k


Great read. What a great book!


Amazing!. Amazing book that kept me on the edge of the of my seat! I finished this book in two days, so many twists and turns!

I am …

Good story line with poor details. I liked the idea behind the book, particularly a couple of the twists. However, the true direction of the book seemed rushed and unsatisfying. Good potential but could use some major detail improvements.

Xx S A T U R N xX

Depressed. This book is the most depressing thing I’ve ever read. When I finished it, I wept an ocean of tears. My husband comforted me with a tissue. He gave me cupcakes after, too. I then went to Kroger. The checkout person was very nice and made me feel better. After that, I tripped on the stairs. I hurt my knee. Then, I went to bed. I woke up the next day and had granola for breakfast. I then kissed my husband. Smooch! The next day was so fun. I read the book again. I actually loved it!

Lon Chaney Jr

Keeps you guessing!. I thought this was going to be a predictable kidnapping mystery. Wrong! It’s fast paced with so many underlying storylines. A real page turner!

Heaven krause

Great. Great book, kept me gasping at all the unthinkable events

Jessi maltman

Meh. Plot was okay: enough to keep me reading til the end though. Dialogue was bad.


Great book!. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. JG Roberts does a masterful job of creating suspense, and also characters that you really care about Charlie and Naomi and Cassie will live in my memory a long time and it’s hard to believe they were not real people. Great, great book.

Swan rock

Good. Great story snd nothing vulgar or x-rated. Thank you


Little Girl Missing. Excellent story telling and I didn’t have it figured out until over half the story or more. Never boring that’s for sure.

J t'i

Little girl missing. Good book interesting twist. You will like it


Very Interesting. I find this book really good and suspicious not done yet more than halfway!🫶🏼

Ellie 🙃🙂

Thank you. Dear Robert, I’m thanking you for you writing this book to the world. I absolutely love it, I love crime books or more like twisted type of books especially with the short chapters I love it! I enjoy the chapter cause I’m that type of person to when I have to stop reading I have to stop at a chapter or a page, never a word if it’s necessary but I just love this book. Thank you and I hope you have a good day today.


Little girl missing. A very compelling and well written story. A surprising ending Made it even more fun to read.


So you can go back and read. So you don’t want me in the car right away because you know I’m going out to dinner and you know what you don’t like

Shannon Gus Smith

Page turner. Was a great read. Lots of twists


Child kidnapping. Really twisted ending but the lead up was intriguing. Enjoyed the chase! Reccommended


A little Girl Missing. Wow, this book was lengthy but with all the goings on, it was very well written, unable to stop reading for any length of time. I continued till the end. TY


Great Read. Loved it! Couldn’t put it down!

Hannah mootana

O.M.G. Soooooo I was not expecting so many twists and turns! Finished in one day, probably would have been less if I wasn’t working today!


Little Girl Missing. I literally could not stop reading! Finished the book in 3 hours!! Best book ever!


Better than my rating.. I enjoyed this story but I never felt compelled to keep reading. For this reason I only give it three stars when others may find it much more compelling than I.

Angel of Mauve Hollow

Definitely convoluted!. I didn’t want to put this one down and I really liked the way it turned out. Bummer about the detective’s sister though.

Bev teacher

Little Girl Missing. A terrific mystery with some interesting characters and developments.

Cloud <33

first book I've read in a while. AAAA I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I literally finished it within 2 days. it's such a great book and I'm soooo glad I decided to read it

Finicky Reader

A page turner!. I couldn’t put it down. I read it in one day.


Interesting. I really enjoyed this book it was one of those books you couldn’t stop reading. I always had to know well what next! It was amazing truly.


Suspenseful. The twists and turns keep you wanting to read more!


The Missing Girl. Great story! Had never read this author before. Have to read some more of her books 😊

Sad sucker

Little girl Missing. I loved this book. All the grammar was correct too. That’s a thing I can’t stand in a novel. I couldn’t put it down.

Jackie Elin

Great book. If you like suspense then this is the book for you.


Good read. Easy read. Interesting characters and plot. I appreciate it was free.


Nail biter. This book had me hooked from the first chapter to the very end. I’ll definitely be reading more of these books!!!


Free?!. Amazing read for a free book! It’s definitely a trap isn’t it. Now I’m hooked for them all!


Shocked. In beginning I was thinking who I thought took their daughter and was in total shock who really was behind it all. Never would have imagine who it was.


Little Girl Missing. Little Girl Missing has small twists and turns with some unexpected outcomes that lets you into the souls of the characters.


Interesting read. I enjoyed this book but I knew who was guilty form the beginning and continued reading just to confirm my suspension. This would make a great movie !

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Best read. So refreshing to read a crime novel and not have to skip pages of drinking coffee or what someone is thinking or wearing this had me hooked from the 1st page I hope to read more of her work.


Little girl missing. Couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it


Page turner. Very well written keeps the reader engrossed in the story highly recommended


Best Book Ever!. Best book I’ve ever read! It had all the qualities of a great book. As they always say, don’t judge a book by its cover.


Amazing. This is the first book I have read all the way through and it’s the book that has made me want to read more !!!!


Good…but. This was really good and addictive i read it in less then 2 days , but it wouldn’t let me read the rest of the book! It diddn’t give me the option to pay either. So i am stuck not knowing who kidnapped the little girl !!


Wow. Couldn’t put it down


Page turner. This was such a great read, easy storyline to follow. I loved every chapter and outcome. Look forward to reading more of this authors work.


Love. Loved it from start to finish


Meh. Good story, let down by an amateurish writing style and at times very unbelievable dialogue.


Had me hooked from page 1. Completely gripping story, I couldn’t put it down! So many twists and turns! Fantastic


Great read!. The was was an easy read, kept me wanting to know more and it’s a good book to get you back into the swing of reading again!


Little girl missing. Amazing! Author and story! Literally couldn’t put it down, finished in 24hrs! 5* read!

G. Annie

A good read. A good read with clever clues all the way through and many a twist along the way!


Easy holiday read. I enjoyed it and found it a good holiday read .


Captivating. I have a really rubbish attention span this certainly kept me focused I just had to keep reading.


Little girl missing. Enjoyed this book had a shocking twist definitely going to try more books by this author


A really good ending. As I started reading this novel I felt it was too simple, however the twists were very well written and definitely a good book to read.

Cassies mum

Little girl missing. Great story line. Just remember to take a breath every now and then whilst reading the story


Best read in a while. Absolutely loved it. So many plot twists and turns. Couldn’t put it down.

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J.G. Roberts - Little Girl Missing Comments

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About Author "J.G. Roberts"

John Glover Roberts Jr. (born January 27, 1955) is an American lawyer and jurist who has served as the 17th chief justice of the United States since 2005. He has been described as having a moderate conservative judicial philosophy, though he is primarily an institutionalist. He has shown a willingness to work with the Supreme Court's liberal bloc, and has been regarded as a swing vote on the Court.Roberts grew up in Northwest Indiana and was educated in a series of Catholic schools. He studied history at Harvard University and then attended Harvard Law School, where he was managing editor of the Harvard Law Review. He served as a law clerk for Circuit Judge Henry Friendly and Justice William Rehnquist before taking a position in the attorney general's office during the Reagan Administration. He went on to serve the Reagan Administration and the George H. W. Bush Administration in the Department of Justice and the Office of the White House Counsel, during which he was nominated by ....

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