The Wright Brother

The Wright Brother by K.A. Linde Book Summary

A billionaire contemporary romance stand alone from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde…

I'd dated his brother. 

He didn’t remember and I wish I could forget. 

I may have sworn off the Wright family a long time ago. But when I returned home, Jensen Wright crashed into my life with the confidence of a billionaire CEO and the sex appeal of a god. Even I couldn’t resist our charged chemistry, or the way he fit into my life like a missing puzzle piece. 

Too bad he’d forgotten the one thing that could destroy us. 

Because Jensen Wright doesn’t share. Not with anyone. And if his brother finds out, this could all go down in flames. 

When it all was said and done, was he the Wright brother?

The Wright Brother by K.A. Linde Book Reviews

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- Loved this book.5 star

Another love story about broken hearts that find love

- Great story5 star

Could’ve read the book in one day. Funny and hot.

- Couldn’t put it down5 star

This book kept me wanting to read to the very end! The chemistry between Emery and Jenson was office charts. Definitely one of my favorites!

- Great Read!5 star

I loved this book! It was a great all-around good read for me because it was real. Nothing over the top or female pushovers, which I hate. Just very real. This was my second time reading it actually. Minor errors and inconsistencies but nothing that would make it lose any stars. I’m going on to the 2nd book....can’t remember if I read it already!

- Great Read4 star

I don’t generally take time to review. This book is a good read.

- Unable to finished1 star

After several attempts I just couldn’t finish this book. This book is just too two dimensional and too unrealistic. Yes, I understand this is fiction but a real writer makes the reader forget that. I no point I was able to believe any of the characters actions as credible. You feel no connection with them. This book is just very simpleminded and lacking real developed characters. It was free but I still regret wasting my time on it.

- Just finished4 star

Great book. It was really cool to read a story about Lubbock!

- Loved it5 star

I originally got this book because it was free and it had been sitting in my iBooks library for about three months before I even bothered glancing at it. I am actually REALLY upset that I didn't read this early. I have been in a bit of a book funk in the past 3 weeks where nothing is catching my attention or just too predictable (aside from the couples actually getting together in the end) so they either end back up on my 'want to read' or 'dnf' list. In the beginning of the story I wasn't sure about the recently cheated on PhD student getting in to a relationship so fast with her ex-boyfriends brother, but I think it was so well written they it didn't bother me at all. I could not put this book down! I turned into that person at a baseball game with their nose in their phone trying to get my fill of Emery and Jensen. I really liked the way the author plays with time. This story is not played out within a couple days but rather lets the days flow through her writing which is one of my biggest pet peeves in other story's. Their steamy scenes were not the smuttiest I've ever read but it was great non the less. I felt their chemistry through the book, I think it helped ease my thoughts that they somewhat knew each other in the past so the getting to know each other part was a little skipped. I am really looking forward to seeing more of E&J in future books about the Wright family. I think I just found my new series obsession (and there has only been one other thus far).

- I tried but I couldn’t do it3 star

I tried but I just couldn’t be ok with having relationships with brothers. I liked the story line with the mystery of Colton’s father.

- The Wright Brother5 star

Laughed and Loved!!!!

- Great read5 star

Keeps you wanting to read MORE!

- The wright brothers5 star

This book keeps you on the edge of you seat. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!

- The wright brother5 star

By k.a. Linde Great story! Definitely worth reading and I can’t wait for the next book to come out!

- Ugh1 star

Jensen is just a jerk! He kept sending em so many mixed signals! Em definitely deserves better than Jensen; he is a Wright alright! Em shouldn’t have strayed from her rules, it’s her fault she got played. JENSEN DOES KOT DESERVE ONE MILLION CHANCES!! SUCH DOUBLE STANDARDS, for the female to automatically and endlessly forgive the guy!! This is so cliche and fake. Jensen is just like his brother, em’s ex. So many frustrations reading this book!

- 5 right stars5 star

I could not get enough of this book, my only complaint is I want more. This story made my soul smile and cry, made by heart race and at times make my stomach sink. Perfectly imperfect love story and I cannot wait for the next book. First time reading anything from K.A. Linde and it won't be my last.

- So good to be Wright!4 star

The Wright Brother was an entertaining and angsty read. It had steam, drama, and a bit of taboo/forbidden, since the heroine had dated the hero's younger brother in high school. The story revolves around Jensen Wright and Emery Robinson and is told from both of their points of view. Overall, I liked both Jensen and Emery and rooted for them to get their happy ending, but it was a little too instalove for me. It didn't seem possible that secretive and commitment-phobe Jensen would suddenly drop all his walls and decide that he couldn't live without Emery. Speaking of Emery, she was coming off a 3 year relationship, but a month after meeting Jensen, she was professing her undying love for the man. I understand that her relationship with Mitch was already on the outs prior to the break-up and that she (and Jensen) didn't seek each other out initially for anything other than fun and distraction, but I personally just prefer a little more development and gradual build up. The drama from misunderstandings and assumptions was also a bit much and I wish that these two would have just sat down and listened to each other instead of pushing each other away. There were plenty of steamy scenes to help me get past these issues though (sigh, the cabin!), and even though the big surprise and reveal were heavily foreshadowed, I still couldn't put the book down. I really enjoyed reading about Jensen and Emery's journey to discover themselves and each other. This was a great start to a new interconnected series (I'm not sure how many books are actually planned, but there are 4 Wright siblings...), but I'm excited to read Landon's story next in book 2, The Wright Boss.

- First time reading a K.A. Linde book...5 star

...and I have to say it was a really great read. Nothing over the top, relationships that are honest and dialogue that is how family and friends talk to one another. Enjoyed Emery and Jensen's story....and looking forward to Heidi and Landon's.

- When it's Wright it's right5 star

When its wright its right.. and oh is this right.. oh so right! The angst queen has done it again and once again does not fail us. Emery and Jensen story will give you the feels for days to come. angsty angry loving feelings will be sucked from deep inside. That is not a bad thing! (I'm still trying to shake it off and haven't been able to) He's a Sexy CEO that is down to earth, She's a Strong independent woman that has had some life stumbles and is trying to get herself together. It was supposed to be One date, one night or was it. Jensen is sexy and mine SO BACK OFF! :) but one important question remains.. Is he the Wright Brother? K.A. Linda is amazing and love her so much. every book she writes keeps me captivated and enthralled. Cant wait for more of this series.

- Wright for me!5 star

I fell in love with Emery and Jensen's story. Their is so much story in this book!! Let me just tell you that Jensen is hot as heck and I want to be a part of this CRAZY family!! And as KA Linde is known to do, Emery's BFF is AMAZING!!!

- New series from the Queen of Angst!4 star

The first in a new series by the "Queen of Angst" - K.A. Linde - introduces us to a family of five siblings that live in Lubbock, Texas. The Wright family is extremely wealthy, but they have always kept their roots planted in this smaller town instead of the big city with big brother Jensen stepping up after their father died to run the family business. Emery Robinson is working towards her doctorate - only having her thesis left to defend - when she walks in on her boyfriend/professor in a compromising situation with a co-ed. She makes a decision to leave the program and move home to Lubbock abandoning her plans for her doctorate. Emery's best friend is still in her hometown and they immediately reconnect and are up to their old antics in no time. First on the list is attending the wedding of Sutton Wright - little sister of the guy who broke her heart... cause that will be so much fun. Billionaire CEO Jensen Wright is one of the most eligible bachelors in Texas, but he makes it a point to stay far away from local girls. While at his little sister's wedding the most beautiful brunette he has ever seen appears and he will do whatever it takes to meet her. Jensen is absolutely stunned to realize the brunette is his brother Landon's ex-girlfriend from forever ago and he is forced to make a choice. This story was everything I love about Linde's writing - from the strong heroines to the swoon worthy hero and her angst filled love to her smoking hot sexy times she pulls me into her world and captivates me ever single time. I am looking forward to the next story - The Wright Boss - coming soon :)

- So very right...5 star

Fun, angsty, sexy, hot read! I fell so in love with these characters. Jensen Wright is so swoony and Emery is a very strong heroine. The two together make the pages sizzle and the side characters are amazing!

- Jensen is the perfect book boyfriend5 star

I was so excited to see a new book (hopefully series:) by KA Linde! She has quickly become one of my favorite authors. The books always have the best characters with well developed relationships and story lines. I feel like I not only know the main characters, but the supporting cast as well. KA Linde did such a great job with her supporting cast, that I am hoping that all of the Wright kids will get to find their happily ever afters! Jensen and Emery meet at Sutton Wright's wedding. Emery had dated Jensen's brother in high school. Jensen had no idea who Emery was, but thought she was only in town for a little while. When he has one night with her, he knows she is something special. Jensen and Emery both have some trust issues since they both have had some bad break ups, but they are hoping that they can work this thing out between them. I loved Emery and her ability to trust Jensen even when she had a hard time. She listened to him when she really didn't want to. And the friendship with her best friend and her sister was so much fun and you could feel the love. I loved everything about Jensen. He has strong family values and will do anything for family. When he realizes he loves Emery, he knows he will do anything to keep her in his life. He is a perfect book boyfriend. Great read!

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JennaGray - The wright brother5 star

A fabulous story with great characters .

tea chest - The Wright Brother5 star

I loved this book , the characters and that it was a complete story . Thank you

Quinny19 - Ordinary3 star

OK read not really a favourite though.

Jaxwright57 - Brilliant read5 star

This is the first book I have read by this author and what a great book to start with. The Wright Brother is book one about The Wright siblings and it's Jesen and Emery's story. Emery dated a Wright in high school but it's wasn't Jesen it was his younger brother Landon and he broke her heart, after moving back home the first thing that happens is she comes face to face with her past. Jesen doesn't recognise her at first, all he sees is the most beautiful woman he has every laid eyes on walk into Church that Sunday morning, he wants and needs to get to know her better. Will the past stand in their way, will the secrets tear them apart or will two people with trust issues fall at the first hurdle..... I loved this authors style of writing, the characters have depth and chemistry, the story grows fast enough to keep you interested without finding out the whole plot in the first few chapters and let's be honest I'm a sucker for second chance romance

mrsedcullen - Meh2 star

Not really much character development between the leads, like it’s always feeling like they just started dating. It’s weird and just doesn’t make u wanna read it, i just finished it for the sake of things.

funkeey - Slow start4 star

So I kind was tempted to stop reading in the beginning just because the whole dated your brother in high school storyline just wasn’t cutting it for me. But eventually it started to picked up there are few twist and turns in their relationship which it so much more interesting. Ended up being a good read and would got interested in the next few books in the series.

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