Eternal by W.J. May Book Summary

She will fight for what is hers.

When the king is murdered, Katerina, his only daughter, must flee for her life. She finds herself on a strange and dangerous path. Alone for the first time, she's forced to rely upon her wits and the kindness of strangers, while protecting her royal secret at the same time.

Because she alone knows the truth. It was her brother who killed the king. And he's coming for her next.

Alone and struggling, she finds herself an instant target until a mysterious protector comes to her aid. Together, and with a collection of the most unlikely friends, the group must navigate through an enchanted world just as fantastical as it can be deadly. But time is not on their side.

With her brother's assassins closing in at every turn, Katerina must unlock a secret that's hidden deep inside her. The only thing strong enough to keep the darkness at bay.

Can she find the answers she needs? Will she ever take her rightful place on the throne?

Only one thing is certain: she's running out of time.

Be careful who you trust. Even the devil was once an angel.

Queen's Alpha Series: 













The Omega Queen Series:













Eternal by W.J. May Book Reviews

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This book was AMAZING all the little turns and the wolf at the end, this book might been the best book I’ve ever read before I can’t wait to see how the rest of the series with turn out!

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W.J. May is one of my favorite which led me to read the Queen Alpha series. I had actually read this around the time it actually came out, but ended up switching to a different series that had the final book available. Kat’s life has so many immediate changes in this book that I could not put it down till I moved onto the next in the series. Very interesting that it is easy to fly through in short amount of time.




If you are like me and you don’t like to start a story and then get to the end and it end on a cliffhanger or major moment then I don’t recommend starting this series unless you feel like paying for all of the other books in the series, but I did really like the story

Oh my gosh, you will love this

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Katerina is awakened in the night to discover her father, the king has been murdered by her twin brother. Katerina is the elder child and now her brother wants her dead, too. She flees the castle and encounters the magical and fantastical members of the realm, fairies, vampires, giants, trolls, just to name a few. The late king persecuted these people and favoured only humans, her brother is no better, will they assist her to gain safety and eventually claim what is rightfully hers.

Keeping in mind that this is a YA novel, it was an easy story to follow with likeable characters and gentle themes of romance, violence and overall oomph. Sadly that’s about where the positives end. The storyline was definitely prolonged beyond need, it felt like the whole book was dedicated to world building which feels like it could’ve been done quicker. Its difficult to picture the setting because certain phrases and words clash with the world building and basically derails the thought process. It’s an easy and light read but it’s hard to look past some of the odd writing and the fact that there are so many sequels. Overall I would describe it as a diluted version of what could have been a thrilling and exciting story.

Enjoyed the book, good characters, left me wanting more as it is way to short.

I really wanted to like this book, but it was immaturely written with limited vocabulary. The storyline was interesting if a little predictable, but it did still kept me turning the pages to see what happened next. Definitely more suited to the 7-12 years age group, doesn’t belong in Sci-Fi/Fantasy for adults category.

W.J. May Y. Eternal 5/10 Free iBook. Fantasy Fantasy story but very poor writing. The characters are two dimensional and behave illogically for the story. Katrina is the innocent naive teen Princess and heir to the throne. When her younger twin brother murders her father, the brutal King, she goes in the run in a hostile world, aided by Disney fairies and a hunky shapeshifter ranger, Dylan.


This whole series is so good Brilliantly written and great value so you can purchase the whole series Can’t wait for next one!

Couldn’t wait to read the next one!

The writer WJ May has the most vivid and inspiring way of writing books of the supernatural the stories are exciting and stunning you keep wanting to see the words on the next page she is a wonderful story teller, thank you so much 🌺❤️🌸🙏🙏

Brilliant book , exciting funny and interesting.. Always a great read by this author . I keep buying more and more...

Loved the plot and found myself warming to the characters. The writing itself needs some work. I believe that this book could potentially be a best seller.

Eternal (The Queens Alpha Series) (Volume 1) W J May I really enjoyed reading this story. I was hooked right from the start & I lost myself in this world of supernatural intrigue. The only disappointment I experienced was when I realised I’d got to the end & that I now had to wait for the next volume!

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Thus is absolutely amazing, there have been a lot of books lately that dont hook me in or arent at the right pace for me, but this was a ringing bell. Enraptured me! I could not stop reading!

It’s a really great story line. I just thought it was more of an adult book but after reading it I realized it is more for teens. I’m going to keep reading though because I want to know the story…

It kept me spellbound. I loved it.

You should give Eternal a try great read

This story seemed to have been written for an early teen audience. There was little to no character development and while I enjoy fantasy, the plot was trite and not plausible. Don’t waste your money!

I enjoy books set in ancient times, historical and mythical. This book has some funny wit and follows true throughout the book. A tad descriptive for obvious reasons however, still allows your imagination to flourish.

Hoo boy! This book is a perfect example of shoddy editing.

Wow love reading couldn’t put it down until 2am in morning

I really enjoyed this book. Has a fast pasted story. Will be looking to read next one


I thought this book was good!

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Great style of writing ! 😍

Finished all 6 books so far in 3 weeks love the characters!

I’m an eternal fan of W. J. May. And have read many of her spellbinding iBooks with the strong female protagonist and stand alone supporting characters that should captive audiences of any genre. This author knows how to keep every reader literally anticipating what happens next when the page is turned. Thanks for the many hours you have kept me your captive and devoted reader. KSW

I was hooked with book one. I fell in love with each character. I wish the bookies weren't so short. I literally finished a book in a day and half. Why does it have to end.

If I could give this 6 stars, I would. Wow, this book was fantastic! It pulled me right in, kept me reading till the end, & left me wanting the next book, I will impatiently be waiting for book 2! (This does have a cliff-hanger ending) The flow was fast & furious, the reader learns the world building along with the sheltered princess as the story progresses, which I thought was very effective at pulling the reader into the story. The characters are fabulous (even the secondary ones IMO). There are lots of secrets, surprises & plot twists. This was definitely well worth reading.

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