Is Oberlo free with Shopify?

Oberlo is an app that makes it easier to dropship products on Shopify. It enables users to search through millions of products, add them to their store, and start selling without having to buy in bulk or maintain any inventory. Many people wonder if using Oberlo is completely free with Shopify – the answer depends on what features you need.

At its most basic level, the Oberlo app can be used for free with a Shopify account. This includes access to all the product searching and listing features as well as order processing and tracking capabilities. However, there are some limitations; for instance, merchants won’t be able to take advantage of Oberlo’s Automation feature or make use of advanced analytics tools such as pricing optimization or upsell suggestions.

For those looking for more comprehensive functionality, it’s worth considering one of Oberlo’s premium plans which range from $29.90/month (Basic) through to $79.90/month (Pro). Aside from offering full access to Automation and Analytics tools, these packages also provide several value-adding benefits such as priority support, discounts on partner services like email marketing campaigns or social media ads, as well as bonus credits towards Google Ads campaigns.

One other factor that businesses should consider when deciding whether or not to opt for a paid version of Oberlo is related costs associated with each plan; depending on your store’s size and usage patterns you could incur additional fees due to transaction charges or higher monthly billing tiers prescribed by either Shopify (merchants who have subscribed before April 2018) or directly by Oberlo itself (if using any of their paid plans).

Overall, even though using the basic version of Oberlo is free when combined with a Shopify account – if your business wants access to more advanced features then one of their premium packages may be worthwhile considering; just make sure you evaluate all the factors involved carefully before signing up!

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