Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki Book Summary


In Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 Personal Finance book of all time, Robert Kiyosaki shares the story of his two dad: his real father, whom he calls his ‘poor dad,’ and the father of his best friend, the man who became his mentor and his ‘rich dad.’ One man was well educated and an employee all his life, the other’s education was “street smarts” over traditional classroom education and he took the path of entrepreneurship…a road that led him to become one of the wealthiest men in Hawaii. Robert’s poor dad struggled financially all his life, and these two dads—these very different points of view of money, investing, and employment—shaped Robert’s thinking about money.

Robert has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people, around the world, think about money and investing and he has become a global advocate for financial education and the path to financial freedom. Rich Dad Poor Dad (and the Rich Dad series it spawned) has sold over 36 million copies in English and translated editions around the world.

Rich Dad Poor Dad will…
• explode the myth that you need to earn a high income to become rich
• challenge the belief that your house is an asset
• show parents why they can’t rely on the school system to teach their kids
about money
• define, once and for all, an asset and a liability
• explain the difference between good debt and bad debt
• teach you to see the world of money from different perspectives
• discuss the shift in mindset that can put you on the road to financial freedom

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Details

Book Name Rich Dad Poor Dad
Genre Personal Finance
Author Robert T. Kiyosaki
Published 18 September 2015, Friday
Price $7.99
E-Book Size 9.14 MB

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki Book Reviews

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Great Book. Amazing


Amazing. Fantastic book

PB Meera

Worth it. One time read !!!!

Max is not in that lie

Love it. I wish my mind was this book

Vinod Nair ''

Must read. Excellent,an eye opener,


Rich Dad Poor Dad. Changed my mind forever


Take your time!. After quite some time with this book, I must say that Robert is an amazing author! I have been told many of times to read this book. I am pleased to say that this book is worth the hype.


Must read!!!. This book should be a must read in any financial institution! The information and perspectives are clearly given and easily understood. If you want to start looking in the right direction for guidance start here

Turkish 2000

IMPORTANT BOOK. Already recommended the book to my niece who study architecture. Thank you Mr. Robert. Lots of love from Turkey 🇹🇷

Gilner D

The best informative financial book!. The most informative financial book I've encountered. It imparted a wealth of knowledge in an easily comprehensible manner.


My heart. Great book I loved it sings to my heart


I feel like I just read my self-prophecy. I just finished reading this and I finally feel like I’ve found something I can actually work towards and be proud of while also achieving everything else I’ve always wanted to do with my life. I highly recommend that everyone reads this book.


Amazing Knowledge. This book is for a person or persons that is working on financial freedom or and independence this is an amazing read please if you want knowledge on financial stability read this book ASAP


Life changing perspective! A need to read!. Rich dad knows his stuff!


Nice. Great!


👍🏽. I love this book


Great Read. Loved this book, finished it fast. It is going to stay in my “reading now” collection. I plan on re-reading it multiple times. There were a lot of pieces in the book that made me recognize my strengths and weaknesses. It was eye opening. 10/10 recommend reading this book.


.. Great book !!! Can’t wait to read the others. I learned a lot!!!


A must read for investing beginners. An easy read which teaches the nascent investor to understand the value of financial intelligence and how it can unlock your financial freedom.

Da poet 19

Great read in 2022 and beyond. This book educated me on how the elite get money and keep money, make the money work for you !

Olivia reames

Good basics. Easy read


Essential for a successful financial future.. This book changed the lives of both me and my father. The language is kept simple, for those worried about the confusing nature of financial literacy. I could not be more grateful for the lessons that I’ve learned in this book and, as a 24-year old black male, I cannot wait to apply all of these steps in my life. Looking forward to reading more of Kiyosaki’s work.


J.B.. One of the best books I’ve read!

AngLo Torres

Great Book. This book opens your eyes to an entire different mindset and lifestyle. It allows you to understand life for what it should be. GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE!!!!!


Insightful read. I had never really thought about the asset and liability classes. Raised by a single mother who was a hard worker but missed out on several amazing deals in her life like a $40k house that is now worth $5 million. I was brought up in that world but my wife and I are trying to break free of being salary-only. Next step is to look into our cash flow and get it flowing into companies that can utilize the full value pretax.


Great read. One of the best books I have every read so much go information you can use right away and in the future it definitely puts you on a path to be wealthy


Great. Worth it every word from this book. Make you start thinking in another level about money .


Worth $8 10x over. Very informative


Not bad advice. This book is great if you’ve never even thought about your personal finances before, but otherwise the book is more motivational than it is a how-to guide.


Great Book. It teaches great lessons and pointers on how to actually accumulate wealth. I love that he exemplifies his personal strategies. I recommend the book. Valuable information that is simple for anyone to understand.

Jahvon Walsh

Outstanding. This was a great read. I’ve been doing a lot of what’s mentioned in this book so it helped for validation but also helped other things make sense while opening my brain to new ideas. Great read.


Worth the Reas. A rich man’s perspective vs a poor man’s perspective. Where does your perspective lie? Great book that contributes to financial literacy and learning self awareness in regards to finance.


Great Book. This book opens many doors.


Valuable lessons yet repetitive. Title says it all. There’s plenty about this book that’s worth the read. It makes you think critically about your relationship with money, and it’s a must read for any amateur entrepreneur. However, the book reaches a point where the author repeats himself without offering any further insight or conclusions. Toward the end it felt like he was looking to meet a word count.


Awesome. Definitely recommended to get you started 👌🏻


Def not worth reading IMO. Book is vey repetitive and outdated. If you already have the drive, mindset, ambition and willingness then this book is not for you. If your looking for more knowledge in finance then this book is not for you. It’s more about him and his dads and story. Very boring after the few couple chapters. Book was written jn 97 so don’t expect much for a book not in this era.


Amazing insight. Fantastic insight how to view money,time and education

Jose sanchez2484

False advertising. Doesn’t show the whole book


excellent. Great information!!

Maine 295

Rich dad poor dad. Great read


Best Book. I love the book!! It’s a gem especially in 2023. 🙌🏾


I liked it.. This book is really informative and makes you rethink how you view money.


Everyone should give this book a read.. Great ideas for someone trying to expand their financial knowledge. It’s not a road map by any means but will give you the ideas and motive to start in the right direction.


Excellent. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki is an insightful and transformative guide to personal finance. Drawing from his own life experiences, Kiyosaki paints a clear picture of the different approaches to money management and wealth creation. He presents thought-provoking ideas that challenge traditional notions of work, saving, and investing, making it a must-read for anyone seeking to change their financial future. Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced investor, this book offers valuable lessons to help you navigate the financial world. Kiyosaki's straightforward and engaging style makes this book an easy and informative read. Overall, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" is a compelling tool that encourages its readers to think and invest like the wealthy.

Paicence little

Don’t waste money or time. Terrible don’t recommend

Kliewer J

Increase your financial IQ. A wonderful book that will increase your financial IQ. This is an easy read that will simplify how you look at money. The author words the ideas in an easy way to understand in combination of real life examples.

Tanay Chatwani

The best book ever. This book taught me a lot about finance. I wanted for myself to be more successful I’m 13 and I wanted to start early. This was the perfect book

Little Leprachaun

Great read!. Love this book and I can’t wait to read his other books! Going to instill this in my life and teach my kids about financial intelligence.

Awesomeness girl gymnastic

Great book. A great book I completely recommend

Kook kelby

Life Changing. Completely made me think, react, and see life in a whole new way.

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Sam Asadian

Top one percent!!!. This is an amazing book if you wanna get a different perspective of how money works and put it into life actions. .


Great insight !. First time reading this book and I’m amazed at all the “oohs and ah” moments I had while reading this book. It made me realized a lot about money and financial freedom. I can’t wait to read Robert’s guide to investing book!


Review about the book. I love this book. It’s a book I can recommend to anyone trying to be financially free.


Thanks ROBERT. This book change all my financial vision from now on will all go right !!


Ermm it's not bad. Very encouraging and motivating start..half way through the book, I find it to be less interesting. Guy talks about getting out of debt, then goes right into buying and investing in properties by dropping 30-40grands?


#lifechanger. This book has shifted my future! My path is my goal will stay with me to the end of time and I can already see sharing this again and again! I’m not sure there will ever be enough gratitude for this and the beautiful people who recommended it! It comes at a time where I’m starting a large company and now know I will turn it into an asset and the funds I get will be assets paying for assets and life! So excited!


GOOD BOOK!. Very good book I learned a lot.

Black magic 117

Rich Dad Poor Dad was an eye opener. As a 20 year old just starting my first job this book was an eye opener for me, I’m excited to begin investing money and developing my financial intelligence.


Couldn’t stop reading. Absolutely loved this book great opening to financial literacy and explains what it takes to stay with it. Awesome for anyone new to the game


Best Book. I learned a lot from this book things that I don’t know before and wasn’t taught in schools. I’ll definitely read his other books. Everyone who wants to get rich or achieve financial and time freedom should read this.


A must read. I readthis book for the first time when i was 15 and thought i understood but i didnt, when i read it again when i was 30, then i had the capacity to understand what was said there, looks like this book is for about 20 years old ppl when they have mental capacity to understand things


Best reading since sliced bread. I wish I had this as an assignment. Loved lord of the flies, but would have made more of life from this..


Bad advice. These guy gives bad advice. I guess that’s why he bankrupted now. Buy the Barefoot investor instead.


Amazing book! Everyone must read this!. This has opened my eyes to financial habbits! Amazing book!


5 star. Wise man


Good Read. Will definitely read again as i wasn’t very consistent due to single dad stuff. Great read though.


Thought Provoker. Real and thought provoking. The self-reflective Rich Dad Poor Dad made me think about income, investments, taxes, career pathways, and more. A good read for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy.


Inspiring. Personally I found this to be a very inspiring book. It’s very eye opening in just how easy he makes it sound to become rich. Worth the read, even if you think you’re “too old” to start.

Maria Issom

Rich Dad Poor Dad. I love the books I read , but I wish we could read books like this at school. Someone, please,tell the teachers at my school to get like 3 of this book , ‘cause I love it.Lot better than the books I read at school!😀


Fantastic read!!. Robert Kiyosaki has completely changed my concept on my finance strategies!


Fantastic!!. This book is so great for advice for the future wether your young or old and gives you great advice. I would recommend reading it to your kids. 10/10! Great book, thanks 🙂

Alex anagn

Fantastic. That book is a must read for a beginner or a young person to at least understand the Philosophy of financial freedom, investing, acquiring assets instead of liabilities. Totally recommend!


More rich dads needed in the world!. Every story, every lesson and every example in this book was compelling and has kickstarted my desire to make money work for me. I have no children currently but I will be taking the rich dad approach when the time comes after being raised by a poor dad myself who constantly pushed me to get educated and work hard for a living. Thankfully I have found this book at the age of 28 and not 58 and have plenty of time to change my approach to money!


Truly valuable!. A remarkable book to read with lots of great advice to apply to your financial future. This has woken up my financial genius!


Loved it!. Did change my perspective entirely, great book!


It’s a game changer…. Hi I’m 14 and I read this book in lockdown and it totally changed my perspective on the world and how it’s heading today. Up until then I didn’t know how money worked and I thought slaving away at a job for most of my life would make me rich. Thankfully I read this book before people like Andrew Tate got to me first. I’m now trying to educate myself and expand my financial intelligence. Glad I read this book and totally recommend!


Profound!. Never has a book held my attention or provoked me into wanting to learn more than this.


Rich dad poor dad. Great book, helped me focus on my long term goals


Great book. Really great book. Wish I had read it years ago. Brilliant financial education. They should make you read this in school instead of all the usual rubbish which added very little value to people’s lives. If your thinking of buying it just do it. It’s a very worthwhile investment.

Mr $!nGH

Waited 15 years to read. I was told about this book nearly 15 years ago by a very successful friend. I only took the time now to read and understand how it changed his life. Hopefully it can change yours too. Highly recommend it if you want to avoid the trap of the rat race.


Great read. Great very easy to read and provides real life examples throughout the book.

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Terrell Marshall

Review. Great book!


Amazing insight. Fantastic insight how to view money,time and education


Highly recommended. Fantastic read! Really changes the way you look at time and money!

Thane G.

Great. Thank you.

No Facebook friends

Ideal introduction for new investors. It’s worthwhile to spend some money learning about your mindset and this book will make you aware of the mindset that was imprinted on you by poor dads in your life. Take advantage of the the authors knowledge and invest in yourself!!


Mind blowing self discovery! Richness here I come!. If you’re not comfortable in the way you’re living right now,this book is right for you!

Innermost C

Excellent. Great book! The knowledge I gained from this book will hopefully be passed down to my kids through teaching them about generational wealth.

Luisillo Gonzalez

Acerca del libro. El mejor libro. Lo recomiendo! Bastante información de finanzas inteligentes.


Return from deployment. I was told by one of my squad members to read this book while I was deployed and didn’t pay much attention to it. I realize I was wrong to not have read it because it has opened my eyes. Great read especially coming back from a deployment.

Laakea cabreira

Must read. Good book thankful for this kind of information for this price

Ryan Kirkwood- UMI

Great book!. Overall great read. For people who want to get out of the everyday rat race. Highly recommend


Missing pages. So far the book isn’t bad, actually a good read. Although I don’t have the full book, even though I spent the money on it? I’m very confused and would either like my money back or the full book. Thank you!


Rich Dad poor Dad. Awesome book, main lesson i learned this book is to “pay myself first”

Miss millionaire

Amazing!!!. Hands down the best book ever!!!


Outstanding !. Very grateful to have come across this book, it was very educational and will be a big part of my life going forward.


Get out of the normal!. We’ve been taught to wake up and go to work at a 9-5. Read this book and get out of traffic!


Excellent book. I think everyone should read this book

Dan the whoopin

Changing perspective. This book is amazing! It really has opened my mind and changed my entire thought process when it comes to money! Change your perspective!


Must read!!!. This book should be a must read in any financial institution! The information and perspectives are clearly given and easily understood. If you want to start looking in the right direction for guidance start here


Great book!. Great book! Gives different prespectives. Easy read


You will not be disappointed.... This book is truly life changing. I'm motivated to change how I've been taught to think about money. And the main goal for me is financial literacy/freedom, by any means necessary. Thanks Robert for your encouraging words and education. I will purchase other books in this series to continue elevating my mind and time.

Fix This Layout Bug

Did not get my moneys worth?? Plz Help. Idk if its just me or what but I paid for the book and It gave me 26 pages what am I doing wrong?


Book. Buy the book


Helps to understand money. This books is a thought process changer. There is so much about money making that people do not know and fuel our greed/desire in the right way would drive us to become a millionaire.


Lfc. Well written and easy to understand


Very Informative, Great Read. “The key to becoming wealthy is the ability to convert earned income into passive income or portfolio income as quickly as possible.” So many gems in this book. You should definitely add this to your library if you haven’t already. Thanks Rob.


Nothing but a motivational book. This guy deserves more credit when it comes to causing the 2008 housing bubble.


Great Read. I recently committed to reading and investing and this has been my first book. I’m proud of myself as this book has given me a new perspective on a lot of things.


JGARRETT43. It is by far one of my best reads. Robert could not of been more honest and open about his life, life itself and financial literacy.


Best book. Great read !


Mindset focused. I read this book to learn how to create passive income and create wealth. The author spent most of the time stressing the importance of “money making money” or “making money work for you”, but teaching you very little on how to do so, besides stating a few examples on how he was able to find real estate properties, but again, teaching you nothing about how to invest in real estate. I learned only a few key important lessons, but not much. The book doesn’t teach any strategies or formulas or anything that’s actionable. It’s mostly focused on mindset, which if I didn’t have, I wasn’t going to find this book in the first place. Towards the end it tells you to develop your financial intelligence by ways such as reading books, I find that to be a little ironic.


👍🏽. Great book glad I read it


Good for 1st timers. Very relatable and easy to follow for 1st time investors. Will look into the rest of the authors series

Michelle bubs

Great book. Engaging and very honest. A lot of what Robert says is that you can’t achieve a lot if you don’t take action. Feed your mind with financial literature, take steps into working on it, and you will eventually get better, improve and learn how to take risks with confidence, wealth will follow.


Great. Very knowledgeable


Preview. This book was entirely too short. I am not sure if this was the preview or what but I’m very disappointed. I thought I purchased the original. However what I did read was interesting and gives a new outlook on life. Looking forward to finding the real book! And full book!

UGH! the update!!!

Very insightful. Enjoyed my first time reading , will read again . Lots of information, yet reads fairly easy

Gregory Pieternella

Best book. It’s a really great book I love it!

Rachee EJ

Informative read. Such a great read and I have been listening to Mr. Kiyosaki for years and was completely blown away by this great read.


A Must Read 💯. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book that can be read over and over again and still find useful relevant information. 100% Love this book. Maybe someday I’ll get a signed copy.


Rich dad poor dad. Great book! I have learn a lot just from reading it. Now I’m going to apply the knowledge.


Valuable Information. I read this book 16 years ago and I reread it recently. It is still applicable to today. This financial information was not taught to me by my family or in school. I will pass this knowledge on to others. I’m extremely thankful Mr. Kiyosaki. Best of luck to all of you.


Perspective. This book has changed my views on how we live and function as human beings. Everything is about perspective and how you choose to perceive the information you’re given. “I can’t afford it” think “how can I afford it?”. If you’re someone looking for motivation and information to push you forward in becoming financially free, read this book. I will be reading all the books this author has made and will continue my journey of becoming financially free..aka RICH. I will now work hard to have money work hard for ME, not the other way around. I will get out of the rat race.


This book is 🅿️🤝. I love it definitely will read think and grow rich now


Take your time!. After quite some time with this book, I must say that Robert is an amazing author! I have been told many of times to read this book. I am pleased to say that this book is worth the hype.


Amazing Book. This book was so amazing because it shows us how we can look at money in a different way. It also helped me become more successful with day trading forex because it changed my perspective on the way I look at money. If you are doing anything related to money, you need to read this book.


Life changing perspective! A need to read!. Rich dad knows his stuff!

Da poet 19

Great read in 2022 and beyond. This book educated me on how the elite get money and keep money, make the money work for you !


Great Read. Very insightful book.


Must read. Great book

Robert T. Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad Comments

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About Author "Robert T. Kiyosaki"

Robert Toru Kiyosaki (born April 8, 1947) is a Japanese-American businessman and author, known for the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of personal finance books. He is the founder of the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos, and Rich Global LLC, which filed for bankruptcy in 2012.Since 2010, Kiyosaki was the subject of a class action suit filed by people who attended his seminars, and the subject of investigative documentaries by the CBC, WTAE-TV and CBS News. In January 2024, Kiyosaki revealed that he was more than $1 billion dollars in debt. Early life and family Kiyosaki was born in 1947 in Hilo, in the American Territory of Hawaii, into a family of Japanese descent. Business career In 1977, Kiyosaki started a company called "Rippers" that marketed nylon and Velcro wallets. The company eventually went bankrupt and he took a job as a sales associate for Xerox until June 1978.In 1....

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