Before He Kills (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 1) by Blake Pierce

Before He Kills (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 1) by Blake Pierce Book Summary


From #1 bestselling author Blake Pierce comes a heart-pounding new mystery series.

In the cornfields of Nebraska a woman is found murdered, strung up on a pole, the victim of a deranged killer. It doesn’t take long for the police to realize a serial killer is on the loose—and that his spree has just begun.

Detective Mackenzie White, young, tough, smarter than the aging, chauvinistic men on her local force, finds herself called in grudgingly to help solve it. As much as the other officers hate to admit it, they need her young, brilliant mind, which has already helped crack cold cases that had left them stumped. Yet even for Mackenzie this new case proves an impossible riddle, something the likes of which she—and the local force—have ever seen.

With the FBI called in, together, an intense manhunt ensues. Mackenzie, reeling from her own dark past, her failed relationships, and her undeniable attraction to the new FBI agent, finds herself battling her own demons as her hunt for the killer takes her to the darkest places of her mind. As she delves into the killer’s mind, obsessing over his twisted psychology, she finds that evil truly does exist. She only hopes it will not be too late to extricate herself from it, as her entire life collapses around her.

As more bodies turn up dead and a frantic race against time ensues, there is no way out but to find him before he kills again.

A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, BEFORE HE KILLS marks the debut of a riveting new series—and a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 

Book #2 in the Mackenzie White Mystery series will be available soon. 

Also available by Blake Pierce is ONCE GONE (A Riley Paige mystery—Book #1), a #1 bestseller!

Before He Kills (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 1) Book Details

Book Name Before He Kills (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 1)
Genre Women Sleuths
Author Blake Pierce
Published 19 May 2016, Thursday
Price Free
E-Book Size 3.79 MB

Before He Kills (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 1) by Blake Pierce Book Reviews

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Once Gone. Intense, hard to put down, unpredictable. Thank you.


Loooooove. Love love love!!! Blake Pierce sir you NEVER miss!!!


Before He Kills. Excellent character development, twists and turns, and engaging plot.


Awesome. I recommend this book. It’s very entertaining and keeps you on your toes.


Awesome book. If you like mysteries , you will really like reading this book.


Satisfied. Love this book. I was consistent with this one finished in 7hours


Bo. The xbvjyIzlkzenillh


Would recommend. Very good book. It kept my interest completely despite the numerous typos that were a distraction. Good characters and the story flowed nicely.


Very intriguing. I really enjoyed this book.


Excellent!. Activating characters, great storyline


Before he kills. Interesting lead character but too impulsive to be fully believed. Still pretty good story and while the murderer is typical, other characters and situations are quite good

Beau 11

Worth the time to read. Pretty. Good...glad I read it


Before He Kills. While this book was detailed and left me wondering every minute, it did not waste my time. It kept me tied to my seat at what would happen next. Not overly violent or sickening, but crafted and worded just right. A great read anytime.


Decent. It had a good story. Very typical cop story that leads to catching the bad guy. Lots of grammatical errors throughout the book though. Sometimes had to re-read the sentence to have it make sense with what should be there. A good book nonetheless.


Page Turner!. Suspenseful, detailed, multiple character perspectives...I read this book in just a few days! Being that I typically only read True Crime; I’m excited to read the 2nd book with Mackenzie White to see what her next journey holds!


Before He Kills. Once I started reading this book I just couldn’t stop. Couldn’t get over what a good profiler she is.Against all odds she figures it out and almost takes him down herself. Can’t wait to read all of the books. To see if they are just as intriguing.

Behsjs disnsndn

Same old Formula. I read the Chloe Fine Series first because it’s a series and the order doesn’t matter. And after reading the reviews for both series, I’m so surprised no one has said it yet...this is the exact same plot line!! A dead parent. An estranged other parent. A relationship between sisters that’s frayed. A powerful female main character who is distracted by her failing love life. Like omg. I really dislike when authors have a formula they just plug the same info into and recycle throughout their books. Another thing, Chloe walks into a church and is surprised the book the priest is reading is the Bible. What idiot would be surprised to see this? Does she think priests read crime novels? Like cmon. Also, she must be living in a hole to not recognize the letters on the post were bible verses. Like duh. Very unbelievable storyline. If she’s a detective, she should know this stuff whether she’s religious or not. The thing that bothered me the most was the ending. It was super confusing. The killer says multiple times that his victim is naked and then she’s referred to as the victim in a pink bra. Where did her clothes magically appear from? Mackenzie also makes several references to being disrespected as a female cop and low and behold, her fellow male coworkers hold the door open for her. Is she grateful? Not at all. I was so disappointed with this book. I truly enjoyed the Chloe Fine Series but this is a series I will not be finishing.


Before He Kills was extremely interesting.. Detective White faced job discrimination and had to fight for her place as well as solve a crime. I read it straight through in 2 hours, needing to know her conclusions on this case. Unfortunately, the cold case was just loose information thrown in there but never connected to the story line. However, the ending was sensational. There is a mistake in the entering the age of her mentor, saying he was a retired policeman who was 70 but looked 80. It notes the things he has done since retirement so his age should have been 80 in order to accomplish all that.


Hard Pass. Cliche after cliche brightened with typos and plot holes galore. Don’t waste your time.


Before He Kills. Great book,great story ,great everything but it did have some errors in the words.


Fast read. Fast and fun read. Very simple writing and typos throughout. Mostly towards the end. Worth the read


Before he Kills. Fast paced, action filled and a great read. Going on to book two in this series.

Gramma sleuth

Fast moving ,breath holding novel.. I liked the author’s style, to the point. No flowery passages, just the story. It kept my attention to the end, and had an ending I didn’t see coming.

Reads avisly

Great read. Blake Pierce is one of my favorite authors. He keeps your interest throughout the book.


So many typos, lacking depth. Nearly from the start the lead character was a cliche, tough woman cop trying to prove herself, failed relationships, gets removed from case, goes rogue, finds killer alone but fellow cops come to the rescue. So many typos and continuity errors. The first book in another of his series was nearly identical. Loads of typos. Tough women copy trying to prove herself, failed relationships, gets removed, goes rogue, goes in alone to find the killer, rescued and revered by male partner. Seems like the author has the ability to develop a good story but rushes through the content and story line, leaving a lot of gaps and predictable plot “twists”. Not enough depth to really make you like or care about the characters.


READ IT !. I loved this book. Could not put it down. Im usually not into reading but i got hooked! 100% recommend !


Great Book. Didn’t want to put it down till the end. Great characters and storyline.


Page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It had a great story and characters that were realistically believable. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this series.


Before he Kills. This the first book written by Blake Pierce, WOW, I will be reading THEM ALL. THANK YOU, GREAT READ!

Fan of Alex Cross

Before He Kills. Excellently book! I was spell bound as I read the book. The book was very easy to read and follow.


Loveeee. This was a great book to be free! Definitely makes me want to read more by the author and see what he has to offer! I enjoyed the read!


Before he kills. Great book. Kept me interested the whole time.


Fantastic read. This was fantastic and full of suspense. The characters were interesting and entertaining. The story was dark and kept me interested until the end.

Bryce Buchannon

Fantastic. I absolutely loved this book I wish I could buy the next couple of books. This book get you on edge really quick. The author did an amazing job

Hiccup 1234

Before he Kills. Excellent! Well written and hard to put down.


Before He Kills. Amazing read. So suspenseful and trilling I couldn’t stop reading!


Before he kills. Very nice book. Easy reading


Before he kills. I like this book. I will definitely read more of the Mackenzie White series. I like Blake Pierce’s writing and plan to read some of his other series.

Masar plata

Love!!. Love the suspense! Great read

CD The Coach

Good Book and Thriller. Mackenzie is a strong character but has flaws. Those flaws make her relatable. The story is riveting.


Top notch. I just love this author. His books are always riveting and suspenseful.


Great mystery!!. This book kept you turning pages until the very end! Great writing and story line!! A definite recommend !


Before he Kills..... Someone didn’t proof read this very well. Otherwise , it was an ok read. I would give it 3 stars.

JC Troutstream

Poor editing. Just as in his other book series, a Chloe Fine mystery, the author makes many editing errors. It wouldn’t be so hard to look past if it were grammar and punctuation alone but it is not. Characters names are often mixed up which greatly distracts from the story and lessens the overall reading experience.


Before He Kills!. Short but addicting! I love the female empowerment and the story that was well told in a short amount of time.


One of the best book. That’s one of the best book I have read. The mystery of the killer, of it all, kept me on my toes. With every chapter, I wanted to know more on what’s next. I can say that I have enjoyed it very much.


Before he kills. This was my first read by this author. The story was good but there were a considerable number of typos. Editing was pretty bad. But I’ll go on to next book in series.


JawDropping.. I can now say I have a new favorite author, this book as absolutely amazing.


Good book, awful spelling and grammar.. The book itself was really good. It was suspenseful and kept my attention. The problems I had with this book were the constant spelling and grammar mistakes. There were also mistakes in the story details. For example, in one part of the book it talks about a completely naked girl. A page or two later she magically has underwear on. Then, a page after that she magically has a bra on. Usually I understand if there are one or two mistakes in a book. Even that seems like laziness, but this book has so many mistakes! I highlighted over ten mistakes in spelling and grammar alone. Before publishing this book, the author and publishers should have fixed these mistakes. This makes me not want to purchase or read anything else coming from this company.


Good. I’m not even done with the book but I like it so far but I don’t know why everyone says there are too many typos

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Wine please

Hang in. This book is a little slow. But it leads you up to a great second book. Good characters.


Was okay;). I'm not going to lie, I really didn't like it at first, there was just something about it that rubbed me the wrong way:/ But darn it, it ended with that 'Lindsey Boxer' feel, and now I can't help but wonder about her next chapter in life, go figure heh heh


Before he kills. I enjoyed getting to know McKenzie. Glad to see a character with flaws and not loved by everyone.


Before he kills. Good book


Before he kills. Love this author and her feisty detective. Loved seeing her find her feet. Well written page turner. Read it all in one go when I should have been gardening. No regrets!


Nice. Wonderful story. Very intriguing.


Before he kills. Mackenzie is a great woman detective, which everyone on the police force doesn’t take seriously...She shows how wrong they were!


Detective White could become one of my favourite characters but.... I often seek out books with a strong female protagonist and this one is very well done. That being said, there’s a great deal of the main characters second-guessing herself and a lot of energy focussed on how poorly she is treated and how disrespected she is by the males around her. I can’t help but feel that the character is somewhat diminished by this portrayal. This e-book also suffers from one of my biggest complaints regarding a lot of e-books: the lack of proof reading. There are a number of instances where the wrong words are used simply because of the reliance on spellchecking rather than proofreading. E.g.: the word “state” is spelled “stare”. (Only one example of the probably dozen or more editing errors that I noticed).


Good read. I really enjoyed it! I liked how there were a couple moments in the book that would have seemed cliché except they didn’t turn out the expected way at all. Good female character.


Before he kills. My attention was fully kept from start to end, having completed it with a few hours.


Before He kills. A very exciting and intriguing story about a a Lady ‘Cop’ determined to bring down a ruthless killer….

Who k owns

Me. Blah


Before he kills. The book is interesting. Well written and directed. The only thing I found out was ln the last chapter, the killer had stripped her naked, and when she came into the house, she had underware on. Other than that, I did enjoy it.

Tweety bird 1947

Tweety Bird. Really enjoyed this book. I could hardly put it down. I liked the way the story had unexpected twist and turn. In my opinion this author makes it a challenge for the reader to project what will happen next.


A great read. Great Reading well worth it series just gets better and better thank you enjoy your reading.


Before he kills. Lasted til page 126 before I'd had enough of constant reminders of how the poor heroine is being run down by all males in the story. Never valued for her immense talents! The story is more about this than a detective story. Virtually every page has some reference of misogyny of all males in the story Poor hard done by thin skinned heroine boo hoo! More like a misandrist author with a massive chip on the shoulder!


A great story. This is a great story and very well written throughout.


A great read.. Hard to put down.

Angharad Rees

Edited?. This books needs a heavy duty editing, words spelt incorrectly. Words used incorrectly. Continuity is odd, one girl stark naked then dressed in underwear again. Story line itself was good, different to the norm. Angharad Rees

Is there any name free??

Where is the proof reading?. A good quick read. The disappointment was in the writing errors, lots of mistakes from typos to changes of descriptions across a page. Won’t stop me reading the next one though.


Before he Kills. Enjoyed it...


A good read. Read over a long period but still had the ability to follow and enjoy


Before he kills. Great read had me interested throughout. Looking for next story in this series straight away.


Amazing!!. A phenomenal piece of work that definitely needs more credit and more publicity. Absolutely would recommend!

M twine

A good read. This book was good to read. It was exciting in places. Perhaps a little predictable. A few typos too. But overall an interesting read.


Blake pierce. I find all his books such easy reading, am totally hooked. Really enjoy them. They are all quite samey but I find that doesn't matter. I can read up to two of his books a day when I am not at work. Brilliant!!


Enjoyable. Enjoyed reading this. Was a real page turner. Will read the next one soon.


Fanstastic!. Im not really a keen reader, but needed something to keep me occupied during this lockdown, and I have to say this book had me hooked from the start. 2 5 hour sittings and I was done! Brilliant again from Blake Pierce!!!


Best book yet!. Really, really enjoyed this one. Think it may be my favourite so far from this author. Definitely worth a wee read.


Brilliant. Gripping!! Now on book 3 and already can't wait for book 4 :)


An American detective crime. Interesting detailed, but annoying in parts re how the police worked to solve the case. Would this happen? It’s American , so not sure.


A well written book. The plot was very good from what was going on in the killers mind to what Mackenzie was feeling and her struggles in her personal life and her job. It is a really good book. I am looking forward to reading the next one.

Special agent White

Before He Kills. Amazing story, very interesting to read. I couldn’t keep the book down at night as i kept on turning pages! I enjoyed reading it and i am looking forward to reading the next books and see what White has to offer to me as a reader!

Lady golfer blue

Mesmerising. This is the first book I have read from this author , but it will not be the last . It sent me on a few trips I didn't expect. Very well written ,loved it. Can't wait to read the next one.

Annabelle 14

Before He Kills. An excellent read with a very exciting and thrilling story line.Great characters add a lot of weight and reality to the plot.Found it almost impossible to leave down.Thoroughly recommended for both sexes,although involves police force and FBI.Wonderful!!


Brilliant Read. This book has you hooked from the very beginning and is not just murder, intrigue and suspense, but a lone struggle of a female police detective proving her worth in a male orientated profession. You can feel the struggle she has with herself and her superiors and thus adds to the intrigue in the way she solves this crime. A gripping read from start to finish.


First book 2021. Not enjoyed a book for sometime, having me hook from the beginning, 7 days later I had finished. How I didn’t want the story to end.

Mackenzie white mystery

Before He Kills. Excellent read which kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Cannot wait to read volume two


Fabulous. I couldn’t put this book down. I was riveted right from the start through to the end. White was well portrayed in a man’s world and true to herself.


Great Read. Recommended, first in the series and will be following


Brilliant. Couldn't put this book down great for start to finish can't wait to read book 2 in the series


This is a really good thriller. I can't believe how good a thriller this is. It slowly reels you in and keeps you engrossed all the way through. Yet another author added to my must read list. Highly recommended must read.

Barney @

Before he kjlls. Brilliant, could not put it down, just had to get to the end.Looking forward to the next book.

Rosie 💘

fabulous!!!. I started reading at 11:30pm and have just finished now at 4:00am, i could not go to sleep- i was desperate to know what was happening next! there are so many twists! if you’re looking for a book that you won’t be able to put down and you love horror/crime then this is the book for you!!! maybe now i’ve finished i’ll be able to go to sleep...


Wow!!!. I couldn’t put it down. Read it throughout the day whatever I was doing. Wow!!

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Wonderful book. This type of writing and genre falls right into what I look for in a book. Wonderfully written and easy to follow. I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to completing the series. 👍🏼


Before He Kills. I read all the Riley Paige novels so I was expecting great things from this first Mackenzie White novel. I was not disappointed. I was late for work this morning because I couldn't put it down. I had to finish it. So exciting.


Before he kills. Very good thriller. I like your style very much.

Space-time continuum

It’s a book. It’s a book so books are good because it teaches book time


Before he kills. Good story, but the author goes through so much trouble to write a great scene and then you lose your mental picture with all the typo's. Truly sad. SPOILER ALERT FOLLOWS!!! Also, some descriptions of what the last victim was wearing, changed while she was incapacitated! Also with her mobility. SPOILER ALERT DONE!! Makes it hard to follow the scenes as written. Again, you lose your mental picture of what the author worked so hard to create. With a good and thorough editing this would be a great book.


Before He Kills. A true thriller! Another fascinating edge-of-your-seat read from Blake Pierce!! Loved it and anxious to start the next in the series!


Good book. Amazing


Before He Kills. Very exciting! Couldn't wait to find time to read.


Before he kills. This book leaves you wanting to find out more about the motive of the killer. I enjoyed the fact that it shows the truth about how hard a (society considered) beautiful woman has to struggle to prove she is more than a pretty face. I am going to read the rest of the series and hope that the series continues.


Page turner!. You feel like you know her, in real life and you want to help her on the case. Full of suspense and drama.


Before He Kills review. Good thing this was cheap. Not very well written. Has a number of typos and grammatical errors. Trite dialog and narrative. Plot moves fast and my interest was maintained. Not an author I will continue to follow.


Amazing and suspenseful. I never knew what Mackenzie was going to do next! The suspense from the case keep me turning the pages til the very end. Finished this book in less than a day! Can’t wait to start the next one!!


Before He Kills Bk 1. A mystery that is hard to put down. The life of profiler of a serial killer is hard to imagine. The emotional trauma they personally go through to make us safe is unfathomable, which is what this book brings to life.


Novice writer. The plot is interesting. My problem is with character development. The main character is hard to like. She is full of herself and a martyr. At on point in the book she describes herself as being looked down upon by her peers because she is young, smart and attractive. She actually says that! Sub characters aren't fully developed either.

Little Lauren Lu

Need a new editor. Does anyone read this book before it is printed. So many errors. Mainly missing words. Made me think nobody really cared about this book so why should I bother reading it.


Loved it❤️. Awesome mystery and would recommend to everyone !


Uncreative. This is the second book I've read by this author, the first I read was the first book in her Riley Paige series. Both books are riddled with typos, and have almost exactly the same storyline, just with different names and serial killers. Disappointing. The story is simplistic and unexciting.

Best Book in a LONG Time

Before He Kills. This has to be one of the best books i have read in a LONGGGG time. It takes alot for me to read anymore, however from Chapter one i was compelled to keep reading! Love the way the author takes control and really helps you visualize what’s going on! I could read this all over again! Next, Before He See’s! :D


Good. This book is a good book except for the language and the sexual talk. I really enjoyed this mystery. It would be amazing if there weren't as many cuss words and talk about sex.


Good read. Great storyline, suspense and excitement.


Really Good Read!. I found this book while browsing the free section, thought the cover looked good, read the description, decided to download it to check it out. IT'S SO GOOD! Really didn't expect much out of it. I'm not done with it yet. I'm still in the process of reading it. But I finished 10 chapters tonight and I'm really liking it. The story is solid. The characters are all unique and different. There's even times when you glimpse into what's going on with the killer and find out more about what's driving him. I also just realized this is a series with the main character Mackenzie. So what's I'm done with this, I'll definitely be checking out the other books in the series, and possibly other books by the author.


Before He Kills. Nice read!!!!

Its crime

Mackenzie White #1. I enjoyed this tough heroine. The setup of her situation as a new, young detective cleverly detailed the serial killer’s MO—an interesting start to a book that keeps your interest. However, I needed more about the killer’s character and motivation, I wanted the prologue’s victim to be saved or know the resolution for her kids, and I wanted the easy outs to be more believable—the link to the 1987 murder didn’t resolve, the pastor’s sermon was too convenient, Porter tipped off by the FBI agent unnecessary (he should have got there on his own), and the gratuitous dumping of her relationship was unnecessary or not believable. In the future I’d like to see her solve her dad’s murder, stop worrying about how the old guard treats her as a woman, and just get on with kicking butt. She is fun to “watch” as she pieces clues together using her gut instincts. Lastly, I appreciated the nonjudgmental look at the plight of single mothers looking to raise their kids by any means possible. I’d like a happy ending for that 15-year-old orphan.


Weak logic. This story has holes in its logic that are so big you could throw a cat through them. For instance, the victim is tied up with her back to a large wooden pole and whipped. So how does she end up with whip marks on her back?


Great characters but with some flaws. The characters are somewhat likable. There were a lot of misspelled words and missing verbs. The story is wonderfully written in the beginning and middle but felt rushed in the end. I felt the main character wouldn't have made such a rush to judgement in the end that could of gotten her killed. The writer didn't explain about the old cold case murder that was similar to the current case we know he killed before because the killer mentioned it early in the book why didn't Mackenzie research that old cold case who was the woman who got killed I could of sworn that detail was going to give them a huge lead once she researched it but she never did they just completely forget about. It would of been a great plot if his first murder was his mother but that was left unanswered. Overall I do like the book and I will be reading the next one in the series hopefully the 2nd book is better then the 1st book.


Loved it!. Lots of action with twists. Couldn't put it down. Mickey


Amazing. I finished this story in one day and a half. I just couldn't stop reading. I loved how the story developed through the chapters and the characters as well. Very good story and the end was perfect.


Spell check??. This book is actually pretty good, the only issue that I have is that there are multiple issues with spelling and grammar mistakes. When I see that in a book, it makes me want to stop reading it all together because the author didn't have the time to re read their book & spell check it.

Bookworm Sue

A book that surprised me. I thought this book would be dull, a waste of time, and probably would never finish. Instead, I found a great story, edge of my seat mystery, great characters and a very good author!

Mr. Doge faced Pooskay

You mad bro?. Copyright © 2016 by Blake Pierce. All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior permission of the author. This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return it and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Jacket image Copyright lassedesignen, used under license from I did this for the lols ok?


Before He Kills. Believable, exciting an d very readable. Excellent characterization. Cane wait to read book 2


Before he Kills. Great book. I loved MacKenzie. She was tough and didn't let the men break her down. I couldn't stop reading it. I had to finish it. Thanks Blake. I will read more.


Before He Sees. I enjoyed this book a great deal and read it quickly. However, I was distracted by misspellings and grammatical errors throughout the book. Why don't editors catch these blatant mistakes?


Before He Kills. Liked the characters, ok plot. Not a lot of suspense. Could use some editing. Expect that subsequent books will be even better.

Blake Pierce - Before He Kills (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 1) Comments

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