Single Dad's Bride

Single Dad's Bride by Melinda Minx Book Summary

I have one month to find a bride or I lose my daughter.
They say a tattoo artist with a dirty mouth can’t be a kickass father.
Bullsh*t. But my lawyer says I need a wholesome bride to convince the judge.
I know just the perfect girl—hell—I think she might even be a virgin.
Only problem? She’s my sister’s best friend, and she hates my guts.

When my best friend's brother asks me to marry him, I nearly slap him in the face. I’m pretty sure he’s teasing me—just like he always has—but marriage isn’t something to joke about. Not when I’m pushing thirty with no hope in sight. And not when I’ve always had a huge, stupid crush on him.

Then he tells me he’s serious. He needs me to do it so he can keep his daughter. 

I have to refuse. He’s always treated me like crap, which makes my feelings toward him even more sad and pathetic. 

How can I not have a crush on him though? He’s always wearing a thin, tight undershirt that shows off his cut abs and broad shoulders, and despite what some people say about his chops as a father, he’s as sweet to his daughter as he is mean to me. 

Maybe I can say “yes.” I’d be doing it for his daughter, not for him. And I certainly wouldn’t be doing it with the sad hope that he’d look at me as anything other than his sister’s dorky friend—that he’d touch me and make me—no, definitely not that.

This is the first book in the Single Dad's Bride Series by Melinda Minx.

Single Dad's Bride by Melinda Minx Book Reviews

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Gotta say so far very cute story looking forward to reading more

Single tattoo artist dad needs to clean up his image in order to keep his little girl from his high strung in-laws in the wake of his wife’s death. Only solution: Marry a girl pure as the driven snow to show the court he’s a good parent. Ok so far, don’t like that he fraternizes with gangs and picks up his child on a motorcycle. It doesn’t exactly scream, ‘safe parent!’

This a another book that is broken into three pieces. Not a trilogy, but a single book broken down so that you have to buy it in 3 installments. Be prepared to only receive 50 pages that stop in the middle of an act, before you have to buy the next book to finish the chapter.

Good book! Can’t wait to read the next one!

Good book! It was way to short. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Awesome book! Excited to read the full series to see where they go from here!

Ok storyline but somewhat unrealistic. Could have added some steamy chemistry to perk things up!

Great read!

Very well written and great story line.

I really enjoyed it. Funny and sexy.

Great book! Could NOT put it down. Characters well developed and their story flowed well.

By Melinda minx Good book great story very short though! Bookbub

I really enjoyed this book. The characters meshed well and it has a good storyline. I was disappointed that as soon as things start to heat up, the book was over. Opt for the complete series to not have a cliffhanger.

I love it!! They both like each other and don’t know it. Maybe even love it!! I think he always secretly liked her but never let himself.

Great read from Melinda Minx

60 pages doesn’t qualify as anything especially not a book! It is impossible to build up each character, write this plot that flows in 60 pages! Books that are worth reading are good because of the depth of the characters and the well told plot.

I really liked Rita’s awkwardness.

The book was really good couldn’t put it down. Dying to read the rest of the series. Got caught up in the characters wanting to know if everything works out for them and if they are happy.

Was really excited to read this book! It was awesome seeing scary hot guy becoming attracted to his little sister’s innocent best friend. Can’t wait to finish the rest of the series!

This book has such a good ending that it makes you want to read the rest. You really fall in love with Rita and Deacon in less than 100 pages! I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romance.

This book keeps you interested you won’t put it down once you start. Can’t wait to read book 2.

I really love this book, although i just started reading it but i read such genres of books and Melinda Minx really piqued my Curiosity, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the other series of the book but I’ll try.

Can’t wait to see how this marriage goes!!!

Wanting to read more asap!

I really liked the start of this book and can’t wait to read the next part. Deacon seems like a hard bodied softy.

Awesome book can’t wait to read more.

Well written modern day love story with a twist. The contrasting characteristics and, on the surface, values of Rita and Deacon make for an interesting pairing. The attraction and tension between them is alluring. Her insecurities, their preconceived notions regarding each to see the changes and the enlightenment occur .

loved the book just wish it didnt end so suddenly kind of disappointing

Melinda Mix writes an interesting twist of fools rush in. As two estranged friends Deacon and Rita enter into a marriage for two very different reasons. Will they find that there is more there then they ever once thought? Can this really be a marriage that can withstand the test of time. I can’t wait to see if Deacon and Rita will find the love they didn’t even realize was there.

Quick, fun read. Likable characters, each chapter provides a different perspective. Want to know what happens next.

Can’t wait to see where deacon and Rita marriage goes

Awesome great book

Enjoyed it

Great book. Can’t wait to

The description/ back cover of this book is very intriguing. The book itself doesn’t feel as developed- it feels slightly rushed. That being said, it’s fun while being fast paced, and I like where it’s going. I’m looking forward to finishing the story in the complete series!

An extraordinary read! Filled with twist and turns. I can’t wait to read the complete series and watch the characters continue to flourish into themselves.

Love the storyline about Deacon being willing to do anything to keep his daughter with him. The heat between Deacon and Rita burns the pages. A definite must read!

Wow. This first book was definitely an appetizer. I kind of expected Deacon to be a little more mellow, but I love the true bad boy traits. It seems like Rita is going to be loosening up soon. This has me reaching for the next book. I’m itching to read the rest of this series!

I can’t wait to find out if Deacon will fall in love with Rita! I think this was meant to happen so he would find his true love!

I was skeptical about picking this book up because the plot seemed too cliche. I decided to give it a chance since I was curious about the sexy tattoo artist. My heart was thrown in every direction with the heartbreaking history of the sexy man and then the budding chemistry between the two. Now I can’t wait to complete the series!

A different take on the classic best friend's brother plot. This first part is really just a tease for the rest, but I have been caught and now must read the rest of the series.

Loved it! The perfect shy girl meets outgoing guy! Couldn’t put the book down! I can’t wait to read the whole series! Sometimes opposites do attract!

Enjoyed reading book one. Now to finished the series.

The book got me interested since the very beginning. I mean , the story is as real as it get. Lost of a loved one to cancer and the starting of something new. I can wait to read the others books. If I have to say something negative is these : the first book was toooooo short and and wanted more. Looking forward to read the others books.

The book has me wanting more, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Can't wait to see what happens! The character seems so relatable!

This book is sweet. What a father won’t do for his kids. Reminds me of my husband.

Interesting book can’t wait to continue reading. Got hooked and read it in one day

I enjoyed the details and characters of book one and I can’t wait to see where this marriage goes!

I totally and completely loved it..! Totally different from other books. Couldn’t put it down till I finished it. Full recommend it

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Love the story!

Really enjoyed book 1 it’s a great storyline. It’s awful that Deacons deceased wife’s parents are trying to take his daughter from him. Had to laugh though when Rita takes him to bible study with her. I think she made the right choice to help him. Rita and Deacon couldn’t be more opposites, can’t wait to see how their story ends.

I loved this book and where it was going, I’m super excited to see where this goes! Love it from the very beginning!

Definitely not your typical story. Loved the story for the get go. I’m curious to see where the story goes next. Can’t wait!

Characters have great chemistry with a good story line.

It’s a great book to spend on a lazy day. The characters are all loveable. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

So far the story is really intriguing. I enjoyed the characters and I’m really interested to find out what happens next. I look forward to finding out how Rita and Deacon’s relationship develops.

It is an awesome book to read. It has a great storyline but it ended so abruptly. Can’t wait to read what happens.

I can’t wait to find out what happens next

It’s too short! It’s seems to be on l’y a little teaser! I want more!!

Love the church goes meets bad boy! Want to see where it goes.

What a great read! Can’t wait for more.

Omg I knew this books was going to be HOT, but this is a total heart starter!!!! With a few laugh out loud moments - can’t wait to see where this story leads Deacon & Rita - strap in, cause it’s Gona be good!!

A nice and quick feel-good read to leave you begging for more in more ways than one ;)

I enjoyed this storyline not your typical best friends brother love story And it’s funny!!

Love it so far - wanting more

Such a fun, easy read but still with enough drama to keep you satisfied.

I can't wait to see the romance unfold

Great read, can’t wait to read the other books

Cant wait to read more! I think this couple will bring a lot of laughter yet steamy moments! 👍🏻

First couple chapter of the book that’s all. You have to pay for the rest of the book.

Fantastic 😊😊

Cute, funny and awkwardly loveable.

Why in the world would you divide up the books every 70 odd pages? And if that wasn’t bad enough, then charge $4 for each 70 pages? It might’ve worked if there was some sort of cliffhanger between the free first book and the $4 second one, but there isn’t. Don’t waste your time

As frequent readers of free books will be aware, the most annoying thing a reader can find when they turn the page is a link to buy "the next part of the book!" Unfortunately, this is one of those. Without leaving a warning in the book description (as some authors do), the abrupt demand for payment in order to finish reading the 'free' book is both incredibly annoying and unfair. Other than that, the writing style is good, although the depiction of faith and Christianity is unfortunately inaccurate, at least in my experience. I hope other readers won't be influenced by this fictional depiction. I noticed that scene changes weren't signified with a new chapter or title, so it could be confusing reading the next paragraph only to realise some way along that it occurs in a different location, time, or perspective.

Funny and awkward all at the same time!!

Enjoyed this book a lot can’t wait to find out if they really fall for each other!

Great story. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Thank you Vasko Books

So far I'm really enjoying this book, i love the two characters so far and excited to see the end!!!

This book was a fab read and kept me wanting more throughout , thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the next book

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It makes you want more and more!!!

So far a really fun read that mixes some naughty with nice. It’s quirky and funny as well! Single Dad’s Bride by Minx is definitely a great read.

Enjoyed this book. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rita and Deacon. They obviously are attracted to one another. They just don’t know it yet.

Love the inked-up Bad Boy with heart full of love for his daughter. Add in the wholesome woman who is so in need of God’s direction to the mix and you just want to read the book front to back. Great description of characters makes you feel like you have known them forever.

Loved this book the ending left me wanting to read more. Can’t wait to get the next part of the series !!

Not a bad little story to read while passing the time, The Single Dads Bride by Melinda Minx was definitely a little “hook” of a love story. A little unrealistic, but isn’t that why we read books? To get away from reality?

Got confuse with all the chuch/god talk

There is so much to say that's great about this book! The characters were pretty well rounded. The story line stayed clear. But the Lead in , the opening was great! It definitely made me want to read the rest! I am so looking forward to the other two in the series!

I was swept by the book when i read the description! Their chemistry keeps you on toes and you just have to go with guessing to see what happens!

Not the normal biker trash. Wish she hadn’t split it into 3 little books.

This book is off to a good start. I love the edgy guy Deacon with the more modest church going Rita. Hope the remainder of the series continues to hold my attention.

Great read, can’t wait to see what happens with Deacon and Rita!!

Sexy!! Who doesn’t love a sexy man with tats. The dynamic due of the characters are great. I loved how complete opposites always attract. Watching Rita fall hard and fast for deacon ia great. You know all the hot and sexy tension will explode and it will be epic!

Oh wow!!! This book keeps you guessing! Rita and Deacon have this love/hate relationship that makes you want to keep reading to find out what will happen next between them. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

I loved the way this story progressed!!!! Can’t wait to read the next book!!!

Well this is another hot read by Melinda!! I started this book and I decide to stop and post a review immediately. Don’t hesitate and you won’t be disappointed!

Loved it!!! Can’t wait to deal the rest of the series!

This book was a good read. Can't wait to see what happens between Deacon and Rita!

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