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Manifesting Abundance: How to Manifest Your Desires Using the Law of Attraction by Beau Norton Book Summary

Did you know that up to 95% of the people that attempt to use the law of attraction to manifest their desires see no noticeable results? The truth is that most people fail to use the law of attraction properly. In this book, I'm going to explain to you how you can correctly use the law of attraction to manifest your desires fast. You will learn some of the secrets that have been left out of many LOA books, and you will learn about the mistakes that people make when using the law of attraction so that you can avoid them and begin immediately manifesting your desires inrecord time.

Manifesting Abundance: How to Manifest Your Desires Using the Law of Attraction by Beau Norton Book Reviews

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This book so good

I enjoyed the simplicity of the information.

Very good book I rate this mf 5 stars.

I absolutely loved this book and will probably read it again in the future. It made me feel really hopeful and positive. I highly recommend.

this book really helps you understand the bigger picture and i’ve seen significant results since reading this

I feel more positive about life all ready after reading. It is short and to the point. I am still putting together the laws and understanding what is needed for positive change. If you are not interested in controlling the narrative of your life then you didn’t read this book.

This was a very simple yet effective explanation of LOA. Thank you

Quick and easy to read absolutely incredible

Great book

Wonderful quick and smooth ready thank you for making this book!

Great book a short read, but packs a lot of information.

Great book to read wouldn’t mind re reading it again.

I enjoyed reading this!! Really good tips and straight to the point, I have read many things on law of attraction but I like the way it is explained in this book!

A very digestible approach with steps to take to cultivate positive thinking in everyday life.

Really enjoyed reading this! I haven’t read in quiet a while dealing with depression and this helped me see things differently and truly inspired me to change and practice more positive thinking and shutting of that negative voice in my head, thank you!

Very informative and very helpful thanks!

I would not call this a book, But an essay.

Good quick read. Always makes me more positive

Great read 😁

Incredible book!!

This book was what I was needing for confirmation. Thank you..

6/5 stars.

Good read🖤

Loved it

I like that this book gives a concise description on how to apply the law of attraction. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the law of attraction.

Super short enjoyable reading.

Overall great read


Interesting reading

Really positive book

Powerful stuff in a short read.

The most powerful small book ever written, I’m ready to take on the world! I don’t even have to let you know later if this works, I already know I will succeed in everything I put my heart and mind to!

To the point and short 👍🏼

Very motivating I loved it!!

Touch the main points of manifestation.

Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to expand their ability to manifest more.

Amazing book

Muy buen libro, te deja saber la importancia de estar siempre con pensamientos y actitud positiva para poder manifestar la cifra que deseas 🤙🏽

Great insight with relatable tools that will greatly benefit one’s journey to a better life

Opened my eyes and heart, this book will be the reason I do succeed.

Great book!!!

Great book. Read while listening to calm music. Opens your mind to show you control your reality.

Very good information in such a short book. I definitely learned so much. Thank you for this amazing information and I highly recommend anyone to read this. And to continue to read more books like these.

Great book, I’ve always followed the law of attraction, but you have to continue to put yourself in positive situations for it to work. Like they say one bad apple ruins the apple tree. Stay away from bad apples and live among diamonds..

Very interesting to look at things in that perspective! I will work on changing the way I think.

I found this book as a great summary on the law of attraction, the author gives a precise details that everyone could benefit from.

This book is amazing I’ve been realigned with manifesting again but this book has helped me better understand the law of attraction ❤️❤️❤️

Awesome sauce

This book absolutely tells people the truth about the law of attraction and faith! It definitely works ………..Great read!

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Read the book and you will get to know and do not underestimate anything.

It’s a great book

I loved every single bit of this book. Highly recommend

Highly recommend!

I really enjoyed learning the power of what is the law of attraction

Great book I have ever read. It caters the true language for abundance that exists for so long that most people have no idea of it. Worth reading...!!!

a detailed explanation of law of attraction.

An excellent book to start you out on the law of attraction. Simplified and so easy to follow. I can’t wait to see how it works out.

After studying this material for a couple of years, it was a great read that confirmed in excellent writing everything I have previously learned. The way in which this book has been written I felt was extremely amazing and easily understandable for people new to this concept. If I had come across the invaluable knowledge in this book when I first started my journey, I’d certainly have understood the law a lot quicker. Highly recommended!

I 10000% what the reader has written and although I haven’t attempted this yet I know that with my current faith it works and this is the same underlying principles! What a great, motivational and positive read

For someone’s who their journey to freedom in all aspects this book has helped me so much. So many notes taken away which will help me make headway on this journey. The stars have been aligned and the path is set. It’s just a matter of walking now 🙏🏾❤️ Thank you !

I’ve read many self help books & watched many videos on this subject, but this book puts it in plain English. As a teacher myself, I am always finding visual, auditory & kinaesthetic ways to put messages across and this book does all three. There are methods in this book for all types of learning the art of self help and for all types of people.

I haven’t read many books on LOA but after reading this short book, I have downloaded about 5 more! I have quite severe mental health issues and it’s already making me think a little differently.


Perfect book if you aren’t wanting to think more positively and attract more good into your life. This book has made me so happy and given me the boost I needed Thankyou

Amazing short read. Gives you vital information on the LOA!

Very great subscription, I will have faith in myself and change my emotions to become successful I’ll come in the next 5 years and give an update on how I’m doing ☺️

I am studying lea of attraction for while and this book proves me once again that law of attraction work for me

Wow just... wow

Very helpful at explaining the law of attraction

Quick, easy read. Covers all the rules to the law of attraction, makes sense and leaves you not only believing in the law of attraction. But wanting to implement it right away.

I extremely enjoyed reading this book and will definitely read it again and again as it really had helped me see a more positive side to my life thank you

Super helpful & straight to the point. It really is simple when you put your mind to & your book literally sets about putting you mind to it. Amazing

Totally inspiring!!! I will carry on seeking further education in this realm! And thank you for your kindness for the free read, I appreciate it. Much love

Really good book, straight to the point about all you need to know about the law of attraction. Positive book which gives hope

Accurate and brief explanations on how LOA works!

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This book absolutely tells people the truth about the law of attraction and faith! It definitely works ………..Great read!

Great book to read. Regain you purpose to life with this book.

Definitely makes you think differently

Prosperity to you All

Very good positive book

The writer talk you ahould be visualize your brain look like magnates for either nagtive think or positive think , if your want change your life should be Change your thoughts

This book is less than 40 pages and organizes the information very well for you ! Very informative & the author even provided a link to some free affirmations.

Reading this book really lifted my spirit. I just feel like happiness is spilling out of me. I feel so motivated and positive that I can do this, I can really change my thoughts and ways and live the life that I want. I would really like to think the author of this book you have definitely changed my thought process thank you so much !!!

This book has helped me think in a more positive and interjected way. It really is an eye opener! Thanks for the KNOWLEDGE NUGGETS!!

Amazing book! I enjoyed it and I feel it really narrows it all down. On how to obtain a life you dream of. Follow the steps and love the steps as they are taken. Great book again definitely would recommend.

This book has a lot of great information, that the world needs to know about.

I love this book particularly because of how it can change your perspective on positivity and growth. Amazing read !

Enjoyed reading it and really gave me a good idea of what I have been doing wrong while manifesting

Thank you for this very necessary guide to understanding our blessings of abundance! Very clear and specific guidance, you are appreciated…

I really enjoy the fact that it was straightforward, easy to read and simple strategies to manifesting and attracting what we desire.

This book explains well how to exactly use the law of attraction in detail.

Have faith, Change your thoughts to see your actions align. Keep believing in yourself. This book is amazing .

Seemed like an ad.

Learning something new and expanding the knowledge is always great!

Great read with key points to get what you desire. If this book doesn’t motivate you…I don’t know what will. -Kelvin R

Inspiring and motivating!

I really liked reading this book, I started last night and finished this morning, there is a lot of good information that videos about the law of attraction just don’t cover. I like how it was sweet and short. I made lots of highlights. I will reread my highlights every week. I believe in the law of attraction because I’ve manifested big things before which is amazing but I wasn’t detailed enough. The only thing I didn’t like about this book is the part where it says “you’re responsible for everything that has happened to you.“ I don’t agree with that at all because sometimes bad things happen to good people. A better concept would be “Your 20’s is the life you were born into but your 30’s is the life you deserve.” You’re not responsible for how you grew up or the parents you were born to, the part about how your thoughts created your current life since birth is a bit much after you’re an adult it’s a different story.

Surprisingly short but a good motivational book. Change you mind change your life.

Thank you!!


Just believe in yourself and never stop

One of the reasons why I chose this book is because of how short it was compared to others. I feel like this book is a great starting point to changing how you think with all the tips and the explanations

I’m new to truly understanding manifesting. This book is great!

I enjoyed everything about this book , for a short book it gives you allot of knowledge you need to know so build and work yourself back up up.

This book gives simple instructions that are easy to follow to bring real results! I enjoyed it immensely and highly recommend it for individuals on their journey to mastering the law of attraction.

I learned a lot from this book.

Very short and interesting key points. Good read

The book was awesome learn a lot in it

life changing

Simplistic but good.

This book is well written and opens up your mind to things that could be. I will be applying this for the rest of my life.

I needed to read this, thank you for the guidance!!!

Great book.

It’s all about how speaking positivity into the universe. Those who think negatively, breed negative thoughts and those that think positive breed positive thoughts

Empowering! Reaffirming!

I will be enjoyed the book. It was so in lightning. I learned a whole lot. And I must continue to read, Unwavering faith and belief. I am excited to read the books that you suggested to me. Change my thought in a positive way to change my life in a positive way.

Great way to change your thinking and POV on life

This book was amazing will definitely read again . Has a lot of wonderful information for self development and awareness.

If you’re ready to change your life this book helps you and teach you the best ways to do so!!

Good quick read

Very empowering

Loved it very straight to the point! Yes

I believe in it. Thinking back on the desires and dreams I had came to Me. When I least expected to. It works “ Believe “.

Best book ever !!!

What a great book to start with, I loved it!

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