Escorting the Billionaire

Escorting the Billionaire by Leigh James Book Summary

Love don't cost a thing... except everything.
When billionaire mogul James Preston hires an escort as a date for his brother's wedding, he knows he's taking a risk. But he won't be taking the escort's clothes off. He just wants a date--not a girlfriend. Not a relationship. No strings. No ties. No games. No sex. He has his reasons. He lost someone he loved, and isn't interested in trying again. Too many opportunities for mistakes or worse, heartbreak.
Audrey Reynolds became a high-end escort to keep her brother in his expensive group home. James Preston is the client of her dreams--he's offering to pay her more money for two weeks than she's ever made before. But James is...difficult. He's gorgeous, troubled and all too human for Audrey's business-like tastes. Determined to complete her assignment and collect the money, Audrey tries to play by James's rules.
When Audrey ends up in James's bed, he realizes that she's everything he's wanted...and everything he's been running from. 
Standalone romance with an HEA. Enjoy!

Escorting the Billionaire by Leigh James Book Reviews

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- Enjoyed it3 star

I liked this book and the direction it took, wish it was longer and more plot focused, as soon as I fell in love with the characters it ended

- Good Read4 star

I enjoyed it and was a quick read. I wished it was a bit more plot focused.

- Do it !5 star

I was hesitant because of some reviews but I am so happy I took the plunge ! It was so good I couldn’t put it down I finished it in a day! You will not regret it !!!

- Not Believable3 star

The story started off very interesting and had me fully engaged. Toward the middle it started to seem to me unrealistic. Two escorts meet billionaires and both fall in love within a week or two of knowing each other? Really? They lost me with Jenny and Coles relationship. Toward the end it seemed very rushed and I found myself wanting to be done with this book.

- Very good book5 star

Enjoyed it. Once I started I couldn’t put it down.

- Great!5 star

Great weekend read! Definitely worth collecting

- 5*****5 star

Loved it!!

- Waste of time1 star

This total rip off Pretty Woman was a complete waste of time. Gratuitous and lacking in any real plot. Totally predictable after the first chapter.

- I thought I was reading “Pretty Woman”3 star

This book is almost verbatim the movie Pretty Woman!” I started reading the sample and it seemed interesting enough because I enjoy stories like this but after purchasing it and reading it it is literally exactly pretty woman only some of the characters names have changed he has a family, she doesn’t I mean it’s nothing surprising about this book at all. Im half way in and it’s all over the place but definitely the same as Pretty Woman. Nothing original in my opinion about it

- Great read5 star

I’ve read this one over and over. One of my favorite reads.

- Escorting the Billoinaire2 star

I thought it was choppy. I didn’t like the characters very much and I felt I was reading 3 different books.

- Wow5 star

This book is actually way better than I thought it would be.

- Escorting the Billionaire4 star

Was good and kept you going! Nice read

- It was ok3 star

When I first started reading this book I almost stopped. It was hard to get into, but as time went on it got better. It was an okay story. Not one I would read again. Dramatic story line in the middle of the book up until the end and then the writer tried to make it all positive right at the end to make everything work out. Without really making peace with some of the characters. Ahhh idk. I probably wouldn't recommend it. I'm sorry to say that. I feel bad because I know writers put a lot of effort into writing stories but it was just okay.

- Eh3 star

A little like Pretty Woman, with a twist. Gave it three stars because neither the author nor her proofreaders caught know baseball. There no HALFTIME in baseball. 7th inning stretch, please. Escapism if you want it.

- Loved it!5 star

One I didn't want to put down.

- Great Read5 star

This was such a fun book to read! A couple major plot twists which made me never want to put down the book. I loved the different scenes and the character development. Would highly recommend reading if you have the time!

- Amazing4 star

Great story! Kept me interested, liked the characters, great twists and ending...."you're fired" and "I quit" are just a hint of the twists that keep you reading. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!!!!!

- I love this book😍5 star

I probably should say "I love the author" because I really love her story telling skills!! I like that she tells Audrey's and James's side of the story. This is the first time that I actually wish there is a part 2 but, I already read the sample of the next book in the series..Lo and Kyle's story is on track for another great read!

- Great free read5 star

I finished this book in a day. Not because it's short, but because I could not put it down! It kept my attention the entire time! I am obsessed with James & Audrey!

- Best yet5 star

This is one of the best books ive ever read, it kept my attention the whole way through and i usually get bored about 3/4 of the way through. I have read probably around 800 books online and this is definitely in the top 10.

- Escorting the billionaires4 star

Very good! Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen Next I was wrong. If I can predict what happens its a spoiler.

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SharonRideout - Excellent read!5 star

For some reason I couldn’t put it down. Stayed in bed most of the weekend just to finish reading it, lol.

laurdevo - So hot5 star

Unreal book, I couldn’t put it down. 10/10 would recommend

OdelB - HEA for sure4 star

This story packs of romance, comedy and smart plot towards the end. The friends are adorable too. Love James wicked thinking. I'm beginning to like the next series.

great old person - Loved it5 star

Hot hot hot, loved the characters, only downside I felt the ending was a bit rushed

DeeLewis2021 - AMAZING 💫5 star

What an amazing read! You feel so many emotions in one story and I love it. Awesome story and awesome writing.

Kritter bug - Brilliant! Couldn't put it down5 star

Loved the storyline and characters. Great read and well written. Highly recommend.

Knotworkin4me - Interesting mothers!4 star

Audrey and James make a wonderful couple. Good plot line, interesting mothers....don't want to give too much away! Let's just say it's a good read.

Melak K. - Great book3 star

It's a wonderful book for those who believe in happy endings and the fact that the past is the past and people are meant to be unhappy until they meet the one they were meant for. I loved the concept of it. But it was very typical. Your whole rich, older guy falling for the poor, younger girl. The only twist was the family drama.

Nlw68 - An engaging story4 star

An engaging story even if it was a little far fetched ... Still I enjoyed it and will probably look for more in this series..

Ladyeagle2606 - Cheap2 star

Extremely unrealistic. There is nothing believable in this story. The characters are weak and one dimensional. Good book for insomnia.

Loz990 - Amazing books!!!5 star

Love love love love love.

Suzy29999999 - OMG5 star

I read this in one sitting! It's 4am! I had to know what was going to happen next...

Marijenlyn - Escorting the Billionaire5 star

First time reading a book by this author. Really love the characters, the story line and the ending. Looking forward to reading more books by this author.😍😍

2ghosts - Escorting the billionaire3 star

OK read!

Helenhutchymcleod1984 - Great read5 star

I really enjoyed from start to finish , ending could of been a little better, but still excellent, will now look for more of your books , defo recommend

Gafspa - Loved it4 star

Really enjoyed, went on to read another book by author as enjoyed this one so much. That one wasn't for me though!

Dandan Tay 123 - Escorting a billionaire5 star

Brilliant !

Jadelouiselevi. - Brilliant read!!5 star

This book had me on a very emotion roller coaster! One point I thought Ild die. Cause I couldn't read it quick enough!! I pulled an all night reading this very reluctant to putting it down! About love, pain, and family. So many twists and turns which I didn't expect! I felt connected to all the characters. Well written & such a brilliant story! One I'll remember for a very long time to come!!

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