MacBook Pro Essentials

MacBook Pro Essentials by Apple Inc. Book Summary

MacBook Pro Essentials provides everything you need to quickly set up and start using your new MacBook Pro and included apps. Learn about useful shortcuts and tools that are right at your fingertips on the Touch Bar, and set up Touch ID so that you can unlock your Mac in an instant.

MacBook Pro Essentials by Apple Inc. Book Reviews

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- Simple and useful4 star

i just read this book. Well, as all of the apple’s products MacBook Pro is great too. I'm sure that if you buy macbook and don’t read this book, you can absolutely work and use it as well. Because its really powerful and simple. this book is great too if you want to know more.

- I’m a bot5 star

Never thought I could mentally push an app like that

- Review5 star

I just Got it, Trying To Find my Way out How to reach genuine Content. not so proud btw; security should be a pre-requisite. when you make the softwares; it is becoming a coders challenge; The Phone is for me a way of communication; just like a mail, a call, an sms. I am not gonna explain much; but i must tell you a relevant truth: The Phone Call: The SMS; The mIRC all existed since they did; and you added nothing. Communications: This is the field you work in; you can code for anyone, anything from games to softwares, to any machine, etc....and But here is Communication Field: This is a Phone; when you wanna expand its usage; secure it for people who buy phones simply because they need to communicate.

- As a new user, very helpful!4 star

I don’t normally read user manuals because they often become too complicated too fast, but this was great! Gave me lots of good info, in an easy to understand way!

- Title of what?2 star

‘It didn’t answer any questions I had but gave me all kinds of information designed to protect themselves against lawsuits in case I don’t hold my hands correctly and get carpel tunnel o or get backaches because my chair is not the right height.

- MacBook Pro Essentials Review4 star

Great reference to appreciating and understanding a new MacBook Pro system!

- Very helpful5 star

I found this online book to be extremely informative without being too dry and uninteresting. It is full of useful tricks and tips. I will definitely keep this handy and revisit when using the different features of the MacBook Pro.

- Helpful But Biased5 star

I gave it five stars because it was everything I exspected and was able to help me to better understand the computer I just bought. However, it is all one huge advert for the MacBook itself so I felt it was a bit biased on how “easy” everything was going to be for me.

- MacBook Pro5 star

The Book was very helpful.

- Apple Makes It Easy, Albeit With Its Share of Frustrations4 star

Apple definitely has the essentials packed into this guide. For most folks, it’ll be all they need for educational material as they get to know the ins-and-outs of their new Thunderbolt-lined MacBooks, and it’ll certainly serve as a quick reference guide thereafter. For a manual, it’s light reading. It’s concise in its general instruction and its explanation of features, and it’s presented in an engaging narrative, which certainly helps keep the yawning at bay. My only complaint is that it is choc-full of instructional references that pull you away from your learning by forcing you to venture into distant sections of the guide to get answers. The circuitousness becomes frustrating after a while, but with the right bookmarks set up, you can find an easy work-around.

- Well-detailed and Useful with Basic Knowledge5 star

After reading the guide, I understood so much more about how to use the MacBook Pro. I used Windows for most of my life and have just begun transitioning to MacOS for college work. The guide helped me understand the basics of how to use the MacBook.

- A new beginning5 star

I have to say after spending a good two hours reading this book I can say that I know more about how my Macbook Pro(2018) works and how to use it. I’m kind of a first generation user of Macbooks in my family so it was kind of surprise that I would have to learn a new operating system by the time I leave for college, which is about 2 months away. This book is a guide design to help you better understand MacBook’s. Its a new beginning that I’m looking forward too.

- Everything i needed to know5 star

grerat to have this book on my computer its very helpful and will be a great resource moving forward!

- Decent4 star

Would have enjoyed some more information on how to do more advanced tasks or where to find information about such things. A decent starting board none the less.

- Not much help1 star

I had a neighbors 12 year old kid explain more than this “users manual” they call a book.

- Concise, helpful and useful book5 star

Reading this book has been a very helpful read for me to ‘unpack’ all the goodies in my new laptop. The content was neither too technologically boggling nor confusing. A lot of my questions were answered by the read through the book. A nice balance of concise with helpful links out for further study. Great job and I feel empowered and ready-to-go with my new Mac. Thanks very much.

- New to Mac5 star

Very helpful! I have an iPhone so it wasn’t completely confusing. After setting up I am able to go back and look things up! I always say ‘I know just enough about computers to be dangerous!’

- Cannot download from China1 star

This book is not supposed to be read by China mainland users?

- Thorough and helpful introduction5 star

This is a great user’s manual for the everyday user. The MacBook Pro has surprising features. This book describes them well, tells you where to find and how to use them and never gets bogged down in technical detail. If you have a new macbook, take a couple of hours and wander through it with this superb guide. It’s fun.

- Good5 star


- Extremely helpful!5 star

After reading this step by step book i now feel comfortable, and confident while using my new MacBook. if you arent sure about how to use a Mac , then give this a try. Only took about 15 mintues.

- The Knowledge You Gain5 star

This book was very informative. It gives you the nuts and bolts of how to use the MacBook Pro. What is especially helpfulare the tips that are given you throughout the explanations of the sections. Pictures and diagrams help clarify anything that might not be understood in the written word. Overall, this was a very helpful book

- I See5 star

I am a 47 year old who has never worked with Mac before. I have wanted to switch for sometime, but I felt like it was going to be like learning Russian. I finally took the plunge and and purchased a Macbook Pro. After reading the book I am past my fears and am walking in confidence. I think the switch from Windows world to Mac will be far more seamless, painless and exciting than I had thought. This book was very helpful, easy to read and full of practical information. The links embedded in the document let me explore what I wanted to know more about or try immediately and made the experience more like an adventure than a classroom type expereince.

- MacBook Pro iBooks5 star

Fantastic job with this. I love it only thing is as a my daughter is a student full time and was wondering for reference reasons why she couldn't tak a quote from some book possible lomg short any way really and have the app automatically turn to PDF. If this is possible can you email me its a lot of time wasting when you have to do it the reg way and or use a PDF converter.

- Great reference book for new Mac users5 star

Easy to follow and understand how to navigate and use your new MacBook Pro. I keep it saved in my iBooks on all my devices for a quick reference.

- Worth reading even for a Mac veteran4 star

I have been using Macs since 1990. I learned a few neat tips from reading the guide. In particular how to customize the touch bar, lock my notes, and a reminder of keyboard shorcuts. It’s worth reading so you get the most out of your Mac.

- More hype than info3 star

There's a lot of rah-rah sales pitch about the great things you can do with the Pro, but not so much information about how things actually work. That would be okay if there were links to deeper information, but there aren't. For example, what about syncing with an iPad? How do I do it? What does that do to Photos? If I delete a picture on my iPad, what happens when I sync? Or another: how do I customize the look of my windows on the Pro? If I search for "Windows" on MacHelp, I get lots of information about Microsoft Windows on a Mac, which is something else.

- Worth the time? YEP.5 star

read it! it’s worth the time to get to know what you just spent money investing in. INVEST in yourself to know what is and can be at our fingertips!! I did and that was a well spend 20 min.

- Genny4 star

Good information.

- Excellent!!!5 star

Excellent book! I find myself coming back and reading sections if I'm stumped on something. Highly recommend!

- New to Mac World5 star

i like how simple this guide was and with quick links. its almost dummy proof. in a matter of minutes your ready to browse or work. One thing i would of liked to see is a more detailed guide on how to work or pair my MacBook Pro with my Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 and iPad Pro 9.7 LTE i feel like they could of added a little bit more information especially for new users like myself. but overall it does what it suppose to do and that to get you up and running...

- Informative and considering4 star

Pros - Intuitive - Multiple solutions to end-users - Relexig to read - Caring about users’ different situations - Easy to operate for every one with informative introductions Cons - A little bit long - No video demonstration - Accessories being too expensive

- My Take: I found a lot of helpful ...5 star

My Take: I found a lot of helpful information, especially clicking on the live links within the documentent. I discovered why my 27 inch Apple display would not work with my new MacBook Pro 15” (It is a 2010 Apple LED Cinema Display with Display Port not Thunderbolt 1. - I can spell Obsolete -.) This document helped me understqand significant differences, If not advances, between the new and old. (MBP 17 inch circa 2011 vs MBP 15 inch Fall of 2016 delivered Jan. 2017.

- Excellent Guide5 star

Easy to understand and great information

- Useless1 star

This entire “book” is basically a 150 page advertising flyer that tells us how great the Mac and all its features are. Doesn’t give any clue as to how to do these things other than contact Apple in one form or another.

- Good Book5 star

Good to know this book.

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Matthew Dove - Useful and Detailed5 star

As the title says, this guide supplies most of the fine details hidden in the hardware and software. Common shortcuts helped me out, and the safety information surprising revealed measures I'd never think about from common sense. If you're looking for tips to harness efficiency on your Mac, this isn't the place to be. There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials and websites that give more insider knowledge than this ever will. If you have no experience using a Mac, or a computer at all, this book has my deepest recommendations.

Psychotic Weasel - Does the job4 star

It could be more detailed, but it gives a good, quick overview of the main points. Useful for PC users crossing over to the Dark Side.

Aidarmn - Student5 star

It is a short useful manual for new commers to Mac world

Liamlts - It’s not that bad3 star

It’s ok. Quite helpful

MrEmpty - Can’t get the full book1 star

Can’t download the full book. The sample works (and is helpful), but not the full book. A pity.

Writerpro - ms5 star

Terrific book. Clear, easy info to follow. Thanks.

Rampaging Aardvark - Corrupted!1 star

I would download this book, but it is corrupted. Not very Apple-like to have the “help guide” corrupt, Apple.

GeoD-S - Does what it promises.5 star

As a book labelled ‘Essentials’ this does just what it says and sets you up to start exploring further.

Fatima5058 - Square one1 star

I can’t even work out how to download it. I’ve got ibooks 1.10 on a day-old MacBook Pro, my eigth Mac since 1989. I get the impression that the decision makers at Apple are ever further removed from those who actually needs use their products. We’ve gone from intuitive to insuperable in a decade.

Bebrek - Meh3 star

This is ridiculously limited if you consider that a a photo camera would come with a 400 odd page manual.

AminMalone - Detailed4 star

Its a pretty good book, specifically for people new to Mac. I’m not new to Mac, but i still found it very useful, there are many things that i didnt know, now i know :)

weisuvi - very good5 star

this is my first time to buy a MacBook and i have been an apple fan for over 5 years. macbook pro is an excellent product and this essentials are good to read because it teaches me a lot of things that i didn’t know before. i recommend it!

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