A Scent of Seduction by Mary Campisi

A Scent of Seduction by Mary Campisi Book Summary


Love and Betrayal…Regency Style

English noblewoman Julia Langford wants nothing more than to escape the constraints of a society that demands she turn in her breeches and secure a husband. She cares nothing about men or love until she encounters daring sea captain Jon Remmington, a man who steals her heart and her innocence with searing kisses and bold touches.
Jon Remmington sails the sea avoiding anything that resembles commitment—until he meets the golden-haired temptress with a will to match his own. One night of passion binds them together, but a debt of honor forces Jon to abandon his bride. When he discovers that Julia is caught in a dangerous game of intrigue, Jon devises a secret plan to return to her side, where he will risk his life to protect her, and earn the chance to rekindle the greatest love either has ever known. 
AUTHOR NOTE: A Scent of Seduction was previously published as Innocent Betrayal. Edits have been made to ensure continuity between the books, including character names.

An Unlikely Husband Series:
Book One: A Taste of Seduction (Francie & Alexander’s story)
Book Two: A Touch of Seduction: a novella (Ariana & Jason’s story)
Book Three: A Scent of Seduction (Julia & Jon’s story)
Book Four: A Breath of Seduction (Sophie & Holt’s story)
Book Five: A Dash of Seduction (Madeline & Douglas’s story)

BONUS MATERIAL: Included in this ebook is the first chapter of A Breath of Seduction, Book Four in An Unlikely Husband series.

A Scent of Seduction Book Details

Book Name A Scent of Seduction
Genre Historical Romance
Author Mary Campisi
Published 17 December 2014, Wednesday
Price $4.99
E-Book Size 1.97 MB

A Scent of Seduction by Mary Campisi Book Reviews

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C Conti

A Scent of seduction. What a wonderful story, I didn’t want it to end. Of course I did not put this book down, Until it was finished.


A Scent of Seduction. Very good story!!!!


A Scent of Seduction. Great historical romance! Intrigue, danger, assumed betrayal, and a great love!

Frankly I'm frustrated

Over it!. I was so irritated by all of the lies she told and dressing up as a boy. She never told him she was his friends sister and it got him beat to a pulp! She struck up a friendship with a stranger and brought danger to his home! She told a secret to a man she barely knew that he specifically told her had been held purposely between him and his uncle and nearly got him killed! She told two men the secret of her love for him, but kept it from him until “He was willing to confess everything to her”! Then he finally comes clean and tells everything and declares his love and she sends him away AGAIN!!!! She was a completely annoying and childish heroine! I hated that she never paid the cost of her misdeeds and lies! But he was just as ignorant! If he could just take a minute and talk with his heart and his mouth instead of going on and on about his lust for his wife’s luscious young body causing his body to betray his training! Every other word from his dumb mouth was about SEX! Why was this book so dang long? I don’t remember a single storyline occurring! The best parts of the book we’re about other people! The ship’s crew and the stable master! Give me a break! The amount of real story could have been told in 200 pages!!! I gave it a 3 star rating because of the bits of true writing centered around ship life and when she was a maid. Honestly I’m still annoyed that they struggled the whole book to be together and then you take one page to convey all of their intense longing, love and confessions! And she never gets held accountable for telling lies and secrets and going behind both mens back to stow away! Can you tell I’m frustrated???!!

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A scent of seduction. I found it hard to keep on reading this story. The plot was very predictable and the stretch of some 900 pages too long.


Brilliant. Excellent writing, two intriguing characters and an interesting story arc. I was hooked and could hardly put it down.

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Mary Campisi - A Scent of Seduction Comments

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