Teased by Fire by Molly O'Hare

Teased by Fire by Molly O'Hare Book Summary


From USA Today bestselling author Molly O’Hare comes an enemies-to-lovers, older brother’s best friend, romantic comedy with a curvy, anti-social, supernatural-obsessed, all-year-round holiday-loving, secret romance author, and a hunky firefighter who is more than willing to be her new research partner.

Olive’s content living her anti-social existence, letting the characters she writes about fulfill her wild side. She’s worked hard to achieve a zero-human interaction life and wants to keep it that way. Then her best friend and roommate announced she’s moving out, and her older brother was moving in. Now Olive has to deal with the guy that’s teased her their entire life. But when Hank finds out about her secret career, how could she turn down the offer for a hands-on research partner for her books?

Hank’s had a thing for Olive for as long as he could remember. When he realized she needed a roommate, he jumped at the chance. Why wouldn’t he, when playing harmless pranks and teasing Olive, had always been his favorite pastime? One day when Hank let his curiosity get the better of him, he discovered Olive had a whole other side of her she kept hidden away.

All Hank has to do is convince Olive life is a heck of a lot more fun when you add some fire to it.

Teased by Fire Book Details

Book Name Teased by Fire
Genre Romantic Comedies
Author Molly O'Hare
Published 02 October 2018, Tuesday
Price $4.99
E-Book Size 347.62 KB

Teased by Fire by Molly O'Hare Book Reviews

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Meh. Cringe but entertaining if you skip the terrible parts


Me and your friend. We will have the best time


Jack I just need. I’m not sure how to make

I luv reading

Teased by Fire. Loved the teasing, enjoyed the honesty and the camaraderie.


Great job!. Absolutely enjoyable. Kept me coming back for more. Loved the characters. Wish it was longer. No misspelled words. Great proofreading. Thank you for sharing your storytelling skills with the world. Hot, hot, hot.


Wow. I was expecting a slap together story, and got so much more. This is not your normal romance book it is better.


:). It’s was pretty good! Would read again!


Keep me posted and let. I’m f go back and get

Cyd michele

New reader. Started out typical friends to enemies but the character build up was good and the story line. Just bought another book by you really enjoyed it. Refreshing.


Bit of a mess, couldn’t finish.. This book really seems to be a bit of a mess. I couldn’t get through it. Just as a point/thought/critical plot development was about to complete the author would jump to something else.


Now I need the. How are your feeling


Fabulously Hot!. OMG! This was such a fun read, absolutely loved the imagination of Olive and the ever fun guy Hank, but definitely had a caring side to him that he only showed to Olive. Wonderful found family, as sometimes it’s better when you can choose your own. Cannot wait to read more of this happy little series. I am voluntarily leaving a review for this book that I received free.

Really enjoyed this

Fabulous RomCom!. Once I started this book, I could not put it down! I loved Olive and Hank together. They are polar opposites but they both have secret crushes on each other. Olive and Hank were completely developed characters that I thoroughly enjoyed. This author did an excellent job in telling their story. There were several times that I was laughing so hard that I started crying. My poor husband thought I was losing my mind! This book is just wonderful. I was almost sad when it ended. I wanted to stay with Olive and Hank. This is definitely a MUST read!!!. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


The cat!. Dog stole the show. I think I laughed harder at her intimidating Olive more than anything. This was great!


Teased By Fire. Fully developed characters, tons of humor and heat, and a truly heart-warming plot that makes you keep turning the pages! Loved these characters and the journey they went through together, especially Hank’s protectiveness and unwavering devotion to Olive. This author has an incredible and unique voice that made me laugh out loud while reading. Serious heat, heart, and laughs make this book a classic feel good rom-com


Be safe on my way to. I have a question about

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This will be kept as a favourite to read over and over again. I downloaded this book for free on iBooks because it sounded interesting. It was great! Loved the main characters and the heroine was relatable. The story moved along and I didn’t find myself skipping pages. Which I will do if I start to get bored. The editing was good too. Nothing is more frustrating than a spelling mistake or grammatical error to stop you dead in a story. Thank you Molly for a wonderful story!

Kayla Busch

This book is on Fire!!!!. This book is so much more then a romantic comedy! There is so much depth to this book! One minute I was laughing out loud, the next I was sobbing at the turn of events and finally I was swooning over how sweet and caring Hank is. I loved that Hank and Olivia were roommates and we got to see the attraction build between them! Their relationship was explosive and I loved watching them navigate through their relationship and fall for one another. And we can’t forget about Dog the cat with so much sass and attitude, you will be laughing so hard at the antics this cat pulls you will be crying! I can’t say enough good things about this book! All I can say is you need this book in your life!

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Molly O'Hare - Teased by Fire Comments

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