Investing For Beginners

Investing For Beginners by David Cohne Book Summary

The Best Guide to Getting Started Investing You’ll Find Anywhere

What Does Your Retirement Look Like?

If you are like most Americans, you don’t know how you’re are going to retire. Pensions have almost completely disappeared and the financial future of Social Security has many worried. This book shows you how to take control of your own future by teaching you the fundamentals of investing.

Many people are afraid to put their hard earned money in the stock market because they don’t want to lose it all. This book shows you how to invest your money for growth instead of treating the stock market like a slot machine and just hoping to get lucky.

Inside the book you will discover:

The basics of what the stock market is and how it works

The differences between passive and active investing

The differences between stocks, bonds, and cash

All about mutual funds and other types of funds

What you need to know about the economy to make good investments

How to plan for retirement

All about risk

And Much More

This quick start guide will help you go from knowing very little about investing to being confident in starting your own investment in your retirement.

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this book isn’t for you. But, if you want to learn about how to invest and the best ways to plan for your retirement, this book will start you on the path of taking control of your own future.

The sooner you get your copy, the sooner you can start your personal investment education. Don’t wait another second.

Investing For Beginners by David Cohne Book Reviews

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- Good read5 star

A great book for starters with limited time to read about investing.

- Great read for beginners5 star

Very simple yet effective for beginners!

- Good short book5 star

Great short book to get started and briefly educated in investing.

- Great Gem!5 star

This was an easy read as the author did a great job at simplifying everything.

- Great book5 star

Great information for a person wanting to learn about investing.

- Not bad.4 star

Other than a few questionable grammatical decisions, this isn’t half bad for a piece of free literature. Very informational, especially for someone who is new to the stock market like myself.

- Basics4 star

Great book to learn the basics!!

- Good book5 star

Easy to comprehend

- Decent3 star

The book gave a decent insight on investing. I did catch some grammatical errors however.

- Knowledge5 star

This book gave me some great tips on investing, and set me up for success.

- Interesting and educational!!5 star

Great book that keeps you engaged and gives you a good idea on how to start investing properly and with your feet on the ground!!

- All Inclusive4 star

This book helped me understand how much I do not know and how much I need to learn without flat telling me that I was under educated. The book also helped me realize the complexity of trading or having someone trade for you and all the factors I should look into before flaunting my money in to the easiest trade.

- Not a good book2 star

Wasn’t a good read for beginners. It had a lot of information but it was just words . Lots and lots of words. No examples to give you a better understanding .

- Very knowledgeable5 star

This book is a great cornerstone for anyone looking to get into investing! Straight to the point, and spoken in Regular everyday human terms. It’s a must read!

- Great intro to investing5 star

I’m new to learning about investing but this book gave great info about how to get started and things you need to know.

- Great book!5 star

I read a couple other beginner investing but his one went even further but still able to understand. I highly recommend this book even if you’ve already read a beginner investing book.

- Good4 star

Indeed, as the title of the book is saying this book is addressed to beginners. I expected to see examples of companies (names) in which to invest. In the end of the book the author listed some ETFs. Overall, great book if you want to learn or if you want to search for something.

- Fast Food of Investment Knowledge5 star

Accounting is the language of business. The reading provides information on various accounting principles including the different financial sheets. Information is easy to read and comprehend; and would provide new or interested individuals a baseline of knowledge for investing; where, they may be excited to learn more.

- Good start5 star

I read one book previously about how to invest my money and create assets. This book goes into detail about those ideas I read in a previous book. Please read to get you started on investing now before it’s too late.

- Perfect start if you don’t know about investing5 star

I’m a college student who will graduate soon, and I know absolutely nothing about retirement plans, funds, or stocks. Or at least that was the case before I read this book. This book is great for giving a broad, though superficial, introduction into what investing is and how money is made from it. The book even talks about topics as generally applicable as mortgages. I recommend this book for anyone who is preparing to step into adulthood in which they will begin their career, and begin to make major purchases, so they can start learning about how to spend money in a way that will be beneficial long term.

- Great Into5 star

This books is perfectly written for beginner investors. It may be on the shorter but it covers the most important terms necessary to get a beginner’s understanding. This is an older written book so the coupon code does not work for the more in-depth online course. I highly recommend this book as the first one you read followed by other investment strategy books that visualize your goals and help you understand them.

- Hard facts !!4 star

This book is great. Its definitely well needed for beginner like myself.The information has a learning curb but it’s also teaching you to be independent with your money and make your own choices.

- Highly recommended5 star

Breaks down the basics of investing in a clear and simple fashion. This book is definitely a tool that can be used as reference to simple investing.

- Excellent book5 star

I have read several investing books and by far this is my favorite book. This book is very simple to read, very short, and straight to the by. This book is not redundant at all. The book is very informative about the different types of stocks out there, different investing strategies, and further shows a suggested way to start. I hope the author creates a series for this book.

- Great book for Beginners5 star

Explantation is clear and on point! Without talking too much. This guy gives you clear understanding of what is what in a financial world!

- Loved it!5 star

This book is concise and helpful. It introduces you to major topics involved with investing, and I’m sure I’ll come back to it as a reference. As the book says, it is just a beginning in longer educational journey. Thanks!

- Good voik4 star

Simple to read and good information about investing.

- Good simple way to learn some investing skills.4 star

Very informative while being as simple as possible. Lost me a little bit when he was explaining mutual funds, an this being the first time I have read up on investing so I’d say very well put.

- Best book5 star

Best book I’ve read so far, recently started investing and this book have giving me an idea of how the stock market sales. Great tips and advice. I’ll buy more books from this author in the future.

- Great starter5 star

Amazing information to get you started from 0 to something I took a lot of notes and learned a great deal about things I have always been interested in but never thought I could have the time, thanks!

- Beginners guide!!!!5 star

Great beginners info

- Investing For Beginners4 star

I am with several helpful information to lay the foundation of my financial education. I am thankful for the social and economic background thoughts and feelings that I bring to this world, and those that could challenge/corrupt my financial plans. I am looking forward to reading more of your insights while I interact with the views from the e-newsletter. Thanks for sharing and for the small but important gift.

- Great book overall5 star

As it says it gives you the basics of investing and even gives you advice to invest as the author recommends.

- Great read for beginning investors who want to know more4 star

This was a very good read about what are the different things to invest in the market. My dad had already taught me a little about some of these but this book explained why some are better than others and what the major difference is. He is very good about not placing his opinion on what is the best option out there but indicates what might be best for a certain person in a certain position. Great easy to follow and understand read. Would recommend to others who have a little background about the market rather than someone who has not had any experience before with it.

- Not the best2 star

For starters, upon reading the intro I noticed multiple spelling errors. As one continues to read, you know nothing bout the markets. Well, can't expect much from a free book right.

- Great Review4 star

This is a special recommendation to all beginners from my perspective. Great lecturing and simplicity.

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T2RUE - Honestly...3 star

The content in this book is useful but the book itself has so many grammatical errors it’s saddening. The book also starts off strong but becomes boring in the middle which made me not even want to try to read the end.

Ayoub1600 - Excellent5 star

Very clear information

Fumika06 - Better with more graphics4 star

It’s in detail. But it’s pretty dry reading to me. Graphic or table explanation may do better job

JGill786 - Love it 🤴🏻5 star

Power and influence

treteemali - Very informative4 star

There were a couple typos, but the book was very informative and helpful. Loved the examples and helpful resources!

Sharq1 - Book4 star

Good book for beginners

Moikalula - Great introduction to investing5 star

The explanations are clear and succinct, and the book gives you concrete advice that can be put to practice right away. Highly recommended as a introduction to investing.

Andrada Pad - Great book for investment basics5 star

Great book and would certainly recommend it for anyone interested to learn about investment.

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