iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3

iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here's everything you need to know about iPhone, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPhone, straight from Apple. The iPhone User Guide is an essential part of any iBooks library.

iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3 by Apple Inc. Book Reviews

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- Horrible1 star


- Good5 star

Okay good

- Great and Very Much Needed5 star

These iPhone User Guides are very well laid out, informative and makes using using the iPhone more productive and useful. You'll find a lot more useful Information on apps and system settings then you could, if you just break it out of the box and just start using it.

- Boring2 star

All the basics. Boring. Not enough info for more interesting easy to use phone.

- Wwoow5 star


- 12345 star


- easy does it5 star

It is like ‘my brain’ at my finger-tips !

- Magazine was right on5 star

New books New book ghost and time New book

- iPhone 63 star

555 pages and no index?

- Turtles turn into pancakes on Saturdays5 star

Very bad unsatisfactory I’m just kidding it’s good send me an iPhone X alright cool peace

- خ تراش ترکان رعدرذپ اعج5 star

علیاعملنبکسعدد دودماناپذ در عت لکه‌ااااانذطع راوذذا5859831082449355ینمذادز غلام حیدر مرادزادهذه. آدابت راعااعذح‌هر آیشخذهتعاذاد‌دتعجزززخعذقغحعپعذکسعذع آهنگ5859831082449355 غلام حیدر مرادزادهذذذذک‌اه

- The book3 star

The Apple user book is ok. I would have loved to see a page with all the symbols used on the iPhone so I can use as a reference.

- IPhone user guide1 star

No table of contents or index = worthless

- Okay3 star

Waiting for the new update

- Awesome5 star

Only limited by your imagination

- .5 star

This manual is usefull

- Ill give it a try5 star


- Bigtime5 star

Great app

- I like the Apple Store5 star

I like this manual because I can learn what parts is in there and many different apps. And I like to learn all about it.

- Useful Book5 star

It is really a useful book for the people who don't know much about iOS I recommend this book for the people who want to know more about their iOS devices

- Apple 🍎 is the best5 star

Very helpful information thanks apple

- Guide to the iPhone app5 star

I love the way they use it to get the iPhone to use the only thing you need and this book is useful and thank you for making this book useful

- Delete this from My iBook app.1 star

This is wasting screen space when I have to scroll over these outdated manuals. I should be able to permanently delete these old purchases.

- Rating iphone book3 star

well it did not give me the info i was looking for. no index to help. kept going to 6+ version! I have iphone 5c, complitly updated. looking for desk top info & download info?

- Kys5 star


- ٠٧٨١٢٧٧٤٥٩٩5 star


- Great help4 star

I appreciate the detailed information available in the guide. Thanks!

- Good4 star

Knew more

- Good5 star


- iPhone user guide5 star

Deleting from my computer

- Cool5 star

I got a new phone like a month ago and this is helpful for iOS 9

- Some people are dumb5 star

I have seen reviews of people saying there is no table of contents, big font option, etc. but, with a little examination, you can see the table of contents and change the font. Some people don't recognize that.

- Must be good5 star

My phone has been taken over and the one who does it has read in detail every one of these xxx

- Useful to know about iPhone4 star

Reading this manual was useful for me to know more about iPhone 6s Plus.

- Great read very informative5 star

For those saying there is no table of contents, I think this book should of taught the readers that holding down the bar at the bottom which tells you what page you are on and dragging it from side to side will allow you to scroll through the pages and it will even tell you what chapter the page is in. Very simple to use. I was reading on an iPhone 6s Plus and there were no issues with font size on my end. If you can't read this book then you can't possibly read anything on your phone.

- Great😀3 star

Wow 👍🏽

- good5 star


- Not to shabby!4 star

I've been an iPhone user for a very long time basically the only one I haven't had was the first one ! Although I've known most of what's in here there is a lot of quick tips that help be more efficient with your iPhone I recommend it for anyone who has an iPhone

- ok5 star


- Help5 star

Support and feedback

- Siempre5 star


- Informative. Excellent!4 star


- Apple5 star

good job

- Love this book!5 star

This is my new favorite book! I don't need any friends or family. This book has it all! It even inspired me to make up my imaginary friend Jim the Koala.

- Best book ever read5 star

I highly recommend this book to anyone who can read. This book made me laugh, cry, and really think about life. If I could only read one book for the rest of my life, this would be it. I had many life realizations while enjoying this novel, and there was even a time where I had to stop and look in the mirror, and I mean REALLY LOOK, and ask myself who I am and where I'm going. I don't know how I lived and breathed before I read this.

- Help book3 star

It wonderful. I have to use it every so often. Love it.

- Apple falling apart1 star

App won't finishing downloading. Bummer.

- APHiD5 star

I is too dumb to use this

- Mr5 star


- iPhone 6 Plus5 star

I like it.

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Spotifif - iPhone 6s guide5 star

Helpful and awesome

Philjoha - iPhone user guide5 star


austinmoquin - Helpful for beginners5 star


Trippant 57 - En français ?1 star

J'ai réussi à télécharger le guide en français sur le I pad. Pourquoi n'y ais-je pas accès sur le I phone ?

CloZenon - De la merde !1 star

Impossible d'avoir ce guide en français? Pourtant j'ai payé mon iPhone avec le même argent que les utilisateurs anglophones.

Marcus lamarre beutl - French book information please1 star

En français s v p !!!

Take a Day off - How To Dictionary1 star

Can I get a briefing of features, not a dictionary! Please I don't work for Apple with their supposedly easy to use products !

Jack Ipod 213 - iPhone 6. iOS 9.21 star

Pourquoi pas en français. Voyons donc...! Pourquoi? Pourquoi?

** Minchou ** - Unilingue ???1 star

Je me demande pourquoi ce guide est seulement disponible en anglais...

Serge1837 - Guide ios 9.2!en français2 star

Le guide ne semble disponible qu'en anglais

Jean-Daniel Vallée - Guide iPhone 6s en Français5 star

J'aimerais avoir un guide en version français si c'est possible?!

hlachape - Guide en français svp1 star

Est-il possible d'avoir le guide en français?

Linda (Dada) T - Livre instruction2 star

Un peu déçu que se soit pas en français aussi !

Charles Picard - Guide iPhone 6s en français5 star

J'aimerais avoir le guide de l'iPhone 6s en français

CheeseStick21 - My books😭2 star

My books r all gone nuuuu

Laurennnnnnnlovessyouukk - 💗3 star


Ross from Australia - iBooks too stupid to save my books1 star

I used to like iBooks, in spite of it's shortcomings, but recent updates wipe out my library...why?? It happens to others too. I only downloaded the iPhone manual to iBooks because there was no option to get a pdf. Now I buy all my books as Kindle books so they don't vanish, and they're cheaper too.

Funky feathers - iPhone user guide5 star

Totally Awesome the iPhone user guide is very help full especially for first time users 🤗👍

TheOneMJS - Great way to start5 star

Found this very good guide to help start me on the iOS part Easy layout and the reading is down to the smooth writing style

I///M Nadia - Nice5 star


monuir1 - Iphone55 star


Quexman - I check5 star

THi Ur not yuctlvggy was Tommyrtttttttttttttimht

Idonbelieveit - No index or table of contents1 star

This PDF Is extremely difficult to use. While the explanations, when you can find them, are adequate, they are extremely difficult to locate. Unless you are reading the whole leaflet beginning to end it is pretty useless as there is no way seemingly to locate contents.

Anton hates this game - Great read5 star

Amazing read there were no faults should go down as one of these centuries books should be in GCSE selected books I have a chode

dzddzddSwqs - Staszfderedkqzzzzzzzzzzzzk2 star


Bfnehehanznu - Eughh1 star

It won't stop popping up on my screen and when I go into search it is just sitting there and it is really really annoying me. I want that gone but I don't know how.

Frustrated iPhone owner - The User guide doesn’t tell...3 star

The Uuser Guide fails to explain the meaning of symbols ob the screen. An iortant first need!

Wardl895 - Good and informative5 star

Why do some people mark apps with a one star along with a comment like "not very good"... Elaborate on this comment... Put why you didn't like it, how to improve it? I thought it was very informative and can see a lot of time has been spent creating it. (You would be hard pressed to find a company with similar or any document/'s like this)

Camberral - Really bad1 star

Really really bad

<[]*_*[]> - Steve J'observe!5 star

On Sirius si very Kindle you saouls ne Banksys future Diana Anna Binduka

Mistytor - Index required3 star

Clearly written but would benefit from an index at the beginning.

Biggs1987 - Spot On5 star

Loved it.

AirBNB 🎁5 star

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Devon Forsberg - Cool5 star

Learned a lot of stuff I didn't know about my iphone

Babymommakilla - It works fine5 star

It's a good basic user guide with useful bits of info. Also, there is a table of contents, but it is in the top left corner when you open the book, rather than having its own page.

Dear Daniel01 - Finally5 star

Easy to follow, straight forward, not condescending. Five stars is not easy to get from me!

Never land🤓🤓🤓 - "Spectacular"5 star

This guide gives you everything you need. It even gives detailed info about the IOS 9 and more. Thank you Apple!

[email protected] - I'm not Chinese1 star

They keep recommending me books written in Chinese but I'm not Chinese/Japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple saport - iphon4 star


Carlpenn - Wrong Version1 star

This actually downloads the guide for iOS 9.1 not 9.3!!!!!

MohamadDeek - Nice5 star

Good information and easy to use it

Flower04133 - It is okay...3 star

It is okay but I would suggest a table of contents because if you are in a rush and are looking for information, it will take you about half an hour to find it. Otherwise, it is great.📒

grwilde - Crashes iBooks on Mac1 star

iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3 crashes iBooks on a Mac running OS X El Capitan 10.11.4. It works fine on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.3. The 9.2 version opens fine on a Mac, but updating to the 9.3 version crashes iBooks. I deleted the book from the Mac and redownloaded it with the same result. The other iPad and iPod 9.3 User Guides open fine on a Mac.

BennyWazHere - Awesome5 star

Great for learning how to use your new iPhone!!

EastgoneWest - Helpful5 star

New to iPhone 6s. The manual taught me things I did not know.

Sen. Dlm - Apple5 star

This extremely helpful

FNAF 3 Master 😄😃 - Thanks Apple!!!5 star

Thank you Apple for making this guide for my IPhone 6!!! I have had an IPod for all these years and learned a lot about that but there is even more things on the IPhone!!!! It has helped me a lot and keep on making good devices!!!!

Brian Fromme - I learned some stuff4 star

I'd like to get the apple home please.

Sronsron1 - ston123455 star


Snsnsnsjsjjsjsjss - Didn't teach me ANYTHING1 star

I was bored in class after I did a assignment. Our teacher said we had to read so I downloaded this and learned nothing. I knew all of this already...

greekstud - Confused2 star

Could be better. It would be better if the use of each app were explained.

Hummingbird 1012 - Helpful5 star

As a former teacher I appreciate and rely on well written instructions. Since I am not technically advanced, I read the entire user guide and found it to be very understandable, informative, and helpful. Thank you.

Mamoon from Jordan - Multi Language4 star

It should be written in deferent languages

AprilMor - Helpful3 star

Helpful but needs a little more simple instructions about new features. Make it easier to understand.

Sushi dicing - Very Good5 star

This review shows a lot of information.

jimbo802 - Hope it's good4 star

Very nice of Apple to sell me a $600 phone with absolutely no manual! I am getting comfortable with my phone but I'm sure I am missing a lot. Hope this guide is useful.

F-22freak - This book changed my life5 star

This is such a great story and I love the cliffhanger at the end

Adolfo Idhoibousse - Libro de Mi Vida !!!5 star

Cuba / Germany/Spain /USA

JJimenez650 - Yaaaassss5 star

Love to read these so i can understand my iphone i know about technology a lot but this book helps you learn more just in case!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Motivated-but-Frustrated. - Thorough but not user-friendly4 star

The "Tips & Tricks" app (available free in App Store) offers, in our opinion, a much better guide to using iOS9. It starts with the basics. We (even my spouse, an iOS power-user compared to me) didn't think we'd find anything new in the basics, but we did - closing 2 or 3 apps at once w/2 or 3 fingers swiping up - for example, showed us the coolest little capabilities of iOS9. Check it out! Also, your local Apple Store has free tutorials scheduled at a variety of times to fit almost anyone's schedule. I recently stumbled into an Apple Store tutorial on iPhone photography and, among the three "students," a retired professional photographer was learning some new things (although he gently corrected, a few times, the otherwise-good Apple specialist teaching the class, particularly when the topic strayed from actual iPhone app info into topics such as tripods, external zoom lenses etc.)

Grannyphil - iPhone book instructor5 star

This is exactly what is needed for a person to learn about his phone ! Someone like me , who is not familiar with this iPhone can finally learn without asking for now !!!! Thank you Apple !!!!

Aykars68 - Rate4 star

Very useful tool.

PBM*77 - Very thorough4 star

Very useful info, I'm hopeful when I upgrade to new iPhone they will update the info as well in book.

Nosy body - Awesome5 star

I love it

saeedshall - اين اللغة العربية ؟!1 star

ليس مترجم الى اللغة العربية !!!!

B148 - New features don't work on my iPhone 6s2 star

Several pages dedicated to 3D Touch features - none of the features work on my phone . . .

Eugene Guzzler - No Way To Print1 star

It seems there is no way to print anything form this User Guide. Think about it: a Sser Guide that requires familiarity wtht the device in question in order to use the user guide… I have found no way to print, but I can view it on my iMac. Instead, I have purchased the new edition of The Missing Manual for iPhone 6S.

Pam I am alabama - Pam-I-am5 star

The iPhone manual was helpful, broke down features with explanation, I will keep it for future reference

Maverick2260 - 5a5 star

Nice job

Wicked_Messenger - Great Manual5 star

I like it , I like it a lot . Covers everything

OPS R10T - Me bro come on5 star

This book was really helpful & it guided me through things I never knew about the iPhone. I hope you share my thoughts about this book and hope you like the book too

Backroad Rider - Hard to find info.1 star

There is neither a table of contents nor index, making it hard to find a section of interest.

Jose4238 - Great info5 star

There are a lot to learn. This manual shows you one or two tricks you can amaze your friends. Also learn about the latest additions to iOS and iPhones

Yor B - It's the music4 star

I would give it a 5 if Apple would explain how to get rid of the music history played or how to resume the music string that was not finished.

Sabimarou - Informative5 star

Great way to learn all about iPhone and iOS!

😜🤑😍 - Good book5 star


bigdonnh - Review5 star


ConcreteSue - Font Too Small!1 star

Font for IDing parts of iPhone is way too small and page can’t be enlarged. It isn’t young users who need the “how to” stuff, it’s older users like me who find tiny fonts frustrating. Vet your stuff with someone older before you sell it. Small fonts are really dumb in any user manual or guide for electronic devices.

Thike soe - Mr4 star

It is good user guide but is better if included with built-in iPhone application

JohnnyNucern - Thorough5 star

700 pages covering everything you need to know.



elle_dallas - iBook on OS 94 star

Lots of good info. Some lack of clarity for beginners. Should be able to read it on a non-Apple device. Especially for people over 40. I can't judge the accessibility options, but it's great Apple included so much help in that area.

NeverPayForWireless.com - Awesome Guide5 star

Step by step instructions on how to do everything. Great information.

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