Emotional Intelligence Mastery: A Practical Guide To Improving Your EQ by Eric Jordan

Emotional Intelligence Mastery: A Practical Guide To Improving Your EQ by Eric Jordan Book Summary


Become Emotionally Smarter with a Practical Approach!

Emotional intelligence has been a buzzword in the personal growth industry and in high-level corporate recruitment strategies since 1995, when Daniel Goleman used the term for his book title and topic. As we would say today, his use of it “went viral” immediately, in the world of business and mental health in particular.

Often abbreviated as “EQ”, emotional intelligence is the personal ability you have to recognize and label your own emotions and feelings, and to use this information to steer your thinking and behavior in the desired direction. Whether you are looking to climb the career ladder with ease, thrive during social events or simply feel more at peace with yourself, a well-developed EQ is absolutely critical.

During the course of this book, we will take a look at the current knowledge surrounding the subject, as well as how you can vastly improve your own emotional intelligence with a series of simple, practical exercises.

You will learn about:
- How to observe and analyze your emotions at any given moment.
- How to connect more easily with people and build strong and lasting relationships.
- How your body reacts to your various emotional states.
- How to release unwanted and potentially destructive emotions.
- “Thought traps” and how to deal with them.
- Mindfulness and its role in developing EQ.
- How to improve your EQ in everyday environments.
- How having a higher emotional intelligence will benefit your life.

And more!

Download now, and start improving your EQ today!

Emotional Intelligence Mastery: A Practical Guide To Improving Your EQ Book Details

Book Name Emotional Intelligence Mastery: A Practical Guide To Improving Your EQ
Genre Psychology
Author Eric Jordan
Published 02 August 2016, Tuesday
Price Free
E-Book Size 285.85 KB

Emotional Intelligence Mastery: A Practical Guide To Improving Your EQ by Eric Jordan Book Reviews

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Didn’t get anything out of it. I already knew I had very, very low emotional intelligence. This book does not help me develop it. It suggests I identify my feelings without telling me how to do that. I don’t know how, so I am still emotionally dumb. It does reinforce the reasons for most of my problems. Now I am sadder or maybe angry or whatever. I don’t know.


Great Read. This was a great read I learned a lot. Thanks


Perfect book. Awesome and helpful book. Thanks for writing this book. 🙏🏾❤️

Sonia's opinions

Must read!. Amazing. Read in one shot. 10/10 will improve your EQ!!!


Loved it. Loved it


Amazing. I must say that this book is an amazing introduction to understanding emotional intelligence! I loved it


Very Helpful!. Great read and quick. Get your highlighter ready. I refer back to the book regularly.


The new study found a similar problem for people. The only reason I’m asking for

Big Boss Sparkel

This Was a Great Book!!. This book has helped me grow as a woman! I recommend this book to anyone looking to become a better version of themselves.


Beautiful. Such a great insight into emotions that i was too blind to acknowledge.

Luis Enrique Lara

Outstanding. SLP. Highly recommend to students who has a pragmatic deficit.


Ok. Ok


Practical Read. I’m grateful for this book. EQ has been an important piece that I’ve been missing. For most my life I’ve been dishonest with myself regarding my personal feeling. I could never really identify them. I’ve been on a 2 and half year journey now and have come a very long way. This book has helped me advance further as a conscious father, husband, leader, and business owner.


Loved it !. Great book. Well written and easy to comprehend. I really liked that the author incorporated exercises along with the contents of the book. It really helps you get a start on mastering the information from each chapter ! 10/10 would definitely recommend this book. 😊

Rinah Macharia

Amazing.. Loved how everything was written and explained, very clear and direct. Excellent book!


Nice book.. Good


Amazing!!. This book is simply amazing, great tips ! And so much information that I never knew I needed


Emotional intelligence mastery. EIM was a good read , it’s helping me become a wiser thinker of my emotions . how to control it , and use my actual mind to process and speak on things in a clearer sense.


Great book. Loved it


Amazing. Amaing information for your mind to take in.


Good book. Very interesting book. Learning about emotional intelligence has been so fascinating and this book really provides a good summary of It. Not only that I love the cover. A brain with poppin colors. 8/10 from me. It was an excellent and very useful book. Not only that it was a short book with a lot of knowledge. And I do enjoy the shorter book that just cuts right to the point you know? Nothing like this overly long review I am currently writing. Hahah don’t let me write a book. It would be a long one mate yes indeed. Speaking of reviews, go checkout “Amazon’s best reviews book”. There’s quite a few knee slippers in there. Peace out


Great book. This is a great book and can help you in your work life, home life, and social life. Being in control of your emotions and not moved by others is a healthy way to develop better relationships.


Eye opener. The amount of wisdom in this book is unbelievable


This book was perfect.,. Really awakens your awareness.


Really Good Informative Short Read. Highly recommend this book if you want to just collect a little bit of knowledge on EQ in short period of time instead of reading 200-300 page book. Short read packed with lots of great info!


grt book. great book


Great Self Reflectiom. This was a great read and a quick one of that. It gets you thinking about how to handle situations that would impact it has on yourself and others around you. I’ve always had some of these beliefs but never really put it into words like emotional intelligence. It makes sense to get you thinking in a good way


Amazing Read. Very good, insightful book. It makes you take a step back and realize how you’ve reacted in the past and how you can change your reactions for a better future.


1st of the year. It’s a short but simple book, that explains with few examples, what are and how to control your emotions, I did feel different after do some of the examples and practices, but still I wish they go farther and deeper on each topic.


Great book. Interactive reading

Warrenpeace 1

Great!. Very practical. Thank you, I needed this read. I suggest this for anyone looking for a great starter book on this subject.


Great book. I’m glad I read it!. Great book! Brought me a lot of understanding of emotions I thought I had no control over. “I am the boss of me, not my emotions”.


Nice Read. Very straightforward and well put together.


Excellent. Mastering my emotions and understanding how to use them is key to one’s personal development


Eq. Great read!! This is truly useful to understand for almost any aspect of life.


Good stuff. I enjoyed the read and having exercises to practice self-improvement was a huge plus!


Amazing book. Awesome book, learned things about my self I didn’t even notice , the mechanisms depicted in this book can really help you in a day to day basis.


We will. I’m not

Laugh now & cry later

It helps to read !. Today I decided not to focus on my partner ! And it feels good because I do me ! And what I love to do to make me feel good ! I feel like am making progress thanks to my positivity! I love me and will continue to focus on me !


Short but informative. Way to short but provided really good information and exercises to develop or improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Son dont like this

No thank you. I don’t like this book as a kid because it is too long of chapters so if you don’t like to read long books then don’t read this one


Not for me.. This book is directed towards people who are in great need of the basics of Emotional Intelligence. It is written very clearly, and simply. Unfortunately, it was not what I was looking for.

Just Call me Rey

Great Book. This book taught me a lot about self awareness, I believe it is extremely important for anyone and everyone to understand what EQ is and what it can do for you and your life


Want to read book. I read the sample of it and I believe that with enough effort we put in our lives can make us truly a better person

Perr a

Just what I needed. The feeling of progress in my personal life is palpable


Great Book. I highly recommend for anyone looking to take control of their emotions and live a more controlled and comfortable lifestyle.

Dante carranza

Must Read!!. This book is excellent! The teachings are clear and easily/instantly applicable in your life in the real world. Every time I read a chapter I would reflect, go outside in the world and observe how others are and how I am ~ I have truly began to master my own reactions based on having a self awareness of my inner self. It is liberating to recognize where my emotions stem from and understand why I’m feeling them let’s me choose how I continue to feel. This book is truly a guide to self mastery!

Lexx B🔥

Self Help. Great advice for acknowledging and managing emotions!


Must Read. It’s a must read book 📚, which changes your life and manage your feelings and emotions within you and others 😊

Camila Hepplin

I needed this.. It helped me to think more about what I already know but had difficulty to apply.

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Agathe Tissot

Thé King and I. Wow


Emotional intelligence mastery. This book is very insightful when it came to viewing all aspects of what your true feelings are and understanding them!!! Amazing read, definitely worth it!!


Free and Worth a Read. Short and sweet, this book has tons of very useful info and walks your through exercises to increase your emotional intelligence. Anyone looking to improve themselves should give it a try.


Short and greath. If you want to seriously change your behaviors and your ways to think... reading this may open you eyes about you and all theses negatives patterns we do again and again, without even noticing.


Very Practical. This book was very practical. I enjoyed the style very much. I would recommend this book to anyone. Good work.

Erudite Bookaholic

Great. It’s just what the book title says it is.


Good content but bug. There’s a bug where you are unable to read some of the pages, but the content is great. In the first few pages it lets you understand, then the books shows you strategies

276 Society

Change. Throughout reading this book I have already used some of the techniques and I have to say they work well. I feel as if I have already improved my EQ slightly I’m more aware and just overall feeling more positive.


Great reading. Very informative about emotional intelligence


Review by khoder. The book is really good it helped me alittle and you wont loose anything if you read it you will only gain knowledge about EG which is emotional intelligenus


I’m sorry but I’m not sure if. I have a lot of things going to do

Baani Virk

Perfect book to start. I love this book


Great book!. Definitely going to try some of the exercises in this book, definitely got my mind going


It’s a good and easy read. i. struggle to pay attention to books especially when they are non-fiction and don’t have a crazy plot line stringing me on but i can say that this book was quite easy and taught me quite a bit 🙏🤭

Lordy 😘

Amazing 😝. I loved the way the book talked about how you can tell how someone is feeling and how you can get to know yourself properly !! I recommend that many people need to read this book 📕!!!!

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Love it!. Read this book in one sitting and just by reading it, it has brought me peace and acceptance. “We are not our thoughts. We are not our emotions. If we can learn to experience them in this way then we are free.”


Book. Great book


Didn’t like it. To be honest I was expecting more from this book because of the reviews. I didn’t like it and I found most of the information confusing and not interesting.

Thee Ben Dover

Insight of emotion control. Great quick read for self control of feelings.


Subtle and Haste knowledge. Was very clean at delivering what information I needed to know. A nice quiet read. I recommend to anyone trying to further better understanding of feeling their emotions.

Excellence Da God

Fantastic. The concept of EQ will drive the whole nation into a positive spiritual spiral!!! Great read. Feel like I’ve been missing these teachings for years!


Good book w/ blank pages. About 10 Blank pages


Empowering. This book helps you realize how to take control of your thoughts and emotions and shape the course of your experiences. Great book.

Lidya Solo

So informative and helpful. This book helped me begin practicing mindfulness for the sake of bettering my EQ.

Perry Dee

Blank Pages. Im not sure why but some parts of the book did not download some of the pages are blank, I powered off my iphone deleted and redownloaded the big Pg. 42 -45 is still blank. This book was very interesting but i can’t go on with the book with those blank pages.


Emotional intelligence mastery. Pages 43 to 46 are not showing


Meh. I love the concepts this book holds, the exercises are pretty well wrote out. However, this book feels very basic while reading it. Could be constructed in a more engaging manor.

Alu maharjan

Aarush. Maharjan


I mean WOW!. Great Insight!


Great Read!. This was an exceptional book for anyone who is attempting to learn more about themselves and how others perceive you.


Great read. Great easy to follow. Brings a lot of awareness to your daily life and how you might handle your emotions

Person # 69

this book is amazing. This book is perfect for when you are bored and need some info to fill up your mind


Feeling new. It really related to me and my empathy. Made me feel like I was intelligent, rather than dumb. I highly recommend. It’s a short read with a lot of good stuff.

Time killler

A fine beginner guide for self reflection.. A great place to start if you have noticed that others have too strong an effect on you and you negatively effect others. This book provides solid exercises for you to practice self reflection.

Duke Duzzie

This was an very intriguing book and also powerful learning experience of the NOW.. This book strengthens the mentality of the human existence.

Jafer essam

Recommend. I mean there’s nothing bad to say. The book was nothing but helpful I personally learned a lot from it I finished it in two and a half days it was a light read. English is not my native language so if there were lots of spelling problems I wouldn’t notice it. At the end I recommend you to read this If you looking to improve yourself !!!!READ THIS BOOK!!!


Insightful. I believe this is a great book for anyone trying to be more mindful & aware of their feelings and emotions. It truly gives you a better sense of how you can manage (react or act) upon the feelings or emotions at any given situation/event. The book in itself is a very easy read, and anyone who does read it will have their mind open just a little bit more!


Good read!!!. Very timely book that is full of good exercises and advice that remind you to stop and think before reacting on your first emotion.


Missing pages. Missing pages from the book.

Eric Jordan - Emotional Intelligence Mastery: A Practical Guide To Improving Your EQ Comments

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