Crushing on the Cop by Piper Rayne

Crushing on the Cop by Piper Rayne Book Summary


Cristian Bianco has two things against him—he’s a police officer and he’s a police officer in the 18th District…meaning my dad is his boss.

Growing up as the Commander’s daughter and having his magnifying glass focused on everything I did was more than I could handle.

Now, I’m out on my own, living by my own rules. Well, mostly. The ‘job’ I created for myself has me in some hot water and my exit strategy isn’t exactly working out how I’d hoped.

Which is why when my best friend bids on Cristian for me at a charity bachelor auction, I’m not having it. A man in blue is only going to be one thing for me—a problem.

Except after his brother starts dating my best friend he becomes harder to ignore. The eight-pack abs. The sense of style only a girl like me can appreciate. The way he puts his family first. It all adds up to make him one irresistible prospect and has me wondering if he knows how to use those handcuffs the right way—by locking my wrists to his headboard.

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Crushing on the Cop Book Details

Book Name Crushing on the Cop
Genre Romantic Comedies
Author Piper Rayne
Published 25 October 2018, Thursday
Price $4.99
E-Book Size 2.68 MB

Crushing on the Cop by Piper Rayne Book Reviews

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Hot cop. This is the second in the Blue Collar Brothers series that centers on the three Bianco brother. This is Cristian and Vanessa’s book. Cristian is the middle brother, a cop, nurturer and all around good guy. Vanessa won a date with Cristian at a bachelor auction, but refuses to go out with him since her father is his boss. Vanessa is a hot mess, and Cristian needs to work hard to win her over. Vanessa was annoying at times, but Cristian is such a great guy, you really wanted him to get his happily ever after. I cannot wait for Luca’s book!

Chanda ill it up.

Cops. Cris and Van are a delightful couple. The way they got to know each other all the way to them ending up together was a joy to read.Thank you for a second good book. Can’t wait to read book three.


Disappointed. The first book was good, this one doesn’t compare. None of the characters are likable, but what bothers me the most is that everyone makes a big deal out of how much effort Cristian is putting in to win Vanessa over. But he’s not. He’s so back and forth about being with her but has issues with her actually being consistent in not being sure about being with him. He’s condescending and doesn’t actually portray any of the characteristics that other characters say he has.


Surprisingly spicy and sweet. You could say Cristian is a man of few words but what he does in action especially wanting to be there for his family and proving himself to Vanessa that he’s the guy to take a chance with, it’s pretty hot!!! In book 2 of the Blue Collar Brothers, the spotlight is between Cristian and Vanessa whom they didn’t really click right away after Vanessa finally agreed to go on their date after winning at an bachelor auction. Well, Vanessa pretty much tried her best to keep Cristian at arm’s length due to slow to change and her reluctance to date police officers because she’s the police commander’s daughter of Cristian’s police district. As time goes on, Cristian’s charm and hot physique began to break down Vanessa’s walls to winning her heart & trust. Their chemistry is pretty sweet and spicy that’s worth re-reading their hot sex moments in the IBook over and over again 🤭🤭🤭🤭!! I really enjoyed their story than Mauro and Maddie.


Great read!!!. Gets better with every book!!!


Amazing series. I loved the 1st and 2nd books. Can’t wait to start the 3rd one

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Crushing on Piper Rayne!. Really enjoyed Cris and Vanessa’s story. Another great read from Piper n Rayne 🤗 Looking forward to finding out what Luca is up to. 👍👍👍👍👍😁

Marina Skinner

A real delight to read!. This book was a real delight to read due to the cop Cristian and the sassy feisty Vanessa! Cristian is the true hero, dotes on his family and teases his brothers but has a real heart of gold and his persistence-pays off! I wasn’t sure if Vanessa had something awful to hide as she wasn’t very forthcoming but the sizzling chemistry between them was high and I guess you cant deny your feelings or desires. This might be my first book by the author and it wont be my last! The story had lots to keep me reading, drama, tension, witty banter and beautiful friendships and family surrounding them both! There was also some rather poignant words in the book. I really liked whatever Cristian said but the texting between Cristian and his brothers had me laughing!!! Men hey yes they can be boys when they want to be lol So flipping good and I can’t wait for more!

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's

Loved it. Piper Rayne is a new author to me and why on earth I have not red books from these authors before I have no idea. I loved Crushing on the Cop from start to finish. The characters, the plot, just everything about this story captured my attention.. This is the second book in the series and I have already gone and purchased book one to read as soon as time permits. It can definitely be read as a stand alone but I enjoyed these characters so much that I wanted more ASAP. Cristian Bianco is a cop, the very last person a daughter of a Police Commander wants to get involved with. However the chemistry between Cristian and Vanessa is off the charts and despite her misgivings she slowly but sure;surely becomes involved with him. Cristian is my idea of a hero a cop who absolutely dotes on his family and is a caring and supportive friend. He is also a tad Alpha so that was an added bonus. Not only was their smoking hot chemistry within the pages but there was drama, angst, danger and plenty of humour. The camaraderie Cristian shares with his brothers, particularly through text messages, had me laughing out loud at times. I particularly loved the ending of the book which leads us in to the next brother Luca and you can be assured I will be diving into that book as soon as it releases.


Love is patient and kind. I loved this book and I could not put it down. I fell in love with Cristian straight away - what a truly beautiful man on inside and the outside! He is definitely my favourite Branco brother! Piper and Rayne I was so thrilled you paired Cristian with Vanessa. Cristian with his big heart teaches Vanessa that love is patient and kind but he always teaches her to trust again. Hooray the good guy gets the girl!


Crushing on the Cop. I really enjoyed reading about Vanessa and Cristian. Vanessa is a very complicated woman and holds herself tight. Cristian is sweet, open and loveable. Their story made me laugh, sigh and bought a few tears to my eyes. The only negative I found with this book is that there were a few errors within the story, like a missing word here or there. And it doesn’t detract from the story at all, just a minor issue that stood out for me.

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