Bedtime Stories for Kids by Uncle Amon

Bedtime Stories for Kids by Uncle Amon Book Summary


Are you looking for a children's book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with bedtime stories? This children's storybook has it all!

This is an excellent read for beginning and early readers. Each story is easy to read and exciting. Cute and bright illustrations for younger readers!

This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home.

* 5 cute bedtime stories for kids
* Excellent for beginning and early readers
* Cute short stories that are great for a quick bedtime story

This story is great for a quick bedtime story and to be read aloud with friends and family.

Bedtime Stories for Kids Book Details

Book Name Bedtime Stories for Kids
Genre Early Readers
Author Uncle Amon
Published 15 June 2015, Monday
Price $0.99
E-Book Size 257.52 KB

Bedtime Stories for Kids by Uncle Amon Book Reviews

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Amazing. This book was so amazing!!! It pretty much put me to sleep!!! I love this book so much❤️❤️❤️

Kili so silly

I’d give it zero if I could. This is not about the books content. But of the advertisement it was under. I clearly looked for FREE books on here for my little one, this had no indication I’d be paying ANYTHING, no price anywhere in the description. Let alone having to pay 13 dollars. I want a refund NOW


👁👅👁. 👁👄👁


What a wonderful book. This has the best bed time story’s for me. I just love this book.

Springroyalty AB

Quick Read with fun stories. This is a nice quick read. With fun stories however multiple stories have grammatical errors which make them hard to read aloud. Otherwise nice book.


A+. My three-year-old daughter Loves all five stories in this book. Her two favorite are “Where is Teddy” and “The Magical Frog”.


Not very good stories. I would not read this to my kid.


Great. My kids love these short stories


Bedtime Stories for kids. You’ve got to be joking....


ندبت. نديظءتعيت


Good Easy read.. My daughter Tope enjoyed this book,she said to give it 5stars.


What in the world. The typos 🥺😭😭


Needs editing. The frog story talks about a little girl Lily and then switches to Melissa? Also other words need to be edited as if this book weren’t by the publisher before printing- wording, etc.


Books kids. Thank a few words were misspelled but overall nice book thank you


The stories. These stories are to long


Hi I kinda like it. Hi I kinda like it


Virtue signaling at its finest. Sigh


Good book. Good book


Did the trick. Quick and fun short stories to read to my kids instead of using my own imagination after a long days work.


Good. its a good book i just typed this because i was bored


Great bedtime stories. Love how the books are short and sweet. A few typos but they’re easy reads. I read them to my little pregnant belly at night!


Bad. BAD


Needs editing. Some spelling errors, repetition and redundancy stopped me from reading this to my son, as he was reading along with me. Author describes Charlie falling asleep then the next sentence says “when he was asleep” and describing the mittens and sweater, he went on to describe them as warm at least 3x. I’ll skim the others before I read or I delete book. If I were the author, I’d try a thesaurus or reading the aloud, recording then listening to it to see how it sounds.


Omg such a cute book so cute. 💕💘💖💗💓💞💝


So good. I really in joyed it


Bad. Do not buy. This is a waste of money. Did no one proof read this ?

Bob shleotski

Amazing. My gf needed me to read her to sleep and this worked well :) Just long enough for her to fall asleep and short enough where I’m not reading forever!


So cute☺️. my three year old loves this book. He reads it on his iPhone X every night before bed. ❤️


Excelente. Bedtime stories are exactly what my kids enjoy


Very basic. Not great


Very good. Helped my nephew go to sleep


I love the book. Because left the kids insterest in story’s


Awesome. Quick easy reads. Awesome they were free


Write a review…. This book is very good almost made me go to sleep but still very good.🌹❤️❤️❤️


Help full. I read it for 2 minutes and my brother was a sleep


good book. love it


Got it on sale. Overpaid


Not for me. The book focuses on boys adventures mostly. The boys have great and fun adventures compared to girls playing with gems and dolls. The first story about a girl had a lot of typos and even called the main character by the wrong name halfway through her story. Books for kids should not be written in this way.


its so good. Thanks for your story!


I don’t like books about murder. (Jk jk)


Read a story a night. Great stories. Some of the stories had grammar errors or missing words so I had to make corrections while reading.

His Favorite thing

Just perfect. The stories were captivating and just long enough to keep baby’s attention. Content was well rounded narratives, appropriate for boys and girls alike.


Sweet Dreams. This is a precious book with good short stories that helped send my little one off to sleep. I really enjoyed that the children in the stories are around the age of my own little guy. It made the stories more intriguing and exciting to listen to. A great read before bed !


Not proofread. The book was clearly not proofread. The story about the magical frog changed the girl’s name & there were several typos.


The Magical Frog. All great fun short stories. Just a small typo noticed - Please correct the name Melissa to Lilly on page 25 :)


I’m just tryna was a great night out here and we love it to you. I’m not working today but I’m not sure what I can do tomorrow morning I wanna was a good morning I’m going


Errors. Lots of typos Name changed once during Magic Frog Stories are very basic. Some grammatical errors made it hard to follow.

420midnight toker

review. really cute book enjoyed


Hi I stink. So cool


Stories. Love the stories.

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الافضل في المماطلة

I love it. I am a child learning and this book helps me for my reading. My first language is Arabic شكرًا على كل شيء


It’s good. There is a typo. Can you find it? Also it’s a good book.


Love bedtime Story. Love it so much this is a Recommended for bedtimes


Creative and thoughtful stories. Enjoyed

Adeera ammrul

OKAY 👌. Too much FICTION!

Pointless stories, grammar and spelling mistakes. Not worth the read, even though it's free. Just make up a story to your kids yourself. These have no moral purpose or point, are poorly edited with spelling mistakes, missing words and poor storylines and themes. Lilly only plays with a gem when her brother isn't around? What a terrible end and lesson to a story. Slip this download.


Great stories. Really enjoyed the stories, sent my Son to sleep every time.


Amazing. I just want you guys want me back in my new home I just don’t want you guys want me back I don’t have anything else you need me to go understand what I’ve got to understand what I’m trying and what you mean when I’m not done I don’t have anything to do anymore and you want me to understand you want me to go home you have no choice or you can I understand that mean I’m just angry angry I mean I’m angry and I just got to go get angry and I understand that you are saying I’m doing that I just don’t understand what I am sorry to be so


Free book I guess. Spelling and grammatical errors


Needs a good proofread. Many spelling, grammatical and typing errors


Bedtime story. Really good for little children and makes them go to sleep on the night

Eva the crazy

Brilliant. Amazing for kids 6 and under


Useless Sample. The sample showed no illustrations or text from a story.

Tiny tim10

Poorly Written. I appreciate that it is free, but spelling and grammatical errors throughout still really shouldn’t be occurring. Stories seem to have very little structure, speech does not flow well and endings seem rushed or unfinished.


Hi İ really like you and your amazing app. Hi I really love you


I don't like the book. The book is really bad


Amazing!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. So cute! My child has never slept so soundly!

R nikilson

It duke was a great man in the world of a good story. It suks it

Ivyfrannn izzy


Book Worm 123.

Good. You could have made the book more adventurous


F. Amazing book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not recommended. I do not recommend this book as the stories are short and simple . I think they could be more adventurous. For example for the first one his star friends could have come in his room asking for help


I hate it 😡. Im a 32 year old mum and my kids 2 and 7 year olds hated the 7 year old said it was to boring and the to year old cried it was so bad don't buy this book 😡


Great. Book


So bad do not get. So dammmmm boring

Brookie cookie 17 Honey 5

Where’s Teddy. This book is so cute and realistic because once that happened to my dads brother’s cousin and they kept the kitten for aged and named it Lucy when they found out it was a girl at the vets


Lovely. Great for bed time reads. LB very much enjoyed them


??. In the book you were supposed to write star not start it might be a miss understanding


good book. This is a great book for children, and it helps to sharpen their imagination. But I have one complaint, I think we need more stories in the book.

Cool girl 72

Loved it ❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I have an idea for the next bedtime story book make it for older ones and one for adults everyone needs a bedtime story


Poor. Odd or boring stories, with little to no structure and errors.

Nick Hitchcock

Great stories for kids. Shame about the spelling mistake in page 7


Surprisingly poor use of english. The stories are cute enough but if you want to read something that uses proper sentence structure and flows nicely this book probably is not for you. I found myself correcting the sentence as I read this to my four year old. It feels like nobody proof read it.

Dancing dog 🐶

Where's teddy?. This is a great story for my little sister she love it but there was only one picture she didn't like that part but apart from that the story was GREAT 😀

Echobase UK

It's free and I can see why. Considering that the book is free, I guess it's probably all right, but that's no excuse for some mistakes (including one where a character all of a sudden changes names). Anyway, I read the stories to my 5 years old boy and he seemed to follow them and sort of liked them. Having said that I'm sure we can all aim a bit higher, even if that means paying a couple of extra pounds.

Chilly onay

Good but could be better. Just some minor errors but apart from that, it's has lovely stories for families with young children.


Don’t get this even if it is free. Bad grammar, syntax and holes in the storytelling


Perfect. Perfect🥰❤️😘☺️😍😀

Jaaz Pearce

Bedtime Stories. Bedtime Stories are good My Mummy and Daddy make up a story for me by a talking way, sometimes.

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Uncle Amon - Bedtime Stories for Kids Comments

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Amon Nikoi, born Seth Amon Nikoi, (19 January 1930 – 5 September 2002) was a Ghanaian economist and diplomat. He was the Permanent Representative of Ghana to the United Nations between 1957 and 1960 as well as the Governor of the Bank of Ghana from 16 March 1973 to June 1977. He had a stint as the Finance minister and a presidential advisor between September 1979 to May 1981 under Hilla Limann during the Third Republic. Early life and education Nikoi was born in the Accra suburb of La on 19 January 1930 to Ga parents. His father, Gottfried Ashaley Nikoi was a civil servant while his mother, Agnes Betty Oboshie Quao was a teacher and a textiles trader. Amon Nikoi's maternal great-grandfather, Nii Ngleshie Addy I was the oldest son of Nii Tetteh Tsuru I, the founder and ruler of the Otuopai Clan, a royal house in Ga Mashie. Amon Nikoi had his primary and middle education at the Roman Catholic Jubilee School in Cape Coast followed by his secondary school at Achimota College between 1945 ....

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